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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default What Happens When The Far Right Takes Over Democracy?

    What is the right wing takeover of the Republican party going to do to our country and its citizens and our democracy?

    Has the right wing takeover of the Republican party and the media changed America?

    Tell us how you've noticed America change in the comments.

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    Default Why Is ICE Locking Up American Citizens?

    After controversial practices at detention centers, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is now going after US citizens.

    Ice is arresting United States citizens and locking them up for years!

    Why is ICE coming after American citizens?

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    Default Will Women Vote For Trump After This?

    Donald Trump has spent his entire life belittling women and to the surprise of many, over 50% of women voters from certain demographic backgrounds still voted for Donald Trump.

    Will Donald Trump be able to keep women voting for him?

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    Default Trump Pushes Racism Harder And It Could Get Him Re-Elected

    Could Donald Trump's racism actually get him get re-elected?

    Forcing progressives to talk about racism might be part of Trump's plan to enrage his voters into showing up at 2020 polling stations in large numbers!

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    Default Congressman Pocan On Impeachment & Trump's 2020 Strategy

    Donald Trump has a sinister 2020 strategy.

    Will Democrats start impeachment hearings before it is too late?

    Congressman Mark Pocan joins the program to discuss.

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    Default Would Government Spending On Infrastructure Cause Inflation?

    Does government spending create inflation?

    Would this mean that government spending on infrastructure would too?

    Thom Hartmann goes over the history of inflation and government spending

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    Default Debate: Is Universal Healthcare Really Cheaper?

    Universal Healthcare and Medicare for All are too expensive according to conservatives but what does the actual data say?

    What does the history of Universal Healthcare say?

    Thom debates a caller on the real cost of Universal Healthcare citing examples of Universal Healthcare in Canada and Universal Healthcare in Norway.

    Do you think Universal Healthcare is the better option or do you want billionaires controlling your healthcare?
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    Default How The Rich Will Rewrite The Constitution If Trump Is Reelected

    The rich are trying to rewrite the United States constitution and if Donald Trump is elected they are going to succeed.

    What will happen to the rights of free speech, not to incriminate yourself and other American values?

    Is this how democracy is dismantled?

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    Default Former Congressman Wants To Testify Against John Boehner's Crimes

    Congressman Bob Ney wants to testify before congress on the crimes of John Boehner and tells Thom Hartmann he would do it tomorrow!

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    Default Billionaires Want You To Prove Citizenship Before Receiving Healthcare?

    Billionaire Thomas Friedman wants healthcare to stay private and for you to have to prove your citizenship.

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    ^^^ 'Billionaires Want You To Prove Citizenship Before Receiving Healthcare?'

    Setting aside the Billionaires:

    Shouldn't we (US Citizens) demand such?

    Considering how many Americans RIGHT NOW are sick, suffering, and lacking adequate health care!

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    Default Can Bernie Sanders Unite A Divided America?

    Donald Trump has divided America. Can Bernie Sanders unite us again?

    The Vermont Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wants to offer the opposite of the Trump campaign, uniting the divided America Trump is creating.

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    Default Are Trump Supporters Willing To Suffer To Keep Trump In White House?

    Why do working class people vote for Donald Trump?

    One caller suggested that the working class are not being tricked but are willing to lose their social security, their healthcare and even jobs that pay enough to live, as long as they have someone to look down on.

    Will the Trump administration stay in the White House because of a lack of compassion from working class Americans?

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    Default Proof Donald Trump Conspired To Violate Campaign Finance Laws

    Is it time to impeach Donald Trump?

    Proof that Donald Trump has conspired to violate campaign finance laws is now available.

    Will this help Nancy Pelosi get enough votes in the house to start impeachment proceedings?

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    Default What Do Democrats Want? Billionaires Or Democracy?

    One billionaire is suggesting that the successes of democratic socialism really belong to capitalism. Thom Hartmann takes him to task by going through history, proving that the unregulated market just leads to Trump.

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    Default How to Defeat Fascism!

    Michigan mentioned at 9:45:
    Since Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency, many have compared him to fascists but the conversation typically ends on whether or not Donald Trump is a fascist.

    But if he is, how can we defeat fascism?

    Thom asks Professor Jason Stanley how progressives can defeat fascism in America.

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    Default Will Women Fall For Trump's Secret Ad Campaign?

    Donald Trump is trying to win over women with a secret facebook ad.

    Can Donald Trump get women to vote for him after a presidency like his?

    Do you know any Republican women who are still willing to vote for Donald Trump? Why?

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    Default Taking Down Conservative Lies About Socialism!

    Thom Hartmann debates a conservative caller on the many lies spread about socialism.

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    Default DEBATE: Will Trump Win On A Message Of Hate?

    Julio Rivera and Thom Hartmann debate on whether or not Trump will win in the 2020 Presidential election on a message of hate.

    Do you think hatred of others will drive enough Americans to vote against their own interests for Donald Trump to stay in office for four more years?

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    Default Can Brexit Take Down The World Economy? (w/ Richard Wolff)

    With Borris Johnson taking over as Prime Minister, economists are worried that his leadership could lead to a worldwide recession.

    Richard Wolff joins us today to discuss.

    Can the United Kingdom survive Brexit and will it bring down economies around the world?

    Is the European Union victimising the United Kingdom and is Boris Johnson the man to sort it out?

    Will Boris Johnson bring a hard Brexit and leave the EU with no deal?

    Professor Richard Wolff discusses new Prime Minister Boris Johnson and whether Brexit will affect the US economy.

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    Default Who Is Boris Johnson And Why Is He British Prime Minister?

    Eton and Oxford educated, Boris Johnson worked in Brussels as correspondent for The Daily Telegraph. He was Mayor of London, twice. Since a child, Boris Johnson has wanted to be the ‘World King’.

    As the new Prime Minister in the UK, Brexit is top of his agenda. [Also,] a new Ambassador for the US and trouble with oil tankers in Iran – and that is just day one. Will he cope?

    Is Boris Johnson a clown, or the UKs version of Donald Trump?

    Victoria Jones joined Thom to discuss Boris Johnson and his conservativism. Is he a Republican, or is compassion ...possible? Discover more about Boris Johnson.

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    Default The Most Important Moment In Robert Mueller's Testimony!

    Did Robert Mueller lay the groundwork for charging Donald Trump after his presidency?

    Jefferson Smith filling in for Thom Hartmann plays the single most important part of Mueller's testimony today that could pave the way for impeachment and even criminal charges against Donald Trump!

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    Default What Else Will Americans Take Before Voting Out Republican "Cult"?

    What else are Republicans going to [try to get away with] and how far will they go before Americans finally vote them out?

    Can we take any more of Republican lies and hate?

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