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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    The GYP (Grand Young Party) continues to demonstrate their impressive skill at skating along the edge of the thin ice encircling their demographic deep-water demise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coracle View Post
    Do you think these people would do the same for you if you were illegal in their country - any of them????
    So we SHOULD model ourselves after these other countries? Or only when it fits our backwards ideology?

    Has the world ended yet? Some people will never tire of screaming that the sky is falling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    The president didn't "lay down the law". He trampled the Constitution. The quisling couple in this video presented an awesome display of disregard for the Constitution. Presidents are not endowed with the power to change laws. Only Congress is endowed with legislative power - "ALL legislative power". Obama said so himself many times before he went rogue big time on November 20. Congress acts as if we have a de facto enabling act.

    To be even more specific about Congress' exclusive power to legislate, only Congress is 'granted' the power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.(Article 1, Section 8). It has passed naturalization laws although these existing laws haven't been well enforced. Still, Congress doesn't have to write new laws to satisfy a petulant president and presidents have no power to order edicts because of some self serving whim on their part.

    I've dusted off and updated The Enabling act of 1933 Article 1. Section 2 should Congress need an excuse for its disgusting tolerance of presidential edicts and war (try Libya):

    "Laws enacted by the administration may deviate from the Constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Senate and the House." -Oladub's Obama Enabling Act of 2014

    That ought to do it. With an Obama Enabling Act, members of Congress can continue to act as overpaid ombudsmen without the responsiblity of making decisions the president doesn't like. This Constitutional crises can't all be all blamed on a rogue president. He is just getting away with what he can. Congress, including the majority of Republican members, and the courts are at fault for letting this usurpation of Congressional powers go on.

    If anyone wants to claim that the president's November 20 action was not a change of law, listen to what the president said,
    "I just took an action TO CHANGE THE LAW"Obama said.

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    I want someone to tell me about how bad we treat people in our country again.

    Mexico identified the first remains of 43 missing college students in a case that has spurred nationwide protests demanding that the government strengthen the rule of law.

    DNA tests from bone fragments collected where a drug gang allegedly dumped them identified 21-year-old Alexander Mora, Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said at a press conference yesterday. Authorities are seeking at least 16 more police officers and 11 others believed to be involved in the crime that happened in the southwestern city of Iguala, he said.


    Demonstrations have flared across Mexico since police allegedly took the students in September on orders of a local mayor who wanted to prevent them from disrupting an event featuring the mayor’s wife. The mayor and his wife have been detained along with more than 70 others who include local police and alleged gang members.
    Mora, the student, had started a youth soccer league in his home town of Tecoanapa in Guerrero and transferred from a university to the teachers’ college where 42 of his classmates are still missing, Milenio TV said in a broadcast report.

    So ... Mexico's Mayors and Police turn over immigrant students and visitors to drug gangs to have them killed? Nice.

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    Default Huge Obama Economic Boom! 200+K Jobs for 10 Months Straight! - Rachel Maddow Show

    Published on Dec 8, 2014: Rachel Maddow compares the job creation of Obama and Clinton to that of George Bush & George W. Bush.

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    Jimaz, I'm not sure if you posted the Rachel Maddow talking point on the right thread but,

    1) Under president Obama, US population has increased from 305M to 317M. Some increase in jobs is necessary just to accommodate a population that has expanded by 12M (169,000/month).

    2) At the present rate of immigration, both legal and illegal combined, 82% of US population growth is due to immigration according to Pew research. Expect a population of 438M by 2050 - 121M more people. Roads, parking lots, food demands, everything will have to be increased. No one should consider themselves to be 'green' who support Obama's policies which will make this even worse.

    3) Two-thirds of additional jobs created since the bottom of the Bush/Obama recession, which happened under Obama not Bush, pay less than the average job lost before the nadir.

    4) Part time jobs are now counted in employment statistics to goose the numbers.

    5) 75% of new jobs created under Obama have gone to "immigrants" - legal and otherwise.

    6) The number of unemployed remains at 9.1M including 11.1% unemployment among blacks and 6.6% unemployment among Hispanics. The highest rates of unemployment are presently found among unskilled workers yet Obama plans to hand out working permits to an additional 4M lawbreakers so they can take a wider variety of US workers' jobs as well as dip into more social program funds.

    7) Under Obama, the national debt has increased $8T or $25,237 for every man, woman, and child in the US. This spending probably did increase employment but the problem is that it must eventually be repaid or at least its interest must be paid. Is it child abuse to bill our children? Even alcoholic fathers don't stick their kids with their bar tabs.
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