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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Could You Sue for Damage from Fracking Earthquakes? (w/Guest Dr. Anthony Ingraffea)

    Thom chats with Dr. Anthony Ingraffea about the undeniable cause of the recent uptick in earthquakes in Oklahoma and what we can do about them.

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    Default Republicans Want to Destroy the Constitution, We Need to Stop Them!

    Thom talks with a caller about how to take back power from republicans before they destroy our whole system of government for their own gain.

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    Default Has the Republican Party Morphed Into a Con Game Run by Billionaires?

    How Trump is redefining autocracy and why the old signs of authoritarianism might not tell the whole story.

    Thom sits down with David Frum (Senior Editor - The Atlantic and Former Speechwriter for George W. Bush, 2001-2002) about (Pt 1/2)

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    Default The New Fascism Will Manifest Online Where the People Are (w/Guest David Frum)

    Thom continues his discussion with David Frum (Senior Editor - The Atlantic) about Trump as the new face of an kleptocratic authoritarian government and how we can best identify, describe, and resist it. (Pt 2/2)

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    Default Caller: We've Had a Philosophy of Materialism and Capitalism Foisted On Us for Decade

    Thom talks with a caller about the pervasiveness of materialistic pressure in our society and how some are pushing back against it.

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    Default Do You Want Right Wing Extremist Billionaires Rewriting Your Constitution?

    Thom talks about a very disturbing movement on the right which is gaining momentum to fundamentally change or essentially replace the constitution to favor billionaires and corporations and screw over everyone else. Watch out!

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    Default Trump Is Killing the Morale of the Intelligence Services

    Thom talks with General Michael Hayden about some of the gaffes Trump is making in how he deals with US intelligence agencies

    General Michael Hayden: (USAF, Retired and also Former Director - NSA, Former Director - CIA, and Former Principal Deputy Director - National Intelligence, and currently Principal at the Chertoff Group

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    Default "Wayne Tracker" Has Known the Harsh Reality of Fossil Fuels for Years, Do You?

    Thom talks about the "Wayne Tracker" scandal of current Secretary of State and former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson using a fake email to discuss climate change concerns.

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    Default Paul Ryan Promotes ChumpCare While Breitbart Tries to Turn Trump Against Him

    Thom covers the republican "health care" plan as well as the machinations of Steve Bannon/Breitbart causing a potential ideological rift between Trump and republicans in congress.

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    Default Paying $350/Month for No Insurance?

    Thom hears a caller's horrible story of being diagnosed with advanced cancer and finding out the high priced plan she had pre-ACA didn't really provide any actual coverage. Could that be coming back with new laws?

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    Default Senator Jeff Merkley on Trump's "Buy American" Rhetoric

    Thom chats with Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) about Trump's talk on buying American but how really that policy was started by FDR and killed by republicans in the last few decades under loosening regulations.

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    Default Democrats Hold Something So Powerful It Got FDR Elected 4x, Why Not Use It?

    Thom talks with a caller who brings up the proven winning strategy of progressive policies and actions that kept our longest serving president in office for over 12 years.

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    Default You Wouldn't Let Your Mechanic Rip You Off, Why Let a Financial Advisor?

    Thom talks with a caller about the possible repeal of the fiduciary duty rule, which prohibits financial advisors from scamming you. Republicans want to eliminate it to line the pockets of banksters.

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    Default Should the Government Be Subsidizing Your Neighbor's Gas Guzzling SUV?

    Charles Sauer (Economist & President - The Market Institute) and Thom debate about the benefits of federal corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards that affect the types and numbers of cars manufacturers put out each year.

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    Default It's Not Just Your Microwave, Kellyanne! Is Your Vibrator Spying on You?!

    It's Not Just Your Microwave, Kellyanne! Is Your Vibrator Spying on You?!

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    Default Trump Is Screwing Over the Very People He Promised to Protect(w/Guest Rebecca Vallas)

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    Default Could You Start a Progressive Movement in YOUR State? Yes, YOU!

    A caller talks about their state democratic party moving to a more progressive makeup and platform in opposition.

    It all happens from people showing up to get involved. Tag, you're it !

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    Default Republican Plan Isn't a Healthcare Proposal, Just Tax Breaks for Billionaires

    Thom talks with Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) about what's happening in congress at the moment, and takes listeners calls. (Pt 1/4)

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    Default Under Republicans, Everyone Will Pay More for Less Insurance and Care

    Thom continues his talk with Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) on news from congress and the US government, current events, and more and they take calls from listeners. (Pt 2/4)

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    Default Why Do We Allow Republicans to Cheat and Get Away With It? (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

    Thom talks with Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) about current events, what's happening in government, and more, and they take calls from listeners. (Pt 3/4)

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    Default When Will Democrats Take the Lead on Weed? (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

    Thom talks with Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) about current events, congressional/government news, and they take calls on listener questions and concerns. (Pt 4/4)

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    Default Media Needs to Do Better Covering Trump Now Than During the Campaign

    Thom talks with guest Katrina vanden Huevel (Editor/Publisher - The Nation Magazine) about the state of the current media landscape and how important it is to have better and more pertinent coverage so the people truly know what's going on with our country.

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    Default Are Cell Phones Replacing Heroin and Cocaine as the Hard Drug of Choice?

    Thom talks about a recent phenomenon of people becoming so engrossed in their phones that they effectively become addicted and nearly lose touch with the outside world. When was the last time you chatted with a stranger?

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