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Thread: Garwood Mansion

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    I think things are going incredibly well so far. So great to see so many people arrive from so many different places and situations, and to be able to just strike up a conversation after a thirty some year break. Very enjoyable. And to all of you that weren't able to make the journey, we're all thinking of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candy man View Post
    Ya Old Guy, The GPS put us on a dead end on the railroad track with no way to turn around. Home Boy was able to pick us up and give us a shove in the right direction. Phew! They do love us here in Hammond, IN though. They say that hippies are always welcome. They gave Homeboy this new coat of tar and feathers and the Mayor has promised to give us an armed escort parade to the Michigan state line. Mayor gave me the choice of this or Crucifixion. So,I told him that it was a hard decision,but, that I really needed to see Ya'll. Should be in A2 this afternoon. Peace.
    yo yo Isle hoover og sug ruth margie sharon, wow mom wow miss a whole lot ya ?gash glee victor l mccort,1kd love ya rr

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    I wish you a great Motor City, A squared, event this weekend. Make us proud, and report back as soon as you can, to the faithful.

    Wheat straw.
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    Hey Stone...Make sure you and Old guy make it to Zingermans for some chow..the very Best..Off to the dance recitals for today...Seee Ya a'll tonight...

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    Hey everyone, Today is the big day. I hope everyone has a good time and all goes well. Take a lot of pictures for posting later. Wish I could be there. Stn, OG, Hoover, Margie, Ruth, Detgirl 313 and 80, Candy, Gleeman. Whaler, Isle, Drummer, Sug, Gash 1Keilson, and everyone else, Be safe and have tons of fun. I can feel the happiness all the way to here. THE GARWOOD IS BACK TOGETHER. Thanks for the memories you have given me.
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    party hardy

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    Bentspur.....will do amigo.

    Well folks, all I can say is this is incredible! Markley found the airport (amazing because he never uses them himself) and only missed me by two exits; not a problem! He put his truck in park right there in traffic, got out and hollered "Hey". We were off to the races from there. Man, he looks great. All that cycling keeps him in shape. Hoover DOES look 25-30 yrs old and Ruth is still about 30. DK Bradley has't missed a lick; he and Markley were talking music right off the bat. YOU OUGHT TO SEE MARGIE'S VAN!! Hell--you ought to see Margie!! Gus hasn't aged at all and I swear Neil and Penny look so young and healthy that if it wasn't for that "Candyman Smile" I might have walked right by. Firstlady turned some heads and was smiling away behind the good news about her neice, Kendra. Natalie blew in about 2330hrs last night....too late for this old we'll hook up later. Robin had his film crew hopping from the git-go and they shot down to Amtrak to catch Natale coming in. BushMark was there somewhere I'm told but I missed him. Something about lots of beer and game 7. I didn't get to spend much time with anybody......fried....and the drugs were wearing off. 1kd was rockin'. Natalie just walked in!!!!!!!!

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    Default are fantastic! Get Markley over for another "one hour decorate the van" session and put 15 coats of clear lacquer on that sucker then bake it.

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    It was "GarwoodianMania" last night and Main and Wash A2 was a hum of love that I felt. Thanks for the memories...keep cool and more good times tonight as we party harty in the name of love.
    go to
    If you have not made the trip

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    [SIZE="4"]HEY!! Damnit! Now, I've had just about enough of this crap!! Somebody stole my pink capris again! I'm starting to take a hard look at 1kielsondrive now. I think I saw him with a pink wallet at the "Mania" corner last night. BushMark was welded to a hockey game, Hoover was zeroed in on the under 19 female crowd, and Robin was standing in one spot......spinning. Not the usual suspects this time. Time to get Homeboy involved here. This is getting serious!:mad:[/SIZE]

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    Homeboy will be stopping cars and doing a thorough search for the pink capris. For your sake, he better not find them. It'll be messy as hell.

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    Gabba Gabba Hey.Attachment 1708
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    Mmmm.........hey there lonely boy. Was that an answer?

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    Okay gang.......we're going on down to the Firefly to set up the equipment and do a soundcheck at 6:00p. Game on at 8:00p. BushMark and Hoover will cover the bar tab during the soundcheck. Grab a few friends and come on down......637 South Main.

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    All right, I'm going in!

    I'm heading towards the Garwood Party.

    If nothing is left of me but a pile of party ashes, well, ... well .... put them in an envelope and mail them to my Mamma.

    I've never actually met any of the Garwoodians, I only know them by reputation. Gulp! So I am bringing my kit. I've got a box of Maypo, a Ovaltine decoder ring and a list of safety instructions culled from the forum.

    The Ovaltine decoder ring is so I can communicate with Hoover in case I get lost. The Maypo is to communicate with Stnfrnt in case I can't get through to Hoover. Larry will find me if I got the Maypo.

    The list of instructions are top secret ... but I can share them a little.

    "Don't drink from the second donation container at the entrance.".

    "Watch out for the sediment at the bottom of the Boone's Farm bottle."

    There's a few other things ....

    Oh yea, and I'm bringing a suuurrrrprise.

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    I'm sitting here watching the fort. Somebody has got to do it. Got me a ice cold one looking out the window to see if something flys by. Thats the orders from Stnfrnt. Waiting by the phone in case Oldguy calls for help. Sure is quite.....
    Theres going to be a good racket going on down at the Firefly. PEACE
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    I forgot to tell Hoover .................. DON'T LET THE MONKEY IN TONIGHT!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stnfrnt View Post
    Whaler.....just bring yourself (and friends of course). Don't sweat about anything else, unless you have an extra gurney with three IV drip stations and a full body restraint web on it.I want to try something out on Gash.
    This Is sad I wont to be over there, Reminds me of the times the Band played in the Bars I was the only at home cause I was 18 yrs old, Get it on Bang a gong for ME LOL

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    Ah darn that Chicago, I was be on the wong leg of this trip, I'm still tripping just thinkg of each and every one of you Darlin's,

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    driving to a2 right now cya in 20

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    Have fun Lowel. And thanks a ton for hosting this blog. This has been the best trip I have ever been on.

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    Just to keep this blog going while the party is going on, I will give you a blow by blow on what I'm doing. I lit the grill about 20 minutes ago and just put some potatoes wrapped in tin foil on. They will be done in about 15 minutes. Then I will put on a big thick Rib Eye steak. Oh I forgot I have been drinking Ice House Beer, Had about 4 so far.

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    I think I hear music...........

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    Steak and potatoes turned out great. Now just rolling a fat one for desert.
    Are there any lurkers out there????
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    We're out here. Can't get enough of that sugar crisp!

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