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    Default George Ford School - Kindergarden

    Does anyone remember going to Kindergarden at George Ford School in the 1950s? Does anyone remember their teacher - Mrs. Camburn?

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    I had Mrs. Camburn for kindergarden. I LOVED kindergarden, but I remember that she yelled at me for being too enthusiastic of a painter. I was very fond of the color blue (still am) and I was painting a big sheet of paper with blue paint--and I got carried away and spattered blue paint all over some storage cabinets in the art room. I was very sad when we "graduated" into first grade.

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    I think I had Mrs. Prog (sp?) but there were two kindergarten teachers if I remember correctly. I lived at 11372 Sussex.

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    I loved the fact that our kindergarden had two rooms--the "art room" and the "play room" plus the cloakroom and restroom. It was self-contained and felt very homey. We kindergardeners never had to leave that space to go to the restroom and anywhere else. I loved the piano (and probably was the reason for me taking lessons a few years later). I remember a sandbox on legs, and an area to play house/dress-up. It was a pretty wonderful place. I remember crying on graduation day because I was so sad to leave it.

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    Default Kindergarten 1956

    Quote Originally Posted by 9606 Prest View Post
    Does anyone remember going to Kindergarden at George Ford School in the 1950s? Does anyone remember their teacher - Mrs. Camburn?
    Yes, I remember Mrs. Camburn. I got a cinder blown into my eye on the walk to school and

    She, rinsed out my eye and held me on her lap the rest of the morning. She was special.

    I also remember my first kiss. A flaming red hair beauty, as we were the only two redheads in the class, wweere drawn to each other. One day, as we lay down for our nap, she rolled over and planted a kiss on my cheek. I shall not forget Karen.

    Funny, I remember that in vivid detail, but can't find my car keys, I sat down 5 minutes ago?

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    I stumbled into this web site while surfing for George Ford grade school. Amazing what you can find on the web. I lived at 9624 Prest and so 9606 Prest and I were neighbors!

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    Garyveu--did you go to Mackenzie as well? I graduated George Ford in 1965 and fom Mackenzie in 1968.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9936Sussex View Post
    Garyveu--did you go to Mackenzie as well? I graduated George Ford in 1965 and fom Mackenzie in 1968.
    No I left exactly on my 13th birthday. I was devastated.

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    Probably an old thread that nobody is looking at any more, but I'll give it a try. I was googling around trying to find out who the guy my old elementary/junior high was named after actually was, and hit on this forum. Had to join it to post, but the coincidence couldn't be passed up. 9336 Sussex: I was there in the same class as you (or maybe one removed if you graduated in June) Kindergarten through the first half of ninth grade, when we moved away. You might remember me as Terry B. Are you Kathy P. or Sharon C? Seems those two lived over on the west side of the attendance area. I obviously lived on Mark Twain. Good memories from that school. Went to it for 9 1/2 years! Mrs. Camburn was great. My parents were so glad that my little sister had a chance to have her for Kindergarten before we moved in the summer of '64. I still remember a line from our Jr. High math teacher, Mrs. Ligon, "The number after 'of' goes below the line." stated with a southern accent. Fun times!

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    Hi Mark Twain! Nice to see a post from you! You guessed right, this is Kathy P. How have you been? I haven’t seen you since Carol G’s party after you had moved and we were all in high school. I have fond memories of George Ford, it was a great school and I had a lot of fun. I ran into Teri Ann Z. at the MacKenzie picnic this past summer, and we talked about organizing a 1965 George Ford reunion. Would you be interested in being put on the mailing list? You could also come to the MacKenzie picnic or luncheon that is held every year for multiple classes. At any rate, hope to see you post again!

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    9936 Sussex: Yeah, I remember that party. I was still in 9th grade, having had to start over in the fall of '64 because the district I moved to didn't have January start dates like Detroit did. But I remember it being at Elaine P's house, on Hubbel, north of Plymouth. Carol lived on Marlowe, across from the school playground, as I recall. 54 years later and we still have memories of this stuff. The brain is an amazing organ! We're living in Florida now, and rarely get back to Michigan any more, so I'll probably never be at a Ford or Mackenzie event, but would like to be included in information sharing, if it's done by email and doesn't cost money to mail me stuff. I'll PM you with contact information. We were still in Michigan when the news came out about the sinking foundation at George Ford, and that news item brought back a flood of memories about the building and those of us who spent so many years there. Same thing happened a few years ago when my brother shared news with us here in FL that they had decided to tear it down rather than fix it. He's still at MSU. Been there since 1970! I don't have Mackenzie memories, but I do have a 1941 "Stag" yearbook! Talk about a "stream of consciousness" piece! I'd better stop typing. HA! That triggered one more memory: Typing class in the room above the gym! Another one: First Grade, and 9th grade French class in the other room above the gym! I gotta stop!

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    Hi Mark Twain! I sent you a PM, but I’m not sure it went through. I haven’t done too many of them. Could you let me know whether you received it? I’ll resend if you didn’t. Thanks!

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