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    Default What Happens When Inequality Meets Hate (w/ Greg Palast)

    Greg Palast examines what the shooters have in common and whether white supremacy is the main cause. He asks if it is the economy and lack of jobs in Dayton that is partly to blame.

    Greg Palast suggests there are other causes and discusses his views with Thom.
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    Default Is Trumpís History Contributing To The Destruction Of America? (w/ Dr Justin A. Frank

    The pattern of Trump in the past is a useful study to understand where he is today.

    Dr Justin A. Franks, M.D. examines Trumpís history and previous destructive streak and how it affects Americans today.

    The moral tone he sets today says that being aggressive, hurting others and his race views are fine with him, so why not with you? His lack of responsibility running the country is going to damage America, not improve it. Trump doesnít care about the rules and this destructiveness rubs off on many people.

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    Default We Need To Defeat Trump's White Supremacy Virus

    What happened in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio isn't new.

    The economic and political undercurrent of American culture and politics has always been one of white supremacy.

    Until this poisonous thought virus is defeated, it will continue to function like a cancer in our society. We need to make it as much a criminal act to advocate white supremacy as it is to advocate for Al Qaeda or Daesh.
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    Default Why Puerto Rico Is America's Fantasy Island

    A crucial, clear-eyed accounting of Puerto Rico's 122 years as a colony of the US.

    Two years after Hurricane MarŪa, Puerto Rico is still reeling from the storm's physical destruction and the ensuing infrastructure collapse. The devastation compounded the harmful effects of over a century of exploitative US economic, political, and social policies, including the trauma inflicted by its $72 billion debt crisis.

    In Fantasy Island, Ed Morales traces how, over the years, Puerto Rico has served as a colonial satellite, a Cold War Caribbean showcase, a dumping ground for US manufactured goods, and a corporate tax shelter. He also shows how it has become a blank canvas for mercenary experiments in disaster capitalism on the front lines of climate change, hamstrung by internal political corruption and the US federal government's prioritization of outside financial interests.

    Taking readers from San Juan to New York City and back to his family's home in the Luquillo Mountains, Morales shows us the machinations of financial and political interests in both the US and Puerto Rico, and the resistance efforts of Puerto Rican artists and activists. Through it all, he emphasizes that the only way to stop Puerto Rico from being bled dry is to let Puerto Ricans take control of their own destiny, going beyond the statehood-commonwealth-independence debate to complete decolonization.

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    US newspaper mergers threaten democracy and journalism.

    Local newspapers in the US are being taken over by huge corporations who can now control national newspapers, radio and TV stations.

    These mega media corporations control what you read and what you see and hear.

    Journalists are being laid off, along with print workers and others in the sector following consolidation and cost cutting.

    Have these businesses grown so large that they should be broke up?

    Yosef Geachew from Common Cause Media joined Thom to discuss the newspaper crisis.

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    Default How Do We Criminalize Domestic Terrorists Without Creating A Police State?

    How can we fight domestic terrorists without creating a police state where Black Lives Matter activists and Antifascists would be at the mercy of domestic terrorism laws?

    Could domestic terrorism laws end up cracking down on progressives, legitimize protest movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter?

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    Default In 33 Years The Rich Will Own All The Wealth In America!

    According to new data from the federal reserve, if current trends of the rich getting richer and the middle class getting poorer continues at their current rate, in 33 years the top 10% of Americans will own one hundred percent of all American wealth. Everyone else will be in poverty and in debt. Right wing billionaires like Donald Trump are cheering this on, calling for more tax cuts on rich people and less power for working people through the continuing destruction of unions and fighting the minimum wage.

    They tell us that the problem is not [a combination of] corporate monopoly and rich people taking everything for themselves....

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    Default We Do Have A Mental Illness Problem & It's In The White House

    Trump, the NRA, and the Republican Party keep talking about mental illness as the core of our problem right now in America. And, indeed, we have a major mental illness problem in our country right now. Itís in the White House.

    Our president is mentally ill, and until we recognize that, acknowledge that, and begin a national conversation about it there can be no solution.

    Donald Trump lies, he continuously contradicts himself, and his erratic behavior are all symptoms of his severe mental illness.

    Many of AmericaĎs mental health professionals have recognized this, but a serious discussion of the presidentís mental illness has not yet moved out of the realm of mental health professionals and into our mainstream discussions.

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    Default Debate: Will The Minimum Wage Raise Inflation?

    One caller thinks it will and that no party works for the interest of the people, Thom Hartmann takes us through history of the minimum wage to prove that raising it won't cause inflation.

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    Default Mental Health Or Video Games: What's Causing America's Gun Violence Problem?

    Former Congressman Bob Barr (GA 7th District) is on the board of the NRA.

    He joined Thom to discuss the recent shootings, where Thom challenged the NRA to come up with a public policy to stop the mass shooting we have seen recently. Watch what Barr had to say.

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    Default How Cowboys & Capitalism Are Ruining The American West

    Thom Hartmann reads a section from This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West by Christopher Ketcham.

    From the publisher:
    "Journalist Christopher Ketcham has been documenting the confluence of commercial exploitation and governmental misconduct in this region for over a decade. His revelatory book takes the reader on a journey across these last wild places, to see how capitalism is killing our great commons. Ketcham begins in Utah, revealing the environmental destruction caused by unregulated public lands livestock grazing, and exposing rampant malfeasance in the federal land management agencies, who have been compromised by the profit-driven livestock and energy interests they are supposed to regulate. He then turns to the broad effects of those corrupt politics on wildlife. He tracks the Department of Interior's failure to implement and enforce the Endangered Species Act--including its stark betrayal of protections for the grizzly bear and the sage grouse--and investigates the destructive behavior of U.S. Wildlife Services in their shocking mass slaughter of animals that threaten the livestock industry. Along the way, Ketcham talks with ecologists, biologists, botanists, former government employees, whistleblowers, grassroots environmentalists and other citizens who are fighting to protect the public domain for future generations. "

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    Default Did Impeaching Andrew Johnson Lay The Foundation For Impeaching Trump?

    Could impeaching Trump have the backing of United States history?

    Back in February of 1868, Congress impeached Andrew Johnson, formerly Abraham Lincoln's Vice President who took office after Lincoln passed. What's interesting is that the articles of impeachment for Andrew Johnson could easily be applied to Donald Trump today.

    Could progressives work to impeach Trump just like Congress impeached Andrew Johnson so many years ago?

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    Default The Impact Of Growing Up In A Domination Culture

    Can the domination culture that produced Donald Trump be stopped?

    Riane Eisler joins the Thom Hartmann program, warning that we are in a regression [yet that we can still make progress. But we must handle human rights regressions such as] the election of Donald Trump.

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    Default Former White Nationalist Reveals Surprising Way To End Extremism

    Former white nationalist, Christian Picciolini reveals surprising way to to put an end to the movement of extremism and how Donald Trump fits right into white nationalists' goals.

    Being brought into a white nationalist skinhead organization in his early teens, Christian fought his way out of the movement and now spends time trying to [rescue] others like him.

    Could he have a way to put an end to white nationalist organizations once and for all?

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    Default Why Stock Buyback Slowdown Could Halt Economy

    After buying over a trillion dollars of their own stocks thanks to Donald Trump, public companies are slowing down with their share repurchases and all that means that the economy could come to a halt because these companies.

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    Default Why Are Republicans Blaming The Mentally Ill And Arming Them?

    Republicans are blaming everything and everyone from videogames to the mentally ill for the wave of gun violence. At the same time they are also changing laws to let mentally ill people gain access to firearms?!

    So which is it?

    Are mentally ill people to blame for America's gun violence problem or are the Republicans trying to blame anyone but their NRA donors?

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    Default What Happens When The President Acts Like A Cult Leader?

    Friend of the show, Deb calls in with a chilling comparison between Donald Trump and Charles Manson.

    Is the caller right in comparing Donald Trump to notorious serial killer Charles Manson? What happens when the president acts like a cult leader?

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    Default It Is Happening Here, But How Do We Stop It?

    The Trump administration has come after people from all walks of life, particularly minorities, but one caller, whose father died in the Katyn Massacre, reminds us that what the Trump administration is doing to the immigrants and refugees can happen to anyone.

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    Default Exposing the Flaw in Trickle Down Economics

    Republicans have been shoving trickle down theory down American's throats forever but there are fatal flaws in the Trickle Down Theory and one caller exposes them.

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    Default Trump's Profits Will Tear The Web Of Life Apart

    Donald Trump and his billionaire, oil drilling buddies are trying to get rid of the Endangered Species Act.

    Biodiversity is the foundation on which all life depends, including human life.

    Biodiversity provides for our water, food, shelters, and health. It's the air we breathe, the nutrients we take in and the soil that our food is grown on.

    Now, with Trumpís attack on the Endangered Species Act, the web of life is more at risk than ever before.

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    Default Don Siegelman Reveals The Dangers Of Bill Barr

    Don Siegelman joins the Thom Hartmann program to talk about the dangers of Bill Barr, revealing what we all feared about Trump's attorney general.

    Former Governor Don Siegelman (D-AL) and former Secretary of State joined Thom.

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    Default Is Your Body More Than A Just Machine?

    What is ĎHeart Basedí medicine?

    The medical system in the US is in crisis, based on fraud, waste and greed. Depression is at an all-time high.

    Heart Based medicine brings more compassion, deep listening and bringing simpler ways into healthcare. Love, care and compassion isnít part of medical training Ė but it should be.

    Andrea Gardner & Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer joined Thom to discuss alternative medicines.

    The Heart Based Medicine conference is being held 12-14 September in San Francisco.

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