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    Default Bing Declares May 20 - May 28th Detroit Techno Week.

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    from what i can read:

    WHEREAS Since the year 2000, Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit has (?) host to the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit's Hart Plaza, and

    WHEREAS The Movement Electronic Music Festival is one of the world's mos recognized electronic music festivals and

    WHEREAS Last year, nearly 100,000 people from the region and across the globe converged on Detroit for the Music Festival, and

    WHEREAS During the 36-hour festival Detroit becomes a convention(?) for international visitors and downtown hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues are filled with activity, and

    WHEREAS Hart Plaza features five technologically rich stages, more than 100 local and international music artists, an interactive technology center, and several art installations constructed by members of Detroit's creative community, and

    WHEREAS During this weekend, festival goers will experience the growing popularity of electronic dance music, and the festivities that celebrate the rich culture of Techno, which was created in the city of Detroit

    THEREFORE I, Dave Bing, Mayor of the City of Detroit, on behalf of its citizens, do hereby proclaim the 20th - 28th of May 2012 as "Detroit Techno Week" in the City of Detroit, and encourage citizens to celebrate the festivities as it creates local and international awareness of Detroit's rising creative culture.

    Edit, of course, after spending 20 minutes deciphering that photo, this one came out:

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    Eat healthy and rest up kids, festival week is upon us.

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    Bing will say publicly that it's Techno Week, but secretly he'll be against it until it accidentally gets leaked, then he'll come clean (maybe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traxus View Post
    Eat healthy and rest up kids, festival week is upon us.
    Yeah, I really shouldn't have been eating pizza today and had drinks last night... I need my strength this weekend.

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    Best thing Bing's done yet as mayor.

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