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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Joe Biden Ad Eviscerates Donald Trump

    Joe Biden's new ad takes on Trump at his most vulnerable spot!

    What did you think of Joe Biden's ad and how will Donald Trump react?

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    Default Paying For Free College?

    A former Republican sick of Donald Trump wants to know how to justify free college?

    How else can we justify free college and what arguments do you use to convince Republicans to join the winning progressive side of history?

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    Default We're Blowing Past Carbon Emission Budget (w/ Prof. Rob Jackson)

    Carbon emissions need to decrease if we want to save the planet but they are going the other way!

    How can we stop growing carbon emissions from exacerbating global warming and leading to a complete catastrophe on a global scale?

    Professor Rob Jackson joined Thom.

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    Default How Reagan Spread Income Inequality

    The disease of income inequality started with Reagan and you, the progressive audience, is the cure.

    A moderate conservative argues taxes and income inequality with Thom Hartmann.

    Are high taxes with a higher standard of living better for working Americans?

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    Default Why We Need A Record Of Trumps Crimes

    Donald Trump's crimes cannot be forgotten and this is how we can create a historical record of them.

    We must not despair but must work to create legacy of resistance against trump. Do you think the best cure for Trump induced anxiety is to get out there and get active?

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    Default Shocking Impeachment Testimony: Remove Trump From Office!

    Impeachment of Donald Trump is underway and Thom breaks down the most important part of the hearing!

    Did Barry Berke prove that Trump should be impeached for not just bribery, but also for obstruction of justice?

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    Default How Biden Can Clear His Name!

    Here is how Joe Biden can clear his name and put the focus where it should be, on the very real crimes of the Trump administration.

    Can Joe Biden get past sensationalist media and distortions from the Republicans or will they take Joe down with them?

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    Default Ravaged Puerto Rico Robbed By Trump Administration!

    Donald Trump administration is holding money from Puerto Rico with no legal standing to do so and it all comes down to racism!

    How can we help Puerto Rico fight against the neocolonialism of Ben Carlson and Donald Trump?

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    Default Trump Makes Dirty Money On Your Dime

    Did Trump use his position as president to profit? It looks like it and that breaks the emoluments clause!

    Did Trump break the emoluments clause, and can this be added to the growing list of reasons to impeach him?

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    Default Worldwide Democracy Is Now At Stake (w/ Julio Rivera)

    Two articles of impeachment have been laid against Donald Trump but he wants to ignore them. Is worldwide democracy now at stake if a president refuses judicial process?

    Julio Rivera joined Thom to debate Trump’s impeachment hearings process.

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    Default Authoritarianism Is An Impeachable Offense

    Donald Trump is trying to take America down an authoritarian road and this could get him impeached!

    Find out why authoritarianism is an impeachable offense!

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    Default Is Trump Getting Off Too Easy?

    Donald Trump could face additional impeachment charges for crimes we know he committed, is the impeachment too narrow?

    What else would you charge Donald Trump with if you had the power?

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    If authoritarianism alone is going to become an impeachable offense we're going to need a bigger boat (and more jails) ongoing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post

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    Default Anti Trump Conservative Reacts To Impeachment (w/ Bryan Pruitt)

    Articles of impeachment are in front of Congress, but is it top on people’s minds across the country? As we head into 2020, will impeachment simply go away?

    Bryan Pruitt, Republican candidate for Senate (Kansas), debated with Thom and explained why he feels the Senate will vote in favor of Trump.

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    Default High Price Of The Billion Dollar Military Budget

    The military industrial complex is in full swing and Trump is giving them even more than they asked for!

    How can we stop the military industrial complex and use the money to save our democracy instead?

    Do you think the cost of the military is too high?

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    Default How The Food Industry Is Poisoning Lettuce (w/ Jesse Hirsch)

    The food industry is poisoning our lettuce. Jesse Hirsch joins the program to shed the light on the e-coli outbreaks that keep happening.

    How can we make sure our food is safe and work to change the production process?

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    Default Has Roosevelt's Warning Against Fascism Come True?

    Large defense contractors are betraying the goals of President Franklin Roosevelt and leading us to fascism!

    70 years after his address, Thom Hartmann reminds the world that Franklin Roosevelt would be appalled by military spending keeping us in a state of perpetual non peace.

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    Default Trump's Next Military Coup Could Happen Here!

    After a coup in Bolivia and an attempted coup in Venezula one caller believes the next coup can happen right here.

    Can we stop a coup from happening in the United States? Will the impeachment be our best bet or even the 2020 election, or is Donald Trump too powerful for those right now? This is the worst case scenario!

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    Default Are Americans Ready To Embrace Socialism? (w/ Richard Wolff)

    Americans are learning what the Soviet Union & China got wrong with Marxism and are ready to embrace a new kind of socialism!

    Professor Richard Wolff outlines the goals of socialists in creating a new economic order, that takes the good from the history of the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and other socialist experiments and learns from the bad.

    Do you think Americans are ready to embrace socialism?

    What would you do in a socialist America?

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    Default Strategy Behind Narrowing Impeachment Revealed

    Why are the impeachment charges against Donald Trump so narrow, it might be a strategic maneuver!

    How do you feel about the impeachment, should Trump be charged with more or will this focused impeachment strategy pay off with the American people?

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    Default Are Americans Sick Of GOP Men Screaming? We Are!

    Are Americans sick of GOP men screaming at them?

    We are! The GOP is interrupting women and screaming at them like they did to Pramila Jayapal. Is this the result of misogyny, patriarchy or something else completely?

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    Default GOP Plans To Dirty Biden's Name During Trump Impeachment

    Could Trump impeachment bring down Joe Biden?

    A false story about Biden and his son could be overblown by the GOP in order to get Biden out of the 2020 presidential race. Will these lies stop Biden from running and take the public eye off of Donald Trump?

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    Default Jeremy Corbyn Throws Away UK Election To Boris Johnson (w/ Victoria Jones)

    Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign in the UK was awful in the British election. He ignored the wishes of those who voted to Leave the EU, many of whom are Labour supporters.

    Corbyn’s voters stayed home and others voted for the Brexit party, which split the vote. The result was Conservative Boris Johnson taking a majority in the House of Commons of 80 seats.

    Get Brexit Done was the mantra from Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

    Scotland still wants a second referendum for Scottish Independence and the Scottish Nationalist Party, the SNP, won 48 seats from the 59 in the country, which may force Westminster’s hand.

    Victoria Jones joined Thom to discuss what happened at the British Election.

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    Default What Could The US Afford If Billionaires Are Taxed?

    Thom Hartmann did the math on what America could afford if we started taxing billionaires!

    What would you do if we started taxing billionaires? Would you be able to access healthcare or go to school should colleges be funded?

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    Default Why The UK Election Isn't Foretelling 2020

    After Labour lost the UK election, some are suggesting that this is a sign of whats to come for the US in 2020?
    But further analysis proves that what happened in the UK with Jaremy Corbyn and the Labour Party isn't such a clean fit to the democrats in the United States.

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