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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Are Legal Hurdles Slowing Democrats From Prosecuting Trump & GOP?

    Are legal barriers keeping Democrats from prosecuting Donald Trump and his benefactors and enablers in the GOP?

    Congressman Mark Pocan answers frustrated calls asking why Democrats are not already impeaching Donald Trump.

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    Default Will Money Or People Rule Our Country?

    Will money or the people rule our country? Thom answers a call in a money vs. democracy showdown!

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    Default Did Trump Just Commit ANOTHER Impeachable Felony?

    It looks like Donald Trump just committed another impeachable felony and this time on live TV.

    Thom Hartmann has all the details on the latest in Trump's impeachment thanks to Joyce Vance a former federal prosecutor tweeting that Trump latest antics constitute an impeachable felony.

    Soliciting, accepting, or receiving contributions and donations from foreign nationals
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    Default Can Monsanto Be Sued For Creating Carcinogenic Crops?

    Can Monsanto, the manufacturer of Round Up, be sued for turning our crops carcinogenic?

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    Default Will Senate Allow Impeachment Before 2020 Election?

    Could the Senate and the Supreme Court hold up Donald Trump's impeachment?

    Thom answers a call from friend of the show Omar, who is worried that Donald Trump will not be impeached because of all the corruption already taking place.

    Thom offers two possible scenarios. Which do you think is closer to what will unfold in the next few months as the impeachment moves forward?

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    Default Why Calls For Biden To Step Down Play Right Into Trump's Hands

    Could Donald Trump's manufactured outrage about Joe Biden backfire as progressives take the bait?

    Thom Hartmann breaks down why Trump is the only candidate who needs to drop out of the race.

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    Default Will Trump Take The Country Down With Him?

    Will Trump refuse to surrender?

    Donald Trump is already taking his party [down.]

    Donald Trump models himself off some of history's worst leaders and many, including a Thom Hartmann caller, are worried he is going to take the country down with him, just like the leaders he admires so much did with their countries and cults.

    We all need to consider what happens if Trump tries to take his followers with him.

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    Default What Is Neoliberalism?

    Every now and then a pundit or politician will call their opponents neoliberal but what does that mean to kitchen table voters?

    Thom breaks down the history of neoliberalism and how neoliberal policies have changed the country.

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    Default What Will Impeachment Mean For Working People

    Thom Hartmann joins a board of labor's biggest names in Chicago discussing the ramifications of Donald Trump's crimes and how working people are being effected.

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    Default Is Sinclair Broadcasting Brainwashing The American People?

    What is the goal behind Sinclair Broadcasting?

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    Default Is Donald Trump Radicalizing The Police?

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    Default LGBT People Could Lose Their Jobs & Housing Under Trump!

    LGBT people may have trouble getting and keeping jobs, housing and more if the Supreme Court agrees with Donald Trump in this decision.

    In the Supreme Court there are reviews of three cases focused on sexual discrimination in the workplace. These are important reviews for the LBGTQ community.

    The Trump administration is trying to redefine federal law to outlaw the rights of some people, to allow discrimination against some LGBTQ people.

    Alphonso David joined Thom to discuss the reviews and what they mean and the implications.

    Alphonso David is a LGBTQ civil rights lawyer & advocate; President-the Human Rights Campaign. He was the first civil rights lawyer & the first person of color to serve as president in HRC's nearly 40-year history.

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    Default Did Trump Abandon Kurds To Keep His Turkish Hotel?

    Donald Trump has withdrawn US forces in strategic places that leave our allies the Kurdistan people in danger of ISIS again.

    And it looks like Trump did this to protect his Turkish hotel!

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    Default Inside The Mind Boggling Corruption Of The Trump Administration

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    Default Trump's Latest Attempt To Privatize Medicare Could Be Dangerous!

    Donald Trump and the Republican Party at trying to privatize Medicare again and this time it could be dangerous for anyone who relies on the successful government run healthcare service.

    Trump wants to privatize Medicare. Did you hear that, or has Trump managed to bury it in the noise of other news.

    Watch for an Executive Order rather than legislation. And will your payment end up with Trump’s friends in business?

    Alex Lawson joined Thom to unwrap what is going to happen to your healthcare.

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    Default Millions Spent Brainwashing Americans Into Supporting Trump

    Fox News used targeted ads to pull vulnerable people into the far right before the 2016 election and they are preparing to do it again.

    Thom Hartmann exposes how millions of dollars were spent brainwashing America by the far right and how this helped Donald Trump get elected.

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    Default How SCOTUS Transgender Rights Ruling Could Cost YOU!

    Will American values win or will Trump use his attacks on Trans people to come after anyone he wants?

    The biggest LGBT Supreme Court case since marriage just held opening arguments today and what the court decides could be huge to people inside and outside the LGBT communuty.

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    Default Money Over Democracy: Trump Sold Out Our Allies & The American People!

    Is Donald Trump's only principal money?

    It is pretty clear that Donald Trump is not working for the American people but for other oligarchs. Thom Hartmann goes through the lack of principals in the Trump administration that led to the betrayal of our allies, the Kurds.

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    Default Is Donald Trump Destroying Evidence Of His Crimes?

    It is reported that the Trump administration are deleting documents and clearing computers, to remove information from long term archives.

    Mark Karlin, founder and editor of Buzzflash, reports that a District Court judge last Thursday enjoined the White House and Trump, who was one of the defendants, from destroying any documents that are required to be preserved under the Presidential Records Act.

    Is Trump using the Nixon plan to [hide] things?

    Mark Karlin joined Thom to discuss the latest.

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    Default How Trump Set Turkish Forces Against The Kurds

    Total duration 16 minutes:
    Dr. Edmund Ghareeb is Adjunct Professor, Middle East history & politics-School of International Service at American University. Ghareeb was the first Mustafa Barzani Scholar of Global Kurdish Studies-Center for Global Peace, American University and a professor at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs / Author who's books include, The Historical Dictionary of Iraq (co-authored with Beth Dougherty), The Kurdish Question in Iraq, and, The Kurdish Nationalist Movement and War in the Gulf which he co-authored with Majid Khadduri.

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    Default Trump Defies Impeachment: Could Be Worse Than Andrew Jackson

    President Andrew Jackson defied the Supreme Court and now Trump is defying Congress, the impeachment inquiry and the will of the American People.

    Could Trump live up to Andrew Jackson's legacy and be our next lawless president?

    How does America handle a lawless president?

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    Default Will The Kurdish Conflict In Syria Spread Across The World?

    Could the Turkish offensive against the Kurds draw in world powers from around the world?

    Thom Hartmann goes over the long history of America betraying the Kurds before exposing how this conflict could reach dangerous new levels.

    Do you think the Kurdish conflict will be the Frantz Ferdinand moment?

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    Default What Happens If Trump Survives Impeachment?

    If Donald Trump survives impeachment and is reelected, how bad will his second term be for America?

    Thom Hartmann takes us on a journey through the worse case scenario where Donald Trump not only makes it out of the impeachment process but manages to win reelection.
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    Default Trump Is Slaughtering The Kurds For Profit

    Donald Trump is betraying the Kurds, and US so that over 100 of his business interests in Turkey continue to make profit.

    If Donald Trump can be impeached for anything, letting the Kurds be slaughtered for profit needs to be one of them.

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    Default Can Fed Keep Economy Going For Much Longer? w/ Richard Wolff

    The Feds are controlling the business cycle, or do they just want to make us think they are?

    Richard Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss how the feds have manipulated the business cycle.

    Dr. Richard Wolff explains to Thom how all this works.

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