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    Regarding the Hubbard Farms area,

    This area seems to be a pretty well kept secret. I checked out a place on Hubbard this summer which was really cool; it was like an old guest house or something behind a normal house. The lady who owned it was very friendly and seemed to be an unofficial spokesperson for the area. She said people were very involved there and often had things like block parties. She also said there was a really cool soccer league with lots of people from the neighborhood and beyond that played in Clark Park.

    I also checked out a neat old apartment on WGB within view of the ambassador bridge. SW housing solutions has done a nice job fixing up some apt buildings in the area (the one on WGB just north of vernor next to the library looks cool) You're within walking distance to the touristy mexicantown district, cafe con leche, honeybee market, clark park etc. One other perk is now that the Bagley pedestrian bridge is there you are a are reasonable walk from corktown and downtown.

    It is a shame to see that set of row houses torched though. Theres another set of rowhouses on porter just off of hubbard that is vacant but appears secure...hopefully that gets renovated someday!

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    I'm sensing sarcasm here?
    Unless you bought the entire area from the Jeffries to Outer Drive and redeveloped it.

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    I live in Midtown and to me, it's the best part of the city. I love to eat and all my favorite places to eat are in walking distance (Slow's To Go, Avalon, Traffic Jam & Snug, Good Girls...). Several bars and coffee shops are also in walking distance. My spouse works at the DMC and goes to school at Wayne State - both within blocks of our house. I have a 2 year old and we drive 5 minutes to the Y downtown, not to mention we can go to the Science Center or the Children's Hands On Museum (both within walking distance) and even the DIA if we're up to it. University Foods isn't the greatest grocery store, but it's serviceable and hopefully Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe will actually open one day (in Midtown). Things are only going to get better in Midtown and if the M-1 light rail gets installed, it will only accelerate things.

    In all honesty the only places in Detroit that I would currently live in are downtown and Midtown. They are the safest and the "coolest". Every other part of the city has a long way to go.

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    The Detroit ghettohoods are young people to live is:

    1. Midtown

    2. Brush Park

    3. Southwest Detroit

    4. Warrendale

    5. La Fayette Park and terraces. (Formally Black Bottom)

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    If you are thinking of buying a home, I would look into the North End neighborhood, which is everything north of Grand Blvd. and between 75 and Woodward, going all the way up to the Highland Park border.

    You can get a magnificent house in this area for under 10k, and often well under 10k. It will need some work, but for the most part all the basics will be in place.

    It seems like they're trying to promote most of this area as part of Midtown. The neighborhoods north of Grand Boulevard are the southernmost primarily residential neighborhoods along the Woodward corridor. And once the light rail goes down this area is going to come back in a big way.

    I know a guy who bought a house in the North End last year and he's doing fine. There's some blight, but the crime isn't serious. There are a ton of new houses being built in the neighborhood, don't know who's building them.

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