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    Thumbs up New Scents from Motor City Incense

    Motor City Incense, Detroit's premium incense maker, announces three new fragrances. As with all our of our 40 scents, they carry whimsical names for places around Michigan.

    Just out in time to celebrate Michigan's tourist season are Mackinack Lilac and Saugatuck Sands. We also recently introduced Downriver Rat Musk, in homage to a curious Michigan Lenten tradition.

    Most residents of the Great Lake State know what a great summer destination Mackinac Island is. If you're a true Michigander you know that, whether you're talking about Mackinaw City or Mackinac Island, the pronunciation does not rhyme with Lilac. But did you know that Mackinac Island also hosts one of the biggest Lilac Festivals in the country every June? Ask for Mackinack Lilac by name, and we don't care how you pronounce it.

    We're sorry to note that about the same time we introduced Saugatuck Sands, The National Trust for Historic Preservation was adding the Saugatuck Dunes to it's list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Chalk it up to overzealous developers who want to thumb their nose at zoning laws and build a 400 unit residential complex. We prefer dunes over dwellings.

    Downriver Rat Musk: If you're Catholic and you grew up downriver you probably know that the Church looks the other way during Lent if you want to replace your Friday fish dinner with a heaping serving o' muskrat. Turns out early French missionaries figured if it swam, it must be fish. While it's uncertain if the Archdiocese ever gave formal dispensation, they do acknowledge that there is "a long-standing permission – dating back to our missionary origins in the 1700s" to eat muskrat on days of abstinence during Lent. Go muskrat.

    Motor City Incense is made by Motor City Candleworks, a Detroit-based manufacturer of quality candles named for Detroit people, places and things of interest. You can learn more and order online by following this link:
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    I'm voting for the Downriviera Rat Musk. It' s smells so good. Even covers the odor of slag and blast furnaces in full bloom. All kidding aside, if you'd like a sample of a scent from Motor City Incense (unfortunately, not the very latest ones, but we'll get them eventually) and you're in the neighborhood, stop by Skipper's Hamtown (right up the street) and have a waft with a Motor City Brewing Works Ghetto Blaster. Keep it local!

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    Thanks, Skipper! And, if you're looking for a great, unpretentious bar with an eclectic group of patrons, there is nothing better than Skippers! Hey, isn't it about time for a reorder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtownguy View Post
    Thanks, Skipper! And, if you're looking for a great, unpretentious bar with an eclectic group of patrons, there is nothing better than Skippers! Hey, isn't it about time for a reorder?
    I've been waiting for the Fuller Brush salesman to show up. I thought I saw him going door to door in Hamtramck, but he never made it to my place. It's gotta be hard selling incense door to door at 3AM.

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    I am sorry to say that our founder and CEO Carl allison has passed but I will be continue in his footsteps and keeping the incense alive .

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