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Thread: Garwood Mansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gleeman View Post
    Garwoodians....the quick reply is SO quick its scary...the pictures are WAY better...the bells and whistles CAN be useful, Detgrrl's already Flyin', and Margies gonna hav LOTs o' fun..
    yea, Gleeman, I'm getting the hang of it.

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    I don't know about all you guys but this is going to be a hassle.....big the time the reunion roll around we may all be back on line.....we may want to just to IM....or....some other easier method till we all get use to this

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    Don't pimp me Gleeman.

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    I give up least for today.....can you or can you not put a picture with tex and not have to click on something else to view.......and why are some of the folks I select for "friend" not ableto be loaded and some are....I'v tried to add friend and contact but some folks wont take??????????

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    You just have to have patience and read everything.
    This is trial and error to some degree.
    I think the pic thing is not as difficult as you think.

    Attachment 175
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    I don't remember anyone named Gleeman

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    If the Momkey made it here why can't we make it to

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    Hey I have friends over at this site. I didn't have friends at the other side. I wonder if Hoover will be my friend

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    Seems like we need to fix this thread up a little so we feel a little more at home. Maybe get some curtains or something. Change the lighting maybe.Attachment 176
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    Default glm

    Bentspur I think you graced the halls of the Gar Wood before I was, ...(and my name really isn't Gleeman, thats just my name that I used in the C.I.A.) Howdy ! (I've been to S.Dakota, ridden a horse, and have a genyouwine felt cowboy hat, so..there )
    Don't worry about Hoover, he's just in the middle of a health problem-too much Florida sun...

    O.G. I just wanted to buy the sandwich cuz I know you needed one with the beer

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    I like the Junior Member thing. It makes me feel younger.

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    I've been enjoying the Quick Links to see you's online at any time.

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    I think the Private Messaging is pretty groovy too.

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    The messaging is handy.

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    Did I make it ..Gleeman ,Piston playing the Cavs ..Very
    Hard...Rockwhit ...Hey..You out there..Hey Man You are the one got this Thread going..Bentspur I bought back 200 Hits of Frisco Pink(Owleys Best) 1968 ..Hid them in my Dads House..Lost for life.. We went to Detroit Zoo Broke In after they closed..Spent the night in the Zoo..I printed out the whole thread today 2500 pages figure I could sit in the Hammock this summer just like a Novel...Peace..Whaler

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    Hey much valium have you been eating these past two days? Got any left?

    Glmn........great photos, man! Too bad I had to go half-way across the country to view them. Had a comment/question about the group shot, but that got lost in the operational proceedure here. This thread is fastly approaching a "point of diminishing returns".

    Dgrl.........don't do it!

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    Say what? I love a challenge.

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    This new universe sucks so far for me. I want Scotty to beam me back to the old one.

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    Name:  climb N jump.gif
Views: 1422
Size:  17.4 KBName:  climb N jump.gif
Views: 1422
Size:  17.4 KB
    I have a crew helping me figure how to attach images.

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    I want SENIOR member status - doesn't that get us a senior discount?

    And I figured out how to view the photos - whew - that had me worried for a while.

    So - now back to the PARTY!!!! Checks are coming in steadily. Send yours in if you haven't already. And if you haven't made your plane reservations yet, most of the airlines are running great deal right now. Check them out. We still have a couple of rooms left in the hotel block.
    And do't forget we are still looking for a few people. Eddie, Fergie, Dancin' Dan and others. How about Petey - the Wayne State girl in one of the Earth Magazine photos?

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    Attachment 188 keep looking....he has to be somewhere.....someone has that little bit of info that will crack the case of the missing drummer

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    Good Morning. Its a beautiful Spring day here in Detroit.
    Attachment 189
    Glad to see you're still with us Hoover.
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    Default good morning

    Morning to all
    its have a kite day
    or fly a kite day
    hi to all who survived the move.
    I still cannot use the tools but I'm sure someone will guide me

    warm warm warm we are calling you

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    Check out the "Private Messages" in the right hand corner.. Lots of fun to be had there! Let's be friends...

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    The Private Messages is at the top of each page, where it says "Welcome"...

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