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    Default MPSC opens investigation into DTE outages

    Yes, DTE sucks and let's count the ways

    LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan Public Service Commission
    (MPSC) today launched an investigation into DTE Electric Co.’s
    recent weather-related outages, and the circumstances
    around the death of a Detroit woman who came in
    contact with a downed electric line.

    More than 300,000 DTE Electric customers lost power
    on May 4 when a storm with winds gusting to 70 miles
    per hour hit southeast Michigan. Power was not
    restored to some customers until several days later.

    The Commission stated in its order (Case No. U-20169)
    that it is concerned parts of DTE Electric’s distribution
    system during large storms is unable to provide safe
    and reliable service, as is required by law.

    The Commission wants to know how the storm impacted
    DTE's electrical distribution system, what DTE did to
    prepare for and respond to the storm, whether changes
    should be made to reduce the potential for death,
    injury, and widespread power outages, and whether
    system maintenance - or lack thereof - contributes
    to safety hazards and problems.

    “The Commission is concerned about repeated power interruptions experienced by DTE Electric," said Sally Talberg,
    chairman of the MPSC.
    “We’re confident this investigation
    will not only help to identify the causes of the outages
    but also offer solutions that will limit the frequency
    and avoid future tragic incidents like the one in Detroit earlier this month.”

    Depending on findings of the investigation, DTE Electric
    could face regulatory action, possibly including a
    fine and penalties if it’s found that the company
    did not comply with electric service safety regulations
    under the Technical Standards for Electric Service,
    Electrical Supply and Communication Lines and
    Associated Equipment rules, and Service Quality
    and Reliability Standards for Electric Distribution Systems.

    The MPSC ordered DTE Electric to file its safety and incident
    report no later than June 29. The Commission staff has
    until Aug. 10 to review the report and file a response.

    The public also can file comments on the reports no later
    than 5 p.m. Sept. 7 by mail to Executive Secretary,
    Michigan Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 30221,
    Lansing, Ml 48909, or by email to [email protected]
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    Are these storm related outages mostly from falling trees and branches, or is it something else?

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    My guess is that a good part of it is equipment failure,
    - an inability to reroute power around a small problem.
    My neighborhood in Warren was built in the 1960's
    - DTE will never divulge the upgrades, costs, equipment
    it did , or didn't, bother to swap out to the ordinary customer base.
    It's some national security horseshit, while stockholders get richer.

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    Now there's one reason why I'm actually glad Wyandotte decided centuries ago to adopt their own independent power company.

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    Be wary of private investors in the USA seeking to move towards a true Energy Monopoly, consolidating your electric, natural gas and water into 1 private utility company. The shortfalls in municipal infrastructure investment are driving new configurations of energy. Private players are poised to capitalize on struggling water and wastewater utilities.
    In 2017 an entity known as Eversource Energy planned to acquire Aquarion Water in a $1.7 BILLION dollar proposal. Eversource was already New England’s largest energy provider of natural gas and electric. The service territory covered 3 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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