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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default The Last Time Banks Did This... They Caused A Financial Crash w/Richard Wolff

    Banks make their money from depositors by lending to others.

    Banks lend out almost all the money they have on deposit and this means that there could be a bank panic if a lender canít retrieve their deposits.

    The banks are supposed to hold a percentage of every dollar in reserves, which means they have a large pile of money.

    What happens if the government wants to stimulate the economy, by telling the banks they can lend out part of their held deposits or all of it?

    The last time the banks were able to lend out their reserves... we found ourselves in a global financial crash!

    Dr. Richard Wolff explains to Thom how all this works.

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    Default Jim Crow Wins North Carolina Election w/Greg Palast

    The election in the ninth district of North Carolina was won by Republican Dan Bishop, by 4,000 votes.

    However, investigative journalist Greg Palast claims that the only reason Bishop won was due to voter suppression. Watch his report on why the election in NC should have been a Democratic Party win.

    Over 200,000 people have been removed from the electoral roll in North Carolina most of them registered Democrats or from demographics that regularly vote for democratic party candidates over Republicans.

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    Default Bernie Sick Of Republican Talking Points Against Medicare For All

    Why are the media and even other Democratic presidential candidates using Republican talking points against Medicare for all?

    Bernie Sanders sets the record straight on Medicare for all on the Thom Hartmann program.

    Senator Bernie Sanders, fresh from the TV debate, joined Thom on the program live today.

    What did Joe Biden ask Bernie Sanders? Listen to the answer.

    Bernie Sanders has strong views on healthcare and Medicare for all.

    Sanders shared his views on the debate, watch what he has to say.

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    Default Can Bold Progressives Win The 2020 Election?

    Adam Green from bold progressives offers his thoughts on the democratic debate.

    Did progressive candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders come off on top and make solid arguments for Medicare for all that can convince moderate voters on the fence about bold progressive ideas to vote their way?

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    Default IRAN: Are We "Locked & Loaded"?

    Following the raid on oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump is blaming Iran, while claims from Yemen say they were responsible.

    As oil prices rise by 10% in one day, yet the stocks for most oil companies climbed. Looking for profits?

    Jamal Abdi (Pres. National Iranian American Council) joined Thom to unpack what happened.

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    Default Beyond Brett Kavanaugh's Crimes & Cover Ups

    The sensationalist coverage around Brett Kavanaugh only scratches the surface of Brett Kavanaugh's crimes and cover ups.

    Many of which go all the way back to the George W. Bush administration.

    Can we reopen the investigation into Brett Kavanuagh?

    Thom Hartmann reveals what you don't know about Trump's controversial Supreme Court pick.

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    Default Should Trump Have The Power To Take Us To War?

    Tensions between Iran and the United States are growing thanks to President Trump. But does Trump have the ability to take us to war?

    Only Congress can authorize a war. Itís right there in the Constitution. It requires a majority vote of both the House and the Senate to authorize war, and any war that is not authorized by Congress is illegal. The President does not have the power to start a war; that power is exclusively given to Congress. The Founders did this because they did not want any president to ever acquire the king-like power of war making: they believed it was too much power in the hands of one person, and thus could lead to disaster.

    If Donald Trump tries to take us into war with Iran, Congress and massive public opinion must stop him. Call your member of the House and both your Senators today.

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    Default Did The Banks Just Tell Us A Massive Crash Is Coming? w/Richard Wolff

    The Fed just dumped $75 billion into the economy.... and possibly to avert a massive financial crash.

    Monday morning, large short term loans became unavailable and rates for these gigantic loans shot up.

    High interest rates caused financial crashes in the past.

    The Fed panicked and flooded the market with lots of money!

    The question is why were short term loans unavailable, where did that money go and what shot up the interest rates?

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    Default Is The United States Ready To Erupt?

    The most dangerous volcanoes in the United States are being ignored and that could lead to some very bad things.

    The Mount Hood Volcano last erupted in 1781, so is another eruption due?

    Gases are seen at the volcano. How much would an eruption damage near-by Portland and [lands] in-between?

    Apparently red tape and regulations [are] making it difficult for volcanologists to build monitoring stations along Mount Hood and other active volcanoes.

    Dr. Seth Moran is Scientist in Charge at Cascades Volcano Observatory and shares his thoughts on Mount Hood and volcano eruptions.

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    Default LGBT School Board Candidate Karl Frisch Fights For Fairfax County

    Inspired by his partner, a public school teacher, Karl Frisch is fighting to give Fairfax County the best schools he can.

    Will you join Karl Frisch in joining the local public offices to stop the Republican take over?

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    Default Exposing Saudi Arabia's Role In Yemen Conflict

    The conflict in Yemen is a humanitarian crisis which has left millions on the brink of starvation, but how did this all start and what is Saudi Arabia's role in it?

    Thom Hartmann exposes how one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent memory unfolded.

    But now we have to ask, what can we do to stop this?

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    Default Trump Promises To "Go After" The Homeless

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    Default Do The Rich Prefer War To Saving The Planet?

    The US is now an oil exporting country, so why are we still so interested and so willing to go to war for Saudi Arabia's oil?

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