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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Could Betsy DeVos Get Detention In A Federal Facility?

    Betsy DeVos has disobeyed a ruling from a judge and this could come with jail time?

    Do you think Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will enjoy her time in detention?

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    Default Tracing Trump's Roots In Nixon Corruption w/Lamar Waldron

    Total duration 38 minutes:
    Historian Lamar Waldron joins the Thom Hartmann Program to uncover the legacy of corruption that links Donald Trump to one of America's most controversial presidents, Richard Nixon.

    Is Donald Trump our Nixon or is he worse?

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    Default Did The Supreme Court Turn America Into A Monarchy?

    Is our Supreme Court changing our country into a constitutional monarchy?

    Thom Hartmann asks if you trust the people or if you trust nine unelected judges who serve for life?

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    Default What Really Happened To Key Witness Against Dallas Cop Amber Guyger?

    Hours after a guilty verdict was given to Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, a key witness, Joshua Brown was shot and killed.

    Police are saying that Joshua Brown's death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong but the African American community, doesn't buy it.

    Thom Hartmann answers a call from friend of the show, Kenyatta, who finds something rotten with the whole situation.

    Should we really believe the same police department that just murdered Bothom Jean had nothing to do with the death of a Joshua Brown, a witness whose testimony lead to a police officer serving a ten year sentence?

    Leave your thoughts in the comments! What do you think really happened to [Joshua Brown]?

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    Default Libertarian Lies About Taxes Debunked

    Libertarians are known for saying "Taxation is theft" but what's a good way to counter such a claim?

    Thom Hartmann answers a concerned caller who wants to find out how to counter the arguments and lies made by libertarians....

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    Default Why Hasn't Congress Taken War Powers Away From Trump?

    Donald Trump‘s pathetic betrayal of our Kurdish allies in northern Syria highlights the importance of Congress taking seriously its constitutional obligation to define and authorize war.

    Not only has Trump moved US forces out of the region and turned it over to Russia and Syria, but he has also moved US forces into Saudi Arabia to help them with a potential war against Iran and to support their ongoing genocidal bombing campaign of Yemen.

    The Constitution gives to Congress the sole power to authorize war. Congress has not used this authority since World War II, a complete and cowardly surrender of their own power for nearly four generations.

    It’s time for Congress to seriously debate what’s going on in the Middle East and explicitly authorize or de-authorize our participation in warfare in the region.

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    Default How To Break Through To Trump's Cult!

    Donald Trump acts like a cult leader and his followers are acting like they are stuck in a cult.

    How can we save people from Trump's Cult? Steven Hassan, the author of The Cult of Trump, and Combating Cult Mind Control, joins the Thom Hartmann Program to discuss how cults function and how we can confront people and get them out of Donald Trump's grasp.

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    Default Is There Any Reason To Celebrate Christopher Columbus?

    Christopher Columbus is said to be a traveler who discovered America but the truth is much darker.

    Thom Hartmann reveals the real historical figure of Christopher Columbus.

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    Default Does The Supreme Court Have Too Much Power?

    Can the Supreme Court turn our democracy into a constitutional monarchy?

    Should the court be able to strike down laws or change laws?

    Thom Hartmann reveals the history of the original function of the Supreme Court and how that function has changed over the years.

    Has the court gone too far?...

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    ^^^ The Supreme Court has too much power only when they're welding it in a manner apposed to what a group/ organization desires I've noted.

    Otherwise it's FULL STEAM AHEAD!
    Last edited by Zacha341; October-15-19 at 06:58 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacha341 View Post
    ^^^ The Supreme Court only has too much power when they're welding it in a manner appose to what a group/ organization desires I've noted.

    Otherwise it's FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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    Default Will The US Ever Support Democratic Movements Again?

    As neoliberalism crumbles democracies around the world, billionaire oligarchs grow in power.

    Could Donald Trump stop the US from supporting democratic movements?

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    Default Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Demands Expansion Of Medicare!

    While conservatives, Donald Trump and the rich are calling for the end of Medicare, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo out of California's 18th district is fighting to expand Medicare.

    Do you want to see Medicare expanded?

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    Default Fact Check: Paying For Medicare For All!

    Why is the media attacking Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay for Medicare for all?

    Thom breaks down the media bias and the real numbers behind Warren's plan for Medicare for all.

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    Default Worker Begs Rep. Pocan To Take His Private Healthcare Away

    Although the media would have you believe that workers are trying to keep their private healthcare when Medicare for all passes, one of the many workers who WANTS the government to come in and take his healthcare joins the Thom Hartmann program and begs congressman Mark Pocan to take away his private healthcare in exchange for medicare for all.

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    Default How The Supreme Court Put Money Into Politics!

    Thom Hartmann exposes how two Supreme Court decisions put money into politics, leading to the corruption we see today.

    How can we save our democracy from the influence of money?

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    Default White House Insider Is Profiting Off Trump's Chaos Economy w/Richard Wolff

    The grifter in the White House is making somebody rich with inside information. Is it one of Donald Trump's billionaire buddies?

    Somebody trading on Donald Trump's behalf?

    Or is a member of the Trump crime family making billions from the Presidency?

    Unsurprisingly Bill Barr forbid the FBI from looking into it?

    Richard Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss insider trading in the White House!

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    Default Our Supreme Court Broke Politics - BOOM!

    Thom Hartmann reveals the surprising way that Congress can fix the out of control right wing supreme court and the even more surprising source of this information.

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    ^^^ Ok. Now let's remember this 'fixin' when the far left supreme court gets out of control!

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