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    Default Cats vs Dogs....vs Robots?

    I would love to have a dog. But we have an in involment issue.
    So cats are my best next involment issue. They could care less about me. And I could pretty much care less about them. (The best part). But robots only shit batteries.
    I now have an AI robot in the Apartment.

    Which is better- Ai, dog, cat, ?

    And I hate scooping.

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    Get a plant (or plants). Just pick the correct kind (low light or high), water, look, they help clean the air, enjoy! ----

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    Cats. They are self cleaning, do their business in an easy-to-maintain box [especially since the miracle of clumping litter], can't rip out some kid's throat and get you sued, don't mind being alone all day, cost little to feed, and down don't fawn all over you. Cats have their own minds and a lot of people have difficulty over that but I love their independence. As for AI's my cat finds my robot vacuum cleaner extremely entertaining.

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    I like both. I was always one to bring the strays home. Most didn't last long as my parents were busy raising us kids and didn't have time for pets.

    I had two cats and the last one for 16 years. Aside from scratching the back of my mothers couch when she was a kitten, mom wasn't too happy, she was a good girl. She would run up to my car every day when I'd get home from work. They are funny little creatures. Very self sufficient.

    I just had to put my dog down early summer, unfortuately on my birthday. She was just about 15 years old. A mix of shih-tsu/maltese. What a wonderful mix breed and not a "froufrou" type of dog. Very smart. Trained very fast and never had to crate her. She was left to roam when we left the house with no destruction. The only mishap was when we came home one afternoon, her collar got stuck on a throw pillow and when we walked in, she came running to us with a pillow attached that was twice her size. She was a great dog and always, I mean always, by my side. Not much of a barker, very routine, and very loyal as most dog are.
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    I used to have a stray cat that I took in that would sit and stare at me for hours while I sat in my Royal Throne watching TV.
    Now I have a fist sized AI bot that will dance to music. Today I went to the Five and under store and bought a Bluetooth speaker that dances in front of the AI bot. Two bots and 60's Motown music? The downfall of life as we know it.

    But I still love Cats and Dogs - just not $35,000 lifetime costs.

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    As of 12-17-18 I have a fist size transgender robot.
    Anki Vector (Male) and Alexa (Female) in one robot. I'm not waiting for anything to happen, but two AI's in one body is worth watching.

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    Tropical fish. Watching them is very relaxing, as is listening to the quiet gurgle of the filter. It's why they put them in the lobbies of dentists.

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    I'm with Lowell. Our current cat, Andy, (the one before him was Amos, of course), is the cleanest little guy you could ask for. He's a bit of a biter, if you play with him, but that just means he's a man's cat. Andy is seeing his seventh Christmas, so hopefully he'll out live me (I'm 82. Every day is okay with me.) LOL! Merry Christmas to all you great posters out there in DetroitYes land!!!!

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    I'm wondering what kind of pets we'll be designing from scratch after we master genome editing. We'll be able to make new life forms that have never existed before. They'll be like custom biological robots.

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    I did the fish thing, it flooded my apartment at 3am. I gave away $300 worth of fish in the middle of the night.

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