Restoration at Woodward and Baltimore in Detroit


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    Default Fun Videos

    One of my favorites:
    George Carlin compares baseball & football.

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    If you go on You Tube right now, all the videos are upside down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pam View Post
    If you go on You Tube right now, all the videos are upside down.
    April Fool's joke I guess.

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    Stephen Colbert rips up Glenn Beck & starts the 10.31 Project.

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    MoparDan, LMAO. Good one. I would have missed that if you hadn't posted it.

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    Thanks Jim! If you can find some more, post the links. We need all the laffs we can get!

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    Joe The Union Busting Shill knows nothing about the EFCA

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    ccbatson Guest


    A plethora of good stuff.

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    Comedian loses handle on baggage. It starts off a little slow but picks up steam.

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    Just pleasant-

    That Old Pair of Jeans - Fatboy Slim

    She eventually gets four going at once.

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    Default Kids Say the Darndest Things - ART LINKLETTER

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    Kids Say the Darndest Things - ART LINKLETTER
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    Very funny! Art's expressions are priceless!

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    ccbatson Guest


    Linkletter was a staunch conservative BTW and FYI.

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    Default Validation

    "Validation" is a fable about the magic of free parking. Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis. Writer/Director/Composer - Kurt Kuenne. Winner - Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int'l Film Festival, Winner - Jury Award, Gen Art Chicago Film Festival, Winner - Audience Award, Hawaii Int'l Film Festival, Winner - Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film, Winner - Crystal Heart Award, Best Short Film & Audience Award, Heartland Film Festival, Winner - Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award, Williamstown Film Festival, Winner - Best Comedy, Dam Short Film Festival, Winner - Best Short Film, Sedona Int'l Film Festival.
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    Default Rent-A-Person

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    "Rent-A-Person" is a romantic musical comedy about a men's room attendant who founds an organization which revolutionizes rush hour traffic. Starring James Haven. Writer/Director/Composer -- Kurt Kuenne. Winner of Audience Awards at 2004 Cinequest, MethodFest, Marco Island Film Festival and Dam Short Film Festival. Winner - Best Narrative Short, Atlanta Film Festival. Winner - Visual Excellence Award, Cleveland Film Festival. Winner - Best Score, 1 Reel Film Festival. Winner - Gold Special Jury Award, Houston Worldfest. Winner - Best of Fest Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film.
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    Seinfeld: George Costanza's Answering Machine

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    200 people take over Antwerpen train station, perform choreographed dance to Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music.

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    Default Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance

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    Default Yes. We. Can.

    Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video
    Congratulations, Mr. President.

    It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation.
    Yes we can.
    It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom.
    Yes we can.
    It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.
    Yes we can.
    It was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the ballots; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King who took us to the mountaintop and pointed the way to the Promised Land.
    Yes we can to justice and equality.
    Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity.
    Yes we can heal this nation.
    Yes we can repair this world.
    Yes we can.
    We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.
    We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics...they will only grow louder and more dissonant ........... We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope.
    But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.
    Now the hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in Dillon are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA; we will remember that there is something happening in America; that we are not as divided as our politics suggests; that we are one people; we are one nation; and together, we will begin the next great chapter in the American story with three words that will ring from coast to coast; from sea to shining sea --
    Yes. We. Can.
    Guest appearances - - 0:01
    Scarlett Johansson - 0:05
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 0:21
    Common - 0:23
    John Legend - 0:32
    Bryan Greenberg (guitar) - 0:37
    Kate Walsh - 0:44
    Tatyana Ali - 0:44
    Harold Perrineau, Jr. - 0:49
    Aisha Tyler - 1:01
    Samuel Page - 1:03
    Enrique Murciano - 1:07 "Si, podemos" - 1:17
    Maya Rubin - 1:08 "כן אנו יכולים (Qen Annu Yecholim)" (Hebrew)
    Esthero - 1:10
    Eric Balfour - 1:23
    Nicole Scherzinger - 1:30
    Taryn Manning - 1:40
    Amber Valletta - 1:52
    Auden McCaw (in Valetta's arms) - 1:52
    Kelly Hu - 1:52
    Adam RodrĂ.guez - 1:56 "SĂ. se puede"
    Eric Christian Olsen - 2:02
    Sarah Wright - 2:02
    Shoshannah Stern (American Sign Language) - 2:05
    Ed Kowalczyk (guitar) - 2:19
    Fonzworth Bentley (violin) - 2:38
    Amaury Nolasco - 3:24
    Hill Harper - 3:27
    Nick Cannon - 3:36
    Herbie Hancock (piano) - 3:41
    Johnathon Schaech - 3:45
    Austin Nichols - 3:50
    Tracee Ellis Ross - 4:00
    Fred Goldring (guitar) - 4:03
    Anson Mount
    Alfonso Ribeiro
    Cliff Collins
    Vera Farmiga
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    ccbatson Guest


    Thinly veiled socialist propaganda. Only a shade less sickening than the mind numbed masses who fall for it to their own not so slow march towards misery.

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    Default Real-Life Pac Man Terrorizes People and bonus Pac Man Jackass Clip

    Everyone knows that ghosts can't hurt Pac Man after he eats the bigger white pellets. Golf clubs, on the other hand, can still leave a nasty welt.
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    Jimaz, that's awesome, and reminds me of:

    Real Life Tetris

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoparDan View Post
    Comedian loses handle on baggage. It starts off a little slow but picks up steam.
    I must be tired. I read that as "Canadian".

    I have a few:
    Language warning at the end here:
    Language Warning at the end here as well:
    Family Feud:
    Michael Jr.
    NHL Bloopers:
    Made me cry:
    One of my favorite fails:
    More Game Shows:

    That's all for now.

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