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    Default Growing up in Detroit

    What part of town where you born/ brought up in?
    For me it was the SouthWest side. Michigan Ave. and Central Area then later to Vernor. Oakdale/Green.
    Born in Hutzel hospital
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    East side, born at St. John Hospital, lived on Manistique and Mack then Harper Woods

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    Northeast side. 7 Mile and Kelly. Born at Art Centre Hospital on Woodward.

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    I was born in Hamtramck - St. Francis Hospital - now the City Hall Bldg.

    I was raised on the Eastside - Gratiot & Conner area.

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    West side. Grand River and Meyers area, except for the WW II years in east Dearborn across from Fordson HS.

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    East side. Born at Bon Secours in Grosse Pointe but raised on the corner of East Outer Drive and Waren.

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    Born at Detroit Osteopathic (technically, it was in Highland Park). I cost $99, so my mother had claimed.

    Raised on Woodlawn, just south of the City airport, for my first 3 years and on Waltham near Manning (for the next 18).

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    Default Where I grew up

    Born in Durham N.C. Grew up on E. side around Harper and Van Dyke. Nice area at that time.

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    West side. On Ardmore two blocks south of Sam's Drugs on Fenkell. From birth through high school.

    btw, the pinball thread talked about Marvin's toy stuff. Sam was his brother (I think). Anyway, the family ran the drugstore. Marvin had a toy shop in one of Sam's' storefronts (before they made it all one space). I just remember it as a strange dark place. You were usually the only one in there, aside from him. Don't know what that means.
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    For not having really ever grown up, I can say my 3 yr stint around Lexington & Green made me a little more mature.

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    For the most part, Grand River Meyers area. Then Outer Drive Greenfield area. Born in Brent General, Detroit.

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    On Junction, between Herbert and Horatio. Also born at Art Center. St Hedwig ice skating, altar boy at St. Francis di Assisi, baseball and work at the Bloomer Building Boys Club at Livernois and Michigan. Walked the alleys to get there.

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    Born at Detroit Memorial on St Antoine.
    In 1959 we were living on Central @ Dix, (Next to the Fire Station.)
    Also lived on;
    Beard @ Lafayette ( next to long gone gas station)
    Hubbard off of Vernor. x2
    Lafayette between Green & Beard.
    Rademacher at the corner of Lafayette (corner of Beard School Playground)
    Central between Lafayette and the Railroad Viaduct. x2

    Dad was a life long Renter, always enjoyed getting a new yard to play in!

    Reddog289, I was Safety Patrol 1 yr at Lexington & Green, 1970
    and also 1 yr at Lewerenz & Lafayette.

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    Van Dyke between 7 mile, Outer Drive and 8 mile and points in between. Lived there between 1948 thru 1960.

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    Default Growing up.

    I was born in a house on St. Joseph Street at Gratiot. We moved to Pennsylvania and Warren in 1949. I married in 1960 and moved to Roseville until 1977. Been in California ever since.

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    Born in Detroit Recieving 1963. Lived from '63 to '83 at Harvard and Frankfort, near Warren/Cadieux, across from Finney/Cannon Rec Center. Couple more years near I-94 and Cadieux before leaving for the 'burbs.

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    Born at North Detroit General. Grew up on Novara at 7 Mile/ Gratiot. Moved to Harper Woods in 89. Bought first house in 95 on University at Harper/ Caduix. Currently live in Hamtramck.

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    My mom grew up on the east side on Goldengate, just east of the Chrysler and then moved to Birmingham after the riots in '68. She recently told me she never knew what a shopping mall until she moved out of the city, that made me smile. My dad lived the first couple of his years on the west side on Harlow, 7 Mile/Southfield area before moving to Royal Oak sometime in the early sixties into a house I live in today. I always wish I was from the city.

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    Ragtop, You and my Mom were born at the same Hospital. Never had no trouble at Green & Lexington

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    7 and telegraph. Born at Crittenton (SP) Hospital. Taft middle school and Henry Ford High

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    8 Mile and Southfield - Archdale @ Fargo. Born at Mt Carmel. Went to Fox Elementary, very first 1st grade class there and now it is closed. Coffey Jr High (went to Kindergarten there too). Henry Ford HS, class of 1973. Lived on Archdale until 1974. Family moved to Rosedale Park. Then I moved to TX in 1978.

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    Grew up on Northwest side by Grand River and Greenfield and went to Mother of Our Savior grade school. We are having an all class reunion in August.
    Contact me if interested.

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    LodgeDodger Guest


    Born at Bon Secours.

    Lived at Pelkey and Seven Mile Road. One block West of Schoenherr.

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    Born at Holy Cross hospital on the East side, lived at 7 mile/Evergreen (Braile ave.) until 1969, we moved to North East Livonia, Clarenceville schools area.

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    Default Growing up in Detroit

    Quote Originally Posted by caldogven View Post
    I was born in a house on St. Joseph Street at Gratiot. We moved to Pennsylvania and Warren in 1949. I married in 1960 and moved to Roseville until 1977. Been in California ever since.
    I guess it's true. It is a small world. I was also born in a house on St. Joseph Street but at St. Aubin. Lived there until the late 60's, then we started moving east until we ended up in Harper Woods about 10 years ago.

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