Restoration at Woodward and Baltimore in Detroit


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Thread: Garwood Mansion

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    1,646 Views, Garwoodians Unite!

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    Default hoover's nurse

    Attachment 212Does Hoover need, or is he getting some kind of medical attention? I'm serious here folks. He's my little buddy; he let me in the Garwood.
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    Hey News flash J-Geils plays detroit April 24 2009 at the fillmore

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    See BushMark he doing it again Merrymen is looking for big trouble

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    Lowell, my friend, you and your guys have got to be rolling in the aisles down there at the old home office what with all this activity and confusion on these new threads. Hell, I'm laughing my ass off at myself. Acting like Aunt Bee did when the church social and bake sale got moved up a week. Still had six months to go, but it was already a disaster in her world. Scary parallel.

    Hey Ruth............are you down off the ceiling yet?

    Stosh.....thanks for the direction on posting photos. I think I've got it.

    Stlrkn....I checked with my attorney and he says that until you spell my name right, I can't file threat and intimidation charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gleeman View Post
    great job's the Falcons at Rick's in old A2..Attachment 166
    Hey Gleeman...what year was that pic taken @ Ricks cafe? I was there the night before last and it sure has changed, it's all 20 yr olds with fake ID's. Sadly I miss those day's

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    [ATTACH]Attachment 225[/ATTACH]Attachment 223Well here's a few for the Hall of Fame or what ever:GW with Guy Lumbardo,
    GW.Jr on Lake Flordia,
    GW on steps of mansion

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    Gleeman.....who are the rest of the guys in the Falcons? What's the history on your Strat? Looks like it's sanded down to natural wood. I've seen that guitar somewhere, haven't I?Attachment 236
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    Default W t f ??

    Okay, here goes. I may not be posting for a while. I've had some serious back and neck problems and sitting at a computer is not helping one bit. I may take some time off to heal and try to figure out all of this later on. Other than that, I'm doing well and getting into my spring activities. And I'm reading you guys and laughing my a*+ off. I think Bentspur and Whaler are giving OG a run for his money in the humour department. I have a bunch of photos I took of the Bob Lo Boats, Greyhaven, Fisher Mansion and surrounding area on monday, march 30.. If anyone would like copies, email me at [email protected]. I'll eventually get around to posting them here.

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    Default W t f ?? 2

    I think I meant Bentspur, BigB and Whaler, I guess. I'm getting my threads and links mixed up with my new and old DY Forum. Anyway, I'm confused and in pain and this computer is not helping one darn bit. OG, send me some goodies from your 'special 'stash. You know - like the 40 year old tuinals, etc. See ya for now.

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    Default Candy man

    I think therefore I am. Or am I lost in cyberspace?

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    All this and I havn't seen no fish pictures. Still better then the "NEW FREE PRESS".

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    Stnfrnt - I'm off the ceiling - at least for now. Concentrating on the big event. Remember all those surprises I talked about long ago? Well they are still in the works and that's taking up some time. I'm having a little party of my own just getting it all together. Stay tuned.........

    Hoover - hang in there.........

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    Mornin guys...Love ya ..Lets get to learnin !!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddog289 View Post
    All this and I havn't seen no fish pictures. Still better then the "NEW FREE PRESS".
    Attachment 241

    Watch when you swim this summer.
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    Glad to see you made it Margie.

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    Hope everybody had a good April Fools Day. I did. I did lose one eye, part of my right ear, 3 fingers and most of my hair, but, it was a lot of fun.

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    Fish picture...stnfrnt's mom....circa 1950s. Bemidji (Blackduck, Hibbing) Minn. Lake Winnibigoshish (Big Winnie)Attachment 245
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    BushMark......I found all that stuff you lost yesterday. Give me an address and I'll send it to you.

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    Pike and Walleye - nice catch.

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    Stnfrnt, Have you been up around Hibbing in the last 20 or 30 years. It looks like the moon or something. Pretty barren.

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    Stnfrnt, I guess you don't want to be anybody's friend huh.

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    YAY! Almost everybody has made their way through cyberspace.
    Attachment 247
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    I've also invited a few people to be friends who haven't got there yet. Folks, check up at the right hand corner where it says, Welcome______, click your Notifications for Private Messages and Friend invites.
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    1KD take care, buddy.
    I was at the island yesterday.
    Attachment 248Belle Isle, that is.
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