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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Jeffery Epstein's Mysterious Suicide Raises More Questions

    Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in custody is leading to many speculating that something strange happened.

    Don Siegelman says that there would be nothing in the cell of Jeffrey Epstein that he could use to commit suicide. He questions why he was taken off suicide watch.

    He believes that if Epstein committed suicide, it was with the complicity of ‘someone’ and that it couldn’t have happened by ‘accident’.

    He also talks about Bill Barr and his opinion.

    Former Governor Don Siegelman (D-AL) and former Secretary of State joined Thom.

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    Default Exposing How The Financial Sector Robs The American Public

    Are we all being robbed by people in the finance sector?

    New rules are being proposed [that] are designed to weaken the rights of a debtor, meaning debt collectors can legally harass people for money – up to seven calls a week, every week – and for every debt. Seven debts – that’s seven calls a day – 49 calls a week.

    Lisa Stiffler from the Center for Responsible Lending joined Thom to explain the debt proposals.

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    Default To Save Social Security You Have To Vote For Democrats

    Republicans are again trying to take down social security and you could be at risk of losing your social security right now.

    Alex Lawson of Social Security works reveals that the only way to stop Republicans from taking down social security is to vote in as many Democrats as possible.

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    Default What's Killing Rural America?

    Rural America is in trouble. Food deserts, no hospitals, limited internet options, which leads to less access to the fewer jobs that exist and the corporations behind it are making billions.

    Is there anything we could do to stop this?

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    Default Did Iraq Prove Libertarians Wrong?

    Libertarians believe that without government the free market would make the world a paradise, but when they get to test out their hypothesis, they fail at every turn.

    A caller asks Thom about the finer details of libertarian economic beliefs.

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    Default The Koch Brothers Exposed!

    The story of the Koch Brothers and why they refused to lose control of a company and Charles Koch with his political attitude.

    The Koch’s want to own capitalism and control it entirely their own way. How has that affected the affluence of Americans for good or bad?

    Christopher Leonard joined Thom to discuss the Koch Brothers.

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    Default Will Banning Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib Backfire On Israel?

    Ilhan Omar and Rhashida Tlaib have been banned from Israel following a Donald Trump tweet against them!

    Does the President have the right to ban members of Congress he disagrees with from visiting other countries?

    And will the ban ultimately backfire on Donald Trump ... and Israel?

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    Default The Rich Profit As Economy Falls

    How do the rich profit as you face worse economic conditions?

    Thom reveals one of the many methods the billionaire class uses to break the middle class down and profit while doing it.

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    Default Bernie Sanders Wants Americans To Fight Climate Change Not Each Other

    Senator Bernie Sanders wants Americans to come together to fight climate change instead of spending our time and money elsewhere as the world burns.

    Trump and Netanyahu between them banned Democratic members of Congress from visiting Israel. Senator Bernie Sanders dropped by with his views.

    Medicare For All is resonating strongly across the US. We are spending twice the amount of money on healthcare than any other country to the extent of $11,000 per person, per year. Why? The insurance business and their profiteering.

    Bernie Sanders proposed the Medicare for All Bill, to bring our heath care under control. MCA will cap the amount of money spent on prescription drugs. The Republicans won’t support that as they continue to push for profits over people.

    Climate change and Congress: if we don’t get those together in the next eleven years, the damage to the planet could be irreversible. Trump denies climate change, preferring to spend billions on military projects, where it should be spent reducing the use of fossil fuels.

    Senator Bernie Sanders joined Thom for a mini ‘Brunch with Bernie’.

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    Default Why Evangelicals Should Care About Climate Change

    Thom Hartmann caller points out a very compelling argument on why the religious right and evangelicals should care about climate change!

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    Default Kashmir In Crisis w/Ro Khanna

    Ro Khanna talks with a caller and Thom Hartmann about the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.

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    Default The Tribalization Of Politics Ian Reifowitz

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    Default How Rush Limbaugh Paved The Way For Trump!

    During the Obama presidency, Rush Limbaugh spend eight years claiming the administration was anti-white and Obama as a secret Muslim.

    Trump listened to Limbaugh on talk radio while looking at running for president. Trump to this day takes Limbaugh opinions and spouts them as absolute truth.

    Ian Reifowitz joined Thom to discuss Limbaugh.

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    Default Why An Extinction Event Could SAVE The Human Race?

    An extinction event could SAVE the human race.

    The human race is on a path to self-extinction. Our growth of GDP has been aimed at growing the bank accounts of billionaires and not focusing on long term survival on the planet.

    Do some young people actually know where food comes from – other than the supermarket? Or, are youth waking up to the reality that our time left on the planet is being taken away by our own actions?

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    Default Equality Or Extinction?

    Global climate change could spell out extinction for the human race, unless we learn to create a real and lasting equality.

    Dr. David Korten joins the program today to discuss how we can build up an egalitarian society and respect nature.

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    Default Are The New Fascists Environmentally Friendly?

    Fascism is using environmentalism as a new tactic to get young people to join what's being called Eco fascism.

    Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali joins the Thom Hartmann program to explain the nearly contradictory politics of eco-fascism.

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    Default Is Mike Pence Trying To Put Women Who Get Abortions In Prison?

    Thirty eight states now have laws that treat miscarriages as potential crime scenes because of “fetal homicide“ laws that have led to the imprisonment of American women who had miscarriages as the result of accidents or suicide attempts.

    The Republican war on women is picking up steam…

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    Default How A New Cold War With Russia Could Spiral Into Nuclear Catastrophe!

    Thom reads from the Russia Trap: How a New Cold War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe!

    “A must read for anyone who cares about our nation's security in these cyber-serious, hair-trigger times.” – Susan Eisenhower

    Every American president since the end of the Cold War has called for better relations with Russia. But each has seen relations get worse by the time he left office. Now the two countries are facing off in a virtual war being fought without clear goals or boundaries.

    Why? Many say it is because Washington has been slow to wake up to Russian efforts to destroy democracy in America and the world.

    But a former head of Russia analysis at the CIA says that this misunderstands the problem. George Beebe argues that new game-changing technologies, disappearing rules of the game, and distorted perceptions on both sides are combining to lock Washington and Moscow into an escalatory spiral that they do not recognize. All the pieces are in place for a World War I-type tragedy that could be triggered by a small, unpredictable event. The Russia Trap shows that anticipating this danger is the most important step in preventing it.

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    Default Steve King's Gross Argument To Deny Rape Exception To Abortion Law

    Many states across the U.S. relax strict abortion law in the case of rape or incest but Iowa's Steve King wants to do away with such laws.

    Thom Hartmann reveals the frightening and gross argument Republican Steve King is using to keep the strictest abortion laws in place even in the case of rape and incest.

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    Default Just How Dangerous Is Fracking?

    Is there any way fracking can be done safely, for both humans and the environment?

    Newly published reports show that not even the strongest regulations can ... make fracking any safer for the environment or for wildlife or people.

    Fracking can be used for both oil and gas and is an industrialized process. Fracking blasts a lot of water and chemicals underground, with hundreds of trucks bring in materials. Fracking is very expensive, and the industry is barely covering its costs. It isn’t always economic to transport the gas produced by fracking and it is burned off, making the whole process pointless while destroying the surface of the ground and deep down.

    What are the risks of fracking to people who live close-by?

    There are concerns with water and the water table becoming contaminated with chemicals. Wastewater can sometimes be dumped into streams, which could impact drinking water and wildlife.

    Environmental journalist, Tara Lohan joined Thom Hartmann.

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    Default Recession Guaranteed Says Economists. Only Question Is When!

    Is there a new recession coming? We are already overdue for one of these downturns, according to Dr. Richard Wolff.

    Trump has launched a trade war, which is bad for both economies with everyone losing thousands of dollars a year due to that.

    The upswing has been going on too long, so how deep will the next recession be?

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    Default The Misogyny Behind The "Pro-life" Movement Exposed

    A new survey reveals what the so called pro-life movement thinks of women and they can’t had their misogyny. Thom Hartmann looks at the report and links.

    So now that we know the pro-life movement believes women are inferior to men what will they do now?

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    Default Why Did Trump EPA Approve Brain Damage Causing Pesticide?

    The Trump EPA just approved a pesticide that is linked to brain damage. Tiffany Finck-Haynes joins the program to discuss just how dangerous these chemicals are to you and to the environment.

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