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The United States is not in a legal military conflict with Iran!

So its a perfect example. At no point has the U.S. President declared such a war.

Therefore there was no legal basis, even under American law, for the assassination. Period.
Presidents can't constitutionally declare war. Only Congress can. You are correct about that. That goes for Korea, Vietnam, Bombing Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Syria among other un-declared conflicts. However, to the American soldiers being shot at and mined, they are wars. We agree, I think, that they should come home from Iraq ASAP. We disagree on the safety of U.S. troops as long as they are stuck there. You would rather limit the Commander in Chief's ability to defend American troops.

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(quote)Also, General Soleimeni was not an "immigrant". He was an Iranian combatant with a long history of killing Americans in Iraq helping Hezbollah do so. (quote)

General Soleimeni has never personally killed a single American. His proxies doubtless have; but US soliders and proxies have killed far more people around the world; is that justification in your mind for any third-party country to assassinate U.S. Generals? I don't support that. I don't imagine you do. No double standards allowed!
That's almost like saying that Goering "never personally killed a single American". If General Soleimeni was sent to Iraq to kill Americans, he was put in jeopardy by his own government that same way American PFCs were put in jeopardy by our government. General Soleimeni doesn't get a free pass to help kill Americans except from you guys.

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The U.S. military did not just 'find itself' anywhere. Its there on purpose, where it has no business.
Agreed, but unlike you and Trudeau. I'm not going to tie our soldiers hands while they are being shot at.

[QUOTE=Canadian Visitor;585363]Good try, Iran phoned ahead and explicitly stated its targets and attack times 2 full hours ahead. That's why there were no American deaths.

Iran may have "phoned" Iraq 2 hours before attacking U.S. airbases but according to one interviewed soldier, he was evacuated from a bombed barracks a few minutes before it was destroyed. Trump notably held his return fire.

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For the last time, there is NO war. Only illegal military action.
Tell that to American soldiers that are being targeted with roadside bombs and Iranian missiles. You continue to confuse declared wars with proxy warfare when convenient.

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HE was no immediate threat. By that logic Iran can attack Trump or any US general based in Washington. Plenty of folks in DC have tried to cause Iran trouble over the years and indeed succeeded quite a bit.

I don't support that leap of logic. Not for Iran, not for the U.S. American soldiers are welcome to fire on anyone firing a gun at them or a missile, not at someone having a chat.
Yes, Iran and its proxies can strike American generals in Iraq just as it targets other u.S. military personnel. Iran, meanwhile, is targeting American military personnel through Hezbollah. American soldiers were not allowed to strike back at missile launch sites in Iran.

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You mean I'm on the side of virtually every country on earth*, the majority of the world's people, and the law.
And I am siding with the plight of U.S. Troops even if you side with Islamists, Communists, Russians, Europeans who prefer that the U.S. protect its oil supply, and Trudeau believing that anyone but Iran was responsible for shooting two rockets into a Ukrainian plane. I am unaware of any U.S. law that does not allow the Commander in Chief to take out hostile military personnel in combat zones who are involved with killing Americans. Maybe Democrats will pass something to that end.

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The U.S. took action which put Canadian lives in harms way. as Iran must bare responsibility for its role, so must those in the United States that set the wheels in motion.
I already covered that. Trudeau's quote was based on two ifs and excluded the possibility of other ifs.

Iran set wheels in motion by killing an American contractor and by attacking our Embassy. Enough was enough. You can hope that Americans will elect someone more likely to send Iran more plane load of money (1.)(2.)instead.

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If Mr. Trump actually cares about U.S. soliders let him pull them all back, from everywhere outside the United States.

They'll be safe at home; provided, of course, you stop training Saudi Terrorists at US military bases!
I agree with your last two sentences. Europe can pick up where we left off to protect its oil supply if it chooses to do so. My guess though is that should Trump remove our mid-east troops, there will be howls from *"virtually every country on earth" and the Democratic Party as there was when Trump pulled back troops from the Turkish border before Turkey invaded Syria.