Let's strap on the tux and take a tour of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show...
Lake Muskoday Belle Isle - Detroit

It’s all about electric this year so this Finnish made Fisker electric sports car is just what you need to show up in at your earth day rallies.

2009 has been described as a pivotal year for the American Auto Industry, in particular, and worldwide automobile companies in general. This year's auto show lined up to be more than yet another splash of glitz and muscle.  Beset by a  deepening  worldwide recession and plunging sales, confused by wildly fluctuating oil prices, demonized as destroying the environment and humbled after its top executives were humiliated by Congress for flying in their private jets to Washington DC, beggar bowls in hand, looking  for federal aid, Detroit, as the American Auto industry is known, is on its knees.  continue
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