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    Default Is Trump Caught In The Russia Trap?

    What if the escalating tension between Russia and the United States gets worse? Could Donald Trump lead us to conflict with Russia?

    Is Russia cornered and lashing out at the US and the world? Russia wants to be a great world power, but can it remain as a single country and achieve that?

    What should US policy be towards Russia? Is what we are saying making Russia more aggressive than it needs to be? There is an argument that the US isn’t standing up to Russia enough.

    Author George Beebe joined Thom to ask whether Trump is caught in a Russian trap.

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    Default Exposing Why The News Won't Talk About Climate Change

    Hurricanes are in the news a lot right now, but the media won't talk about the cause of these hurricane's power: global climate change!

    So how do we get the media to report on climate change?

    Our very way of existence could depend on a media willing to report on things the fossil fuel industry doesn't want them to.

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    Default Surprise Billing Is Bankrupting Americans!

    The hospital, the doctor and the insurance companies are making money off surprise billing a practice where patients can be charged for out of network machines and personel they may have never been aware of at all.

    The only cure, Medicare for all!

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    Default Exposing The Secret Christian Group Seeking Political Power

    ‘The Family’ is the oldest Christian Conservative Organisations in Washington D.C. and very secretive. Their goal is not to use Christian feelings to help the poor and the needy, but to concentrate on the ‘key’ people such as politicians and businesspeople.

    Jeff Sharlet was part of the organisation and has published books on his findings. Jeff joined Thom to reveal all and [discuss] whether this is a cult.

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    Default What's Just Happened In The UK?

    The United Kingdom Parliament is tearing itself apart in full public view in the run up to Brexit.

    21 Members of Parliament were thrown out of the Conservative party for voting against a motion in the House. Those losing government support include Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, and two former Chancellors of the Exchequer. This took away the majority in the House from one, into negative territory, currently minus 43.

    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn might want a new general election, although both say they don’t.

    How is this all going to work out? Can it work out?

    Victoria Jones joined Thom to discuss the latest news from London.

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    Default DEBATE: The Green New Deal Vs. Neoliberalism!

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means we have more people than even in full-time employment and the labor market is threatened by the far-left, according to Elaine Parker. More jobs than people to fill them.

    Is this all being done on borrowed money? Is it all a Trump con?

    Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation joined Thom.

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    Default Trump Promised To Save Jobs But Workers Are Being Laid Off

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    Default Why Big Agriculture Is The Biggest Obstacle To Solving Climate Change

    Is big agriculture the biggest obstacle to solving climate change? Chemical intensive agriculture is kicking our planet and actually contributing to world hunger.

    The deforestation in Brazil is contributing to CO2.

    Why is the US federal government promoting the industrializing of land and pushing the same in other countries. Small scale farmers around the world are being pushed to increase in size and use chemicals produced in the US. Seed companies want farmers to not save seeds for the next year but buy fresh seed every year. There is nothing climate smart or sustainable about that.

    Timothy A. Wise joined Thom to explain the policies and what is going wrong.

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    Default Why Did Ohio Stop Anti-Pollution Bill Of Rights?

    Ohio's Chamber of Commerce shut down an anti-pollution Bill of Rights, after having obtained the help of a key Republican official.

    Organizer for Toledoans for Safe Water Markie Miller joins the program to discuss whether Lake Erie has rights and what organizers on the ground are doing to help Lake Erie out!

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    Default Could Trump Be Crueler Than We Thought?

    Donald Trump may be crueler than we had all thought but the people around the world are better than we ever believed.

    Thom breaks down two stories that showcase both the greatest extremes of human cruelty as brought to us by Donald Trump and the best of us, as seen in every day people.

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    Default What Would Progressive Tariffs Look Like?

    Donald Trump's tariffs are not doing anything to help the country. Historically tariffs were the domain of progressives but now that Donald Trump is starting a trade war, many are wondering what would a progressive tariff plan look like and would it create the same problems?

    Thom Hartmann breaks down how a progressive would implement trade policies and tariffs.

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    Default The Biggest Danger Of The Trump Administration Revealed

    What is the worse thing Donald Trump and his administration have left us?

    Thom Hartmann reveals the most damaging thing Donald Trump has done, one that could turn our democracy into a banana republic!

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    Default How Trump's Strongman Tactics Led To American Casualties

    Donald Trump is running the country like a strongman and in doing so putting Americans and world peace in danger at every turn.

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    Default Is Trump Admin Turning Up Heat On Voting Rights?

    Are Republicans increasing their attacks on voting rights?

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    Default SHOCKING & Wasteful Price Of Nuclear Power Revealed!

    A whopping $49 billion has recently been spent in the US on propping up 15 aging reactors through subsidies and building two new -- and still incomplete -- ones. How did $49 billion get spent?

    -- Can nuclear power be a cost-saver in any climate plan?

    -- In California, the impending closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in 2025 will finally render the state nuclear-free.

    -- Is nuclear power zero-carbon?

    -- Do any of the candidates have a good nuclear plan?

    Kevin Kamps joined Thom to discuss current dangers.

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    Default What Becomes Of America If Donald Trump Is Reelected?

    Can America survive if Donald Trump is elected for a second time?

    What would we see happen to our nation, to our democracy if president Trump is reelected.

    Thom Hartmann reveals the too awful to think about possibility of four more years for Donald Trump.

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    Default How Ro Khanna Would Fix Nuclear Treaties

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    Default Valerie Plame: The Secret Agent Running For Congress

    Valarie Plame-Wilson is stepping up to run for Congress in New Mexico.

    Valarie is a former CIA covert ops officer and has shared her experience in her book ‘Fair Game: My Life as a Spy’.

    Valarie Plame-Wilson joined Thom Hartmann to discuss her book and why she feels it is important to run for Congress.

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    Default What Americans Must Never Forget

    Thom Hartmann reveals that 'never forget' needs to be about not letting our leaders exploit our national tragedies.

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    Default How Universal Healthcare Frees Unions To Fight For Workers

    The right wing is making a big deal about how universal healthcare would take a victory away from unionized workers who fought hard for their health insurance.

    But Thom Hartmann and Mark Pocan reveal how universal healthcare could free unions to fight for even more rights for their workers and raise every boat.

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    Default Why Warren’s Plan To Lift Millions From Poverty Scares The Rich

    Elizabeth Warren has a plan to lift millions of seniors out of poverty, and so far the plan has been met with fear from the media and the rich!

    For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive. It makes no sense that working-class people have to pay Social Security tax on 100% of their income and a billionaire might pay the Social Security tax on less than 1% of his income, At the same time, seniors are rationing medicine and literally eating dog food.

    Warren wants to use the money from removing the cap to give everybody on Social Security a $200 a month raise, which will lift 5 million seniors out of poverty, cut the senior poverty rate by 68%, and provide a strong stimulus to the economy because virtually every penny of that money will rapidly be spent.

    It’s time that wealthy people pay their fair share of Social Security taxes, and disabled and retired Americans who are struggling to get by in this Reaganomics economy don’t have to make decisions like, “Do I buy food or do I buy my prescriptions?”
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    Default Republican Strategy To Win: Lie & Cheat!

    The mantra of the Republican party seems to be "if I can't win - lie and cheat."

    The Grand Old Party is planning to get elected through voter disenfranchisement, lying to their supporters and lying about the Democratic Party.

    Are we going to let them get away with this?

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