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    Default Excecutive Order Provides Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden

    I think I went into the wrong field of work......

    Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden

    President Barack Obama gave a New Year's gift to returning members of Congress, federal workers and Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, signing an executive order calling for an end to a years-long pay freeze.

    As of March 27, 2013, federal employees will see a half-percent to one percent pay increase, marking the end of a pay freeze that has been in place since late 2010. Congress hasn't seen a pay raise since 2009.

    According to the order, Biden's pay will increase from $225,521 to $231,900 a year, before taxes. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will see his salary increased to $224,500 and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will take home an annual pay of $194,400 after his raise.

    While Obama's order made no mention of merit for such a raise, HuffPost's Amanda Terkel reported on Friday that the 112th Congress is set to end the session as the most unproductive since the 1940s, with only 219 bills passed by the body becoming law. The raise won't take place until the 113th Congress, meaning that outgoing members will see no effect from the order.

    Obama ordered the raise as he continues to negotiate unsuccessfully with congressional leaders to find a deal in order to avoid the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. If no agreement is met, over $500 billion in planned tax increases and spending cuts will be implemented.
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    Only Congress can legislate. One more reason President Obama should be impeached or, at least, Congress should tell the President that he should mind his own business and not usurp Congress' duties.

    27th. Amendent : "No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened."

    The only intervention that I'm aware of is that the House has since voted to keep their pay freeze in effect.
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    that just pissed me off. they deserve nothing but payless paydays

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    It must be nice to have the ability to give yourself a pay raise on my dime.

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    ^^^ Yet somehow I 'feel' better 'cause the dems did it this time instead of the repubs ----!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacha341 View Post
    ^^^ Yet somehow I 'feel' better 'cause the dems did it this time instead of the repubs ----!
    Don't feel better (I know you're being sarcastic, I'm just pointing out something to the partisans). We won't have a government that truly represents the people until we demand responsible governance from anyone who is in office, regardless of political affiliations. A large part of what is killing America is both sides of the aisle will defend the actions of their own party while only condemning the actions of the other party. Right is right and wrong is wrong, we need to demand accountability from anyone in office.

    Obama needs to reverse this retarded executive order ASAP!!!

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    Yes! This is the core systemic problem. Very well stated.

    What's more, it can be the identical action or policy - given a full pass if the favored party is spear-heading it! Sometimes there's even the 'it OUR turn do it...' thinking and world-view.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crumbled_pavement View Post
    A large part of what is killing America is both sides of the aisle will defend the actions of their own party while only condemning the actions of the other party.
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    Everyone else in the country is taking pay cuts, and if we complain about it, we are told to shut up because "at least we have a job". Meanwhile, these guys just raised taxes on 78% of Americans and vote themselves a pay raise funded with OUR money.

    ...... Grrrrrrr!

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