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    Default Manny Legace talks about Detroit and St. Louis

    Manny got sent down to the Blues AHL team. The whole ordeal was fairly complicated, and Manny was bitter. He's finally admitted a lot of it was his fault, because he had a bad attitude.

    Anyway, here's an interview with him:
    Scroll Down: "Busch Rewind."
    Where it says "Manny Legace At the Saloon"

    Toward the end of the interview he says he fell in love with St. Louis because of how people treated him. He said in Detroit if you look at someone the wrong way, you get a "What's your problem?" kind of look. He said something about getting shot. Anyway, I found it interesting.

    I have no malice toward Legace. But I can see why a team would feel a need to release him. He can be very bitter and let it affect his play. Manny couldn't handle that the Blues had acquired Mason. He finally admitted that at least part of this was his fault. I'm not sure if this is what happened with the Wings or not.

    There's a Hockeybuzz article about it:
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    I think Manny is correct in the sense that he got sent down, shipped out because of his attitude but also because of the talent ahead of him and expectations. As an athlete one has to know your skills will degrade over time. It's also a business. Chris Mason has a tremendous upside whereas Manny was on the down side.

    He should have also realized the expectations of being a goalie here in Detroit. We expect our goaltenders here to win- not just go backstop a Blues team that hasn't won in forever and a day. Anything less here in this town and one gets heat because of a winning legacy here. Anyone care to ask what the expectations are of the goalies in Toronto & Montreal- other hockey crazed cities?

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    Nice interview, thanks for posting it. I like Manny, I think he's a good goaltender. I saw him play junior with Niagara Falls in the OHL years ago. He took the blame for the Wings losing to Edmonton, and it wasn't his fault. I'm not knocking Mason, but Manny had a better record than Mason when they made the switch. So they went into the playoffs with an in-experienced playoff goalie and look what happened. Now I'm not putting all the blame on Mason, I mean the powerplay stunk. But at the same time, a goalie needs to find a way to steal a game in the playoffs, and he could not do it.

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