Restoration at Woodward and Baltimore in Detroit


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Thread: Garwood Mansion

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    Can't die! Already a Deadwood in existense. News is that Home Girl has been spotted by neighbors. She hasn't showed her face to me though. I think she is still mourning Home Boys death. I need to set a place for her at the table. I know she loves the homegrown berries, but alas they are not up yet. I'll try some imports. Where is the next Quake gonna take place? It seems the experts don't really know. I experienced one at Tiger stadium once and our home here was shook good on occasion(We have tornados also). Is Greyhaven Island on the same fault as the old ball park?
    Friends the reason that I talk all this goobally goop is that I havn't been real productive since I retired from the welding shop. Anybody know of any openings for a broken down old fool? I'm good at staring cats down and making dogs howl. Peace

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    ......animal shelter volunteer...??.....

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    Well I guess the cats would be fine, but, how about all those howling dogs? Record them and send recording to Pink Floyd for next album. Right?

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    One of Dave Gilmore's best solo's is on the song Dogs from the Album Animals, their best in my mind behind Meddel. Dogs has the howling right before the solo.

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    Happy 119th anniversary to the ice cream sundae!

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    ...anybody have or use a kimble?.......

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    Kimble or kindle? This is all I could find for kimble. I figured you meant kindle but I just love beeing a smart ass.
    Last edited by EastownPunk; April-04-11 at 02:58 PM.

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    eastown punk.....nice move....i can appreciate that.....and i stand's kindle....

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    kindle - tried one and didn't like it. I like holding a real book. I do know a few people who have one an and they tend to use them if they read lots of novels - something I don't do. I read mostly history texts or biographies - non-fiction - that I mark up and keep forever.

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    For anyone who knew Ron Asheton of the Stooges - you might be interested in this

    Ron Asheton Tribute Concert-Video Memorial
    Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 6:00pm
    Michigan Theatre,Ann Arbor Michigan

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    Here's today's fun fact I learned from facebook.

    Two reasons why it's so hard to solve a Redneck murder:
    1) The DNA is all the same
    2) There are no dental records

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    Red Neck Murder / the Red Neck guy stands with the gun pointed to his head, he turns to the woman and says...."Don't laugh bitch,...Your next!!!"

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    could this be a way to get stonefront back together?????

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    ......uhhh.....i'm already doing that...sort of......i just have to figure out a way to get all the guys a music production software program to install on their computer so i can send music tracks to them...get them to put their stuff on the song using guitar interface hardware....gonna' be a tough sell to gash, though, because he's still trying to figure out the "on/off" part......i've still got "the dream" going on.....i'll be on summer break 5/26-6/15 if anybody wants to throw out a date for a 'tribal gathering'.......know what i mean?.....

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    pick a weekend - I'll be there.

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    Default software

    How far away are you from getting us some software? That would be really cool to do!! Please advise..

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    They are just recording to pre-recorded tracks. The only thing new is that you have video of them performing, so you have something to look at while you listen.

    But 80% of our brain is wiring for visual processing, so if someone wants to hit it big, they have to do video of some sort these days.

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    Heading to Laughlin today to "laugh" allot. No computer four days.

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    Robin Welch has been doing some strange, ethereal stuff lately....I like it!

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    Hey Gang......Has anyone thrown out a possible date for a GW party this summer.....if not, what about the weekend of June 11-12........and does anyone object to doing what we did last year......Skippers on Sat and Old Miami on Sunday......Hope all of you "Partying Souls" are doing well and ready for warm weather.....Seems like a lull in our activities here at DY.....but let's at least try to pull off one more blow out for old time sake.....What say Y'all".............GDGT

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    Howdy folks, If you want to do something to help a good cause today and help a fellow Detroit Yesser, go to the - Cub (Mark of GSCC) could use your help - thread. Read the story, click on the link and cast a vote for Mark Covington. This really is a great group of people doing good things in Detroit. GDGT.

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    og....done......folks, og ain't kidding about what these people are doing to help d-town...especially the east side....give 'em some profs......

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    Felt a need to post, all 3 Jordan sisters are in San Diego together
    Also, Princess Kendra passed her test this morning and received her driver's permit!!! Woo-hoo!!!

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    you go Kendra!

    Hello to the 3 Jordan Sisters.

    Gash- June 11 works for me.

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    jordangirl3......Kendra is growing up so fast, it seems......tell Peter he can find refuge here in Long Beach if needed....

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