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The Commerce Building on Michigan falls to the wrecking ball to make way for The Griswold Condominiums.  Behind it the Cadillac Hotel undergoes renovation.





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The Griswold rendering officially released
It's mostly parking but design gets thumbs up by forum.
IS 2008 the year of Detroit's comeback
Downtown is back.  Now what?
St. Matthew
The power of the web to unite, one story at a time, never ceases to amaze.
Old Photo XI - Where Is This?
Ookpik serves up number 9; the forum hits it out of the park
Asian moving to downtown detroit?
Toronto resident seeks advice on moving to Detroit
Detroit's Lost Mansions
Before bigfooting, before the McMansion and in Detroit
Red Wings Fans Boo Toyota
Economic Xenophobia creeps into international game
Hall Road
Sprawlopolis Main Street of Macomb County stirs passions
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Featured Site:  Ossian Sweet House

Ossian Sweet House
This peaceful house at 2905 Garland was the scene of great tumult on Sept. 9, 1925 when an angry Euro American mob of over 1000 surrounded this house which had been recently purchased by Afro American Dr. Ossian Sweet. The house was pelted and windows broken. Dr. Sweet's arm was cut by the flying glass. Shots were fired. A bystander was killed and Dr. Sweet was charged with murder. The case drew national attention and Dr. Sweet, defended by none other than the renowned Clarence Darrow [of Scopes Monkey Trial fame], was found innocent on grounds of self defense by an all Euro American jury.  The following thread is built around a National Book Award winner covering the Ossian Sweet Murder Trial.

Everyone's Reading 2007: "Arc of Justice" by Kevin Boyle Kathleen

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3 Cityscape Detroit: "Current Trends in Architecture"
Fri., Feb. 23, 6:30pm
3 Dorkwave Monthly at Corktown Tavern (2/17) Traxus
3 Detroit Derby Girls season kicks off February 17th Fishtoes2000
1 Shrinking Cities exhibit coming to MOCAD ItsJeff
2 Conspiracy Theory Brew and View Mudflap

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