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    Default UofM Spring Football

    How does the UofM Spring football (April 17, 2010) game work?

    Is it defense vs offense with some type of modified scoring?

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    Its a controlled scrimage. First team offense against first team defense, 2nd team against 2nd team, not exactly a game but it simulates a real game. Lots of substitution and adjustment of personnel on the field. UM has made an effort lately to make it a big deal for the fans, were Lloyd would down play it. I think there we around 50,000 at the event last year. There were fan freindly events, tours and a Alumni game.

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    As a MSU alum, I have no clue what Michigan's Spring game is like, but if it's anything like MSU's then I would recommend going if you are a Michigan fan. It's a fun, laid back atmosphere to go watch a game. It's especially fun if you get nice weather. No matter what, it's a nice to go watch a football game in April. It's just long enough after the Super Bowl for you to realize that you miss football season and don't want to wait until around Labor Day to see another live football game.

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    I went to a MSU spring game years ago. An unknown WR at the time caught 3 TD passes and everything else in site. He was Plaxico Burress and he sure created a buzz at that game.
    Spring games are a lot of fun.

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    As an added bonus, it's the one game a year not counting Delaware State that you KNOW Michigan is going to win!

    Sorry. I had to.

    In all seriousness though, the best I could equate the Spring game to is like going to see the Tigers in Lakeland. Sure you want to see a good game, but you are really just there to enjoy the atmosphere of sitting outside in a stadium on a nice day.

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    Do they do some type of modified scoring so that either the offense or defense wins?

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    There is scoring, its just like a game. Extra points & field goals and everyting else you may see in a game. Its just controlled, coached roaming around the field, maybe a play done over. But eventually there is a winner and loser.

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    Why did Rich Rod have to turn National Signing Day into a debacle?

    The way he handled the Demar Dorsey signing was piss poor at best. Instead of taking this player under the UofM wing, he instead tossed it back at the media for asking some very obvious questions. Show some leadership and mentoring ability here by saying that the school acknowledges this kid's checkered past, that he's talked to Demar Dorsey's family, has his best interests at heart, and will try to guide this young man as he becomes a man.

    I'm sure coming into a program such as the Wolverines is probably a little more testy than West Virginia. The school has a very long proud tradition of molding some great scholar athletes. Their alumni expect their coach to be able to maintain this tradition year in and year out. What the media asked was not inflammatory nor inciteful; I think the alums wouldn't mind hearing how Rodriguez was going to handle this immensely talented young man.

    I hope that Demar Dorsey will work out well at UofM and make strides to becoming an upstanding sort of guy in society but he didn't exactly seem to have a great introduction by his future head coach in Rich Rod.

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    The future will tell.

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    RichRod is really taking a beating now for the way he's handling the Dorsey signing. He really has been ducking & dodging now- bordering on lying to the masses. Journalists, alums and fans alike would just like a straight up answer from him. He seems to be playing a shell game here and playing that old tired game of blaming the media.

    Well, this is the University of Michigan where the program has succeeded by being pretty squeaky clean. Above & beyond how Dorsey plays, how he'll do as a human being- the focus has now switched to Rich Rodriguez' conduct now. Talk about a way to take the heat off of the player- he's become more of a spectacle than the signing.

    I seriously wonder how Lloyd Carr feels about all this now.

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