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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Will Mike Pence Be President After Impeachment?

    Thom reveals how the Vice President could come out of this as the most powerful person in the country!

    Donald Trump could finally be paying for his crimes but Mike Pence is waiting in the shadows to pardon him and to take the reigns of the country.

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    ^^^ How's about a two-fer that they both step down, then we can have Pelosi as president!? Woo-hooooo!

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    Default Oligarchs Behind Bolivia's Coup Exposed!

    Friend of the show, Jarred, calls in to expose the international effort to oust democratically elected rightful President of Bolivia, Evo Morales!

    Is this latest coup a modern day Operation Condor? How did Extinction Rebellion become part of a coup against Bolivia? And what can we do to stop the next coup?

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    Default Do Prisoners Deserve A Living Wage?

    Congressman Ro Khanna answers a call to give prisoners fair wages for the work they do currently.

    Do in-prisoned people deserve fair wages?

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    Default Why The World Needs Revolutionary Love!

    Can love as politics heal and transform the world?

    From social theorist and psychotherapist Rabbi Michael Lerner comes a strategy for a new socialism built on love, kindness, and compassion for one another. Revolutionary Love proposes a method to replace what Lerner terms the “capitalist globalization of selfishness” with a globalization of generosity, prophetic empathy, and environmental sanity.

    Lerner challenges liberal and progressive forces to move beyond often weak-kneed and visionless politics to build instead a movement that can reverse the environmental destructiveness and social injustice caused by the relentless pursuit of economic growth and profits. Revisiting the hidden injuries of class, Lerner shows that much of the suffering in our society—including most of its addictions and the growing embrace of right-wing nationalism and reactionary versions of fundamentalism—is driven by frustrated needs for community, love, respect, and connection to a higher purpose in life. Yet these needs are too often missing from liberal discourse. No matter that progressive programs are smartly constructed—they cannot be achieved unless they speak to the heart and address the pain so many people experience.

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    Default Quid Pro Quo Confirmed By Sondland At Impeachment Inquiry

    Gordon Sondland's testimony at impeachment inquiry confirms that a Quid Pro Quo took place between Trump and Ukraine officials.

    Twice Sondland confirmed Quid Pro Quo between Trump administration and Ukraine, leading to Donald Trump, Giuliani and Mike Pence all reaching out to twitter or in press conference to lie away the testimony from Sondland.

    Will Republicans finally give in and go after Donald Trump or will Sondland's testimony that there was a quid pro quo orchestrated by Donald Trump be ignored for their love of money?

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    Default Bribery Or Extortion? Why Trump's Guilty Of Both!

    Quid pro quo, bribery or extortion, Republicans are trying to say these all describe different crimes, the thing is, Trump is guilty of all of them!

    Thom Hartmann reveals how to break free from Republican spin around Gordon Sondland's testimony and the impeachment process in general.

    Republicans are trying to make it look like the impeachment inquiry has nothing on Trump through a careful twisting of facts, this is how to counter their arguments.

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    Default World Conflicts Boil Over During Impeachment Inquiry

    World conflicts are growing out of control as the United States is leaderless during the impeachment inquiry.

    What will happen if the world descends into open conflict during the impeachment process?

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    Default Exposing The Worldwide Oligarchy

    Oligarchy is on the rise around the world and if we want to stop it we better act fast.

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    ^^^ Brought on (pending Oligarchy) from the far left as much as the far right.

    Especially shocking will it be for those only looking right-ward!!
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    Default Is Time Running Out For Impeachment?

    Two callers are concerned that impeachment has to follow a strict timeline or risk distracting from the 2020 presidential election.

    Will Republicans try to delay the impeachment for as long as possible? Although it is definately past time for impeachment, how long do Democrats have to get rid of Trump?

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    Default Could Trump's Antics Alienate His Supporters?

    What happens when the oligarchs who supported Trump get sick of playing his games?

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    Default How Clueless Politicians Could Destroy Our Country!

    What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works?

    Michael Lewis’s brilliant narrative takes us into the engine rooms of a government under attack by its own leaders. In Agriculture the funding of vital programs like food stamps and school lunches is being slashed. The Commerce Department may not have enough staff to conduct the 2020 Census properly. Over at Energy, where international nuclear risk is managed, it’s not clear there will be enough inspectors to track and locate black market uranium before terrorists do.

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    Default Why Giuliani, Bolton & Pompeo Should Be Impeached Too

    Should the impeachment go beyond Donald Trump? Thom reveals how others in the Trump administration should be investigated too!

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    Default Trump is Hiding The Truth About JFK Assassination (w/ Lamar Waldron)

    Total duration 41 minutes:
    On the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, Thom Hartmann reveals Donald Trump's role in hiding the assassination.

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    Default What Does 'Too Far Left' Really Mean?

    Have billionaires pulled the country so far to the right that many, including president Obama have complained of some of us are going too are left?

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    Default The Big Lie: Exposing Trump's Dangerous Strategy

    Donald Trump is following an old script, lie to the people to stay in power. How far will it go?

    The Big Lie is exposed in this clip from the Thom Hartmann program. What's Donald Trump's biggest lie?

    (That quote was from Mein Kampf.)
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    Default How Democracy Turns To Oligarchy!

    How billionaires took revenge and turned democracy into oligarchy and how we can bring it back!

    Do you think we can get our democracy back or have the billionaires completely won?

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    Default Will Devin Nunes End Up In Jail?

    Nunes was in on the conspiracy he claims doesn't exist? Now it looks like he can end up in jail!

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    Default Did Donald Trump Pardon A War Criminal?

    How should the government treat its military when they cross the line? Did Donald Trump just pardon a war criminal?

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    Default Iran Warns U.S. & Allies! "We Will Destroy You"

    After suffering from Trump's massive sanctions and internal protests, Iran warns United States to back off or be destroyed.

    The protests and reaction from the government in Iran in recent weeks have become dangerous for Iranians. This is a combustible situation, not helped by rhetoric from Donald Trump.

    Sanctions against Iran are creating enemies rather than bringing Iran in to some form of democratic governance.

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    Default Should Healthcare Be Nationalized?

    One caller thinks healthcare should be completely nationalized and cites some interesting sources for why.

    What is to be done with healthcare? Should we work towards a medicare for all system, nationalize it like friend of the show Jared suggests?

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    Default Can We End Voter Purges Prior To 2020 Election? w/Greg Palast

    Ending voter suppression, or preventing your vote being purged is so important as the 2020 election draws closer.

    Greg Palast talks about support from Stacey Abrams and how to reverse 14 million voters [being purged] from the electoral role in the past year.

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    Default The Inalienable Rights Of Nature! w/Mari Margil

    Everyone has heard of State's rights, but what rights does nature have and have we been infringing on them?

    Mari Margil is director of the International Center for the Rights of Nature, a project of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, fighting to make sure that Nature's rights are protected and that the indigenous people can speak for nature in court.

    What rights do you think nature has and why, let us know in the comments!

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