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    LodgeDodger Guest

    Default Dead son's sperm to be saved for Mom

    Generally, I can be found cheerleading for the medical progress side of things, but this is just too twisted. I'm sorry the son is dead, but let God have the last word, okay? Can you imagine the Mother trying to find an incubator for her son's sperm? ACK!

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    Can you imagine the Mother trying to find an incubator for her son's sperm? ACK!
    Octo-mom might be interested, if the price is right.

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    LodgeDodger Guest


    You know, I think medical advances are great. However, it's almost impossible to take "crazy" out of the equation. I guess I've just become an old crank.

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    That's just weird.

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    Since that happened here, the local news has played the story several times. My wife & I talked about it; we both felt it was weird. Then I thought to myself: How would I react if one of our children died? I have to admit, I'm not sure what my mental faculties would be other than knowing I'd be completely devastated.

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    ccbatson Guest


    For the mom? Creepy.

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    This is from the article:
    Other organs and tissues were already going to be harvested from Evans’ body, the judge noted, and there would be no other remedy for the mother if time expired.

    Evans and her attorneys were trying on Tuesday to find a urologist or other medical professional willing to collect the sperm for a possible surrogate pregnancy in the future.

    ================================================== ====

    My best guess is that the mom would hire a surrogate. There's always a possibility he had a girlfriend that hasn't been mentioned or a female friend of the family. We'll just have to see how this dance plays out.

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    ccbatson Guest


    Not any less creepy...OK, maybe a little less than if the mom intended to be the surrogate herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccbatson View Post
    Not any less creepy...OK, maybe a little less than if the mom intended to be the surrogate herself.
    Yeah, I think that's what the first impression was...the mom was harvesting it for herself. As I wrote further up about losing a child: I don't know what my mental state would be but I know I'd be devastated. I've known a few people who've gone through it & they were never quite the same again. I have to feel for anyone who's dealt with it.

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    ccbatson Guest


    Absolutely agreed....but saving sperm??

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    "His mother, Marissa Evans, told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper that he wanted to have three sons someday and had even picked out their names: Hunter, Tod and Van. " “I want him to live on. I want to keep a piece of him,” she told the newspaper"
    ================================================== ====
    Maybe she has someone in mind who'd go along with it. Pure speculation mind you.

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    ccbatson Guest


    This "someone" going along with it would have to be very open minded so as not to run away in terror at the morbid nature of this mother's actions.

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    From the Statesman this morning.

    Austin doctor volunteers to collect dead man's sperm

    'This is what the mother wants,' urologist says.

    By Tony Plohetski
    Thursday, April 09, 2009
    An Austin urologist offered Wednesday to collect the sperm of an assault victim who died from his injuries, a day after his mother received a court order for a specimen.
    Dr. Elizabeth Houser was expected to take the sample from the body of Nikolas Evans, 21, by today. Evans died Sunday from a head injury after he was assaulted March 27 on East Sixth Street.
    Houser, who works for the Urology Team in Austin, said she decided to offer her services because "this is what the mother wants. I don't know how reasonable it is or how ethical it is. I haven't gotten to think that far ahead."
    On Tuesday, Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman issued an order that required the medical examiner's office to maintain Evans' body until his sperm can be taken. Herman also said officials at the office must provide access for an expert to take the specimen.
    Marissa Evans had been looking for a doctor to take the sample, which will be stored at a sperm bank until a surrogate mother is found. She said her son frequently talked about having three sons.
    "I am happy that what he wanted I am going to be able to provide him," Evans said.
    She said she plans to find a surrogate — she said she has already had dozens of offers — and raise the child herself.
    "With dozens and dozens of aunts and uncles and grandparents and great-grandparents, this is going to be the most loved child in the world," Evans said.
    [email protected]; 445-3605
    ================================================== ====
    Allegedly someone is offering to act as a surrogate. I have no idea if this was her only son & she's trying to carry on that part of the family lineage; although she mentions "dozens & dozens" of aunts/uncles...not sure about the "dozens & dozens" of grandparents/great-grandparents though.
    If she can financially & emotionally raise the child without public support, I'm more apt to give her the benefit of the doubt than another OctoMom. Obviously the medical science is there to pull this off.
    To top it off, this is keeping with the slogan of "Keep Austin Weird". Fact is stranger than fiction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccbatson View Post
    This "someone" going along with it would have to be very open minded so as not to run away in terror at the morbid nature of this mother's actions.
    agreed. I would also feel very badly for the children that may result. good makings for a psychological thriller movie 20 years from now

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    ccbatson Guest


    Maybe she will see reason over time.

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    What judge would give free reign to some grieving mother to create a scenerio for some future person to become an instant fatherless child?

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    This is nothing new... in a different context it's part of the plot on the UGLY BETTY television show...

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    Blarf Guest


    That mother is sick in the head and she needs to be sent to a loony hospital.

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    ccbatson Guest


    Problem is that this isn't a fictional television show.

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