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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Will You Be Locked Up If Trump Is Reelected?

    A Trump reelection could put you and your family in danger!

    If Donald Trump is reelected we could see leftists, progressives, and Democrats locked up for bogus reasons. Thom runs through some of those reasons.

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    Default Unregulated Capitalism Is Killing Young Americans

    Unregulated capitalism is killing young Americans, and it all started with Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    Reaganomics has cost Americans their healthcare, social safety net and now their lives. Find out how we can stop it before it's too late.

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    Default Why Democracy Is Impossible Without An Honest Media

    How can we have a democracy without a free and open press and how can we have a free press if they are beholden to the billionaires?

    Is an honest media important to you, or do you just accept anything they say as gospel?

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    Default How Republicans Are Cutting Democratic Power

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    Default Fighting The Patriot Act (w/ Mark Pocan)

    Congressman Mark Pocan has been fighting against the Patriot Act but the mainstream media has been telling a different story.

    Can Mark Pocan and the progressive Caucus find a way to get past the bad press and stop the Patriot Act once and for all?

    The press and organizations like the ACLU are reporting that the Congressional Progressive Caucus voted for the Patriot Act, but the truth is that they were aiming to destroy it once and for all.

    Do you agree with Mark Pocan and the Congressional Progressive Caucus in voting on the temporary extension in order to move toward ending the patriot act?

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    Default Your Life Is On The Line In The 2020 Election

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    Default How Donald Trump Betrayed America (w/ Mark Pocan)

    Donald Trump didn't just commit treason, he betrayed America, one caller reveals to Mark Pocan.

    Do you agree with the caller and the Congressman? Did Donald Trump betray the American people?

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    Default Is Poverty A National Healthcare Emergency?

    Poverty is causing Americans to avoid seeking healthcare, and creating the conditions ripe for addiction. Is it time to tackle poverty as a health crisis?

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    Default An Incomplete List Of Trump's Worst Crimes!

    Thom Hartmann unveils some of Trump's worst crimes!

    Did we leave any of Donald Trump's most infamous crimes out?

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    Default Allowing Predatory Private Insurance To Exist Is Insanity

    Why should the healthcare industry allow for predatory private insurance companies to put a price on American lives?

    Compare the craziness of US private healthcare and what happens when you are ill in Europe. The UK NHS is so different from what we suffer in the US.

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    Default Weighing In On Impeachment Inquiry (w/ Mark Pocan)

    Congressman Mark Pocan gives us an update on the impeachment inquiry and his thoughts on getting rid of Donald Trump!

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    Default Are Democrats Going Communist On Prescription Drugs? (w/ Charles Sauer)

    Should your drugs be taxed and is patent protection a good thing for consumers? Existing drugs are changed slightly and rolled out as a ‘new’ product at a higher cost.

    Charles Sauer joined Thom to debate the drug companies.

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    Default Inside The Coup Against Bolivia (w/ Medea Benjamin)

    Bolivia's democratically elected government has been taken over by oligarchs and some really scary people. Code Pink's Medea Benjamin joins us to discuss.

    After ousting the democratic leader of Bolivia, Code Pink and the world are frightened by what the coup could mean for indigenous Bolivians.

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    Default Will You Leave The Country To Get Affordable Medical Care?

    More and more Americans are leaving the country to get healthcare they can trust, outside the United States.

    How far would you travel to escape for-profit healthcare and predatory insurance companies?

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    Default Is Neoliberalism The Problem?

    Is neoliberalism at the core of America's problems?

    Do you think it is neoliberalism or somehing else?

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    Default Are These Signs Of Oncoming Economic Disaster?

    A perfect storm of economic and world geopolitical indicators are coming together to put an economic disaster in our future.

    Do you think that these forces coming together will put us in war or into a second great depression?

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    Default Why Aren't Democrats Fighting Anti-Medicare Lobbying? (w/ Alex Lawson)

    What is Social Security and why do we need it? What happens if it goes away?

    Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa says that social security needs to be discussed ‘behind closed doors’, out of public view. This is designed to cut your social security, before you know it has happened.

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    Default What Happens When Fools Run Government? (w/ Michael Lewis)

    The death of government with Trump and his team is paralyzing America. Trump fired most of the transition team when he won the election. The man is indifferent to the needs of people and the country.

    Michael Lewis, author of The Fifth Risk joined Thom to discuss what happened and whether it can be fixed.

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    Default Is Reduced Life Expectancy In The Young Due To Politics?

    Millennials and Generation Z are facing life and death problems caused by Ronald Reagan's economic and social policies.

    How can we stop the ghost of Ronald Reagan from haunting our children?

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    Default The Hunt For Hunter Biden?

    The impeachment of Donald Trump almost sounded like Joe and Hunter Biden were on Trial.

    Discover the truth behind the Hunter Biden allegations and why the Republicans are trying so hard to stop Joe Biden.

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    Default Can The United States Save Itself From Destruction?

    Is there a way to stop the damage Trump is causing?

    How can we stop Donald Trump from destroying our country? Will enough Americans stand up to stop the billionaire class from robbing them?

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    Default Taxing The Rich Works!

    Taxing corporations and the rich, could save America, but the Republicans won't learn from history.

    Will Republicans ever learn or will they keep taking corporate money over protecting Americans?

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    Default Can We Do Better Than Capitalism? (w/ Richard Wolff)

    Capitalism could be the biggest problem. Professor Wolff says its time to get rid of it rather than reform it!

    What would you like to see replace capitalism and how would you achieve it?

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    Default Impeachment Should Include Every Trump Crime!

    If we impeach Donald Trump, it should be for every crime he committed!

    Donald Trump has committed more crimes in office than he is being impeached for but shouldn't he be impeached for everything he has done?

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