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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Creating A Progressive Movement For 2020

    Friend of the show Morris called the Thom Hartmann Program to ask about creating a movement instead of merely a moment for the 2020 Presidential election.

    Do you think we need to focus on winning the moment for 2020 or in creating a progressive movement?

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    Default No! Trade Won't Stop War

    The right wing wants you to think that trade can stop a war but the truth is only the people can do that.

    Thom Hartmann breaks down an insidious neoliberal myth that free trade can stop a war between two countries and the Democratic Peace Theory.

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    Default Amazon Spends $1.45m To Buy Votes In One City (w/ Kshama Sawant)

    Councillor Kshama Sawant is angered by Amazon tying to buy the election on Seattle City Council with $1.45m spent to swing the election.

    She claims that Amazon and Jeff Bezos are using Seattle as a test bed to see how they can influence moving politics to the right. Big corporations vs socialism is becoming a real issue.

    Corporate activity in elections is rife, despite there having been laws to try and prevent it over the years.

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    Default Why Do The Wealthy Want To Throw Children Off Food Stamps And Medicaid?

    The rich changed the rules forcing over 1 million US children off their health care coverage.

    Why are the rich so enthusiastic about throwing children off food stamps and Medicaid?

    Is it so there will be more money left over for them and they can get more tax cuts? Or is it that they hate poor people or think there are too many of them?

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    Default Is War On The Menu For 2020 Elections?

    The Democratic Peace Theory says that democracies rarely go to war, but after Trump is the US a democracy?

    Thom Hartmann breaks down the Democratic Peace Theory before asking if Donald Trump will take us to war to win the 2020 election.

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    Default Exposing Billionaires' Bias On Broadcast News

    Radio and TV stations are bound by FCC regulations, but are some bending the rules beyond the pale to promote political views and candidates?

    Pam Vogel from Media Matters joined Thom to talk about the Fairness Doctrine and what Sinclair Broadcasting is doing.

    Sinclair Broadcasting had only one commentator, Boris Epstheyn who used to work for the Trump campaign and was briefly in the administration. He is now their chief political commentator. This gave just one editorial voice and this gave no editorial balance.

    Are Sinclair Broadcasting bending the FCC rules on station ownership and content?

    Should radio and TV stations be politically independent? ...

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    Default Republican Snowflakes Manufacture Propaganda

    Thom Hartmann reveals the motivation behind Republican antics in the House of Representatives.

    After Donald Trump offered military aid to the President of the Ukraine if he would smear Joe Biden on CNN... Republicans illegally broke into a closed door intelligence committee hearing to stop the impeachment process.

    All of this was for a Fox News publicity stunt.

    At what point will Republican corruption reach a tipping point?

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    Default Former Intelligence Officer Exposes Trump's World Of Corruption

    Former Intelligence Officer connects Republican corruption to Trump's law breaking around the world. But is it enough to prosecute Trump?

    Will Donald Trump's corruption finally catch up with him?

    Friend of the show and former Intelligence Officer applies critical thinking to Donald Trump's corrupt withdrawal of troops from Syria to the Republican publicity stunt in the closed intelligence hearing.

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    Default Putting Profit Over Democracy!

    How long before the principal of profit erodes democracy completely?

    Why are American companies giving into authoritarian governments around the world instead of supporting the protesters in Hong Kong fighting for democracy?

    The simple answer is profit! But how do we get them to care about democracy again?

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    Default GOP Personalized Healthcare Puts Profits Over People

    Should Medicare for All allow an optional private healthcare sector? Thom asks Dr. Scott Babrour where's the choice in being denied healthcare?

    Dr. Scott Babrour from the Job Creators Network wants to move employers our healthcare and have people make their own decisions. He says patients should only pay for the health care they use.

    But, if people can’t pay, then it comes back to the for-profit insurance companies to pick that up. Dr. Scott Babrour says countries like the UK with a public health service are failing and wrong.

    Thom and Dr. Scott Babrour debate Medicare for All and just who is making billions from our health care.

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    Default A Criminal In The White House Is A Threat To The World

    A genuine criminal in the White House is a threat to the future of democracy.

    None of the Republicans are claiming that Trump is innocent anymore. The impeachment process is now their entire focus. They claim that Trump can break the law without consequence while he is in office. Thom takes this line of thinking to its logical but dark and absurd conclusion in this must watch segment.

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    Default Medicare Taken Advantage Of By This Private Company

    Medicare is government-run healthcare but "Medicare Advantage" is a For Profit, private health insurance preying on people in need.

    Alex Lawson joins the Thom Hartmann program to break down the con behind Medicare advantage and how this private for profit health insurance is tricking people into giving up their Medicare and getting tax payers to subsidize their profit.

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    Default They Profit By Denying You Care! w/ Alex Lawson

    Private insurance companies profit by denying you health care. Alex Lawson explains how to navigate health care in America.

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    Default Could Hard Brexit Crash World Economy?

    Brexit is at an impasse, as Boris Johnson threatens a government shutdown and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn blocks Johnson to prevent hard Brexit.

    Will the EU offer an extension or will the United Kingdom and the world have to brace for a hard Brexit?

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    Default Why Is Barr Blaming Russian Interference On Obama & Ukraine?

    Bill Barr is pursuing a criminal investigation alleging that the Russian Interference in the 2016 election was the fault of Barrack Obama and the Ukraine...

    Thom Hartmann breaks down the absurd excuse by the Trump administration and Fox News.

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    Default Should We Stop Being Reasonable?

    Is being reasonable actually not all it's cracked up to be? Thom reads from Stop Being Reasonable as part of the Thom Hartmann book club.

    How do we really change our minds?

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    Default Privatization Starts Fires: How States Can Put Them Out

    Free markets don't work for utilities says Greg Palast, instead it leaves everyone burnt. But state governments can take over these companies. We have the blue print.

    Greg Palast investigates fires, power outages and evacuations caused by mismanagement of private utilities like power companies. When these companies are run for profit, the consumers get worse service and end up facing mortal danger as well. Greg Palast proposes a way for ....

    Wildfires destroying people’s homes in California and people dying because they can’t afford their insulin are the same thing. Both are examples of how corporations have risen up and taken over the legislative process, turning the power of government to their own ends of ever greater profits. This was all made possible by the Supreme Court in the late 1970s in a series of decisions that said that when billionaires and corporations buy and own politicians, that is "free speech" rather than bribery and therefore cannot be regulated. We must overturn these corrupt decisions by the Supreme Court if we are to return the American political system to the American people and thus restore democracy to America.

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    Default Far Right Decides What Is & Isn't News On Facebook (w/ Judd Legum)

    Why is Facebook using the far-right website Breitbart to decide what is legitimate news on its website? Judd Legum exposes Republican Operatives who call the shots at Facebook.

    Why is Breitbart controlling what is real news at Facebook? The far-right website linked to Steve Bannon is among the trusted website Facebook is using to determine what is real news and what is fake, part of Zuckerberg's push to answer for his part in ads paid for by foreign governments misleading the American people in the 2016 election.

    If Facebook is using Breitbart to answer for the targeted ads and fake news that spread across its platform in 2016, are we any safer or are we in more danger?

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    Default Never Turn Education Over To Parasitic Corporations

    Parasitic corporations are trying to take over public education and Julio Rivera wants to let them?

    America became the world's leader in education in the mid 20th century because of free college through the GI Bill & a well-funded healthy public education system. Why would we turn this over to parasitic corporations?

    Elizabeth Warren released a stellar education plan, promoting civil rights, cracking down on privatization, shutting the school-to-prison pipeline, treating teachers as professionals, and eliminating high-stakes testing.

    Maybe for Julio? Which of these things do you object to?

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    Default The Many Deaths Of Bakr al-Baghdadi?

    Trump announced that Bakr al-Baghdadi, former leader of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has been killed but as Thom Hartmann reveals, this isn't the first time he has.... What?

    How many times has Bakr al-Baghadi been killed? Today's announcement marks the sixth time the ISIS leader has been reported to have died after successful raids. Whats going on here?

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    Default Trump Foreign Policy "Completely Incoherent" Rep. Ro Khanna

    Is Trump putting the United States in danger through reckless, on the fly foreign policy decisions? Find out why Rep Khanna thinks so!

    Representative Ro Khanna believes that Donald Trump is ....

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    Default Could Trump Be As Bad As Baghdadi?

    Caller points out that descriptions of ISIL leader Baghdadi and Donald Trump are surprisingly or unsurprisingly similar and brings up questions about the rights of enemy combatants!

    Do enemy combatants like Baghdadi deserve civil rights?

    Is Donald Trump as bad as Baghdadi? Congressman Ro Khanna and Thom Hartmann answer these questions and more, do you think they got it right? ...

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    Default Can Democracy Win Against Corporate Power?

    Corporate power is stronger than democracy. Is it? How dangerous is that statement?

    President Franklin Roosevelt warned about this years ago.

    Do you think we can stop corporate power before it takes away democracy for good?

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    Default Exposing Republican's Malicious... Christmas Plans?

    What are Republicans doing planning for Christmas already?

    Thom Hartmann exposes the frightening plans Republicans have for Christmas that could leave you seeing double.

    Will the Republican Two Santa Theory work on the America people, letting the billionaires get coal bail outs for the holidays or will the American people see through it?

    Jude Wanniski's Two Santa Clause Theory has been a Republican tactic since the 1980's and it looks like they are up to their old tricks again.

    Share this video with your friends to let them know about the upcoming Republican scheme to steal your social security, cut social safety nets and blame it all on the Democratic Party.

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