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    Why did I know that already?! (heh)

    Let's ambush our favorite gal at AFB, next time she's working. I'll bring my level for their pool table. We'll have time and liquid lubrication to let these stories flow...


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    I'm game, but I'll have to wait until the last minute to commit. My life is busy trying to find or buy a job. That's much harder than it seems. It's much harder than working. I never thought I could be so busy being unemployed.

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    The last time I saw the old guy and his wife who owned the Pink Elephant, was a very ironic moment. It was 1996. I had just made preparations for the grand finale at my business. I was a week away from getting out. I made the promise to myself not to go back until the final night, after closing. I was so happy not to have to deal with the City of Detroit and my landlord again. It was sunday afternoon and I went to a burger joint near my home. I ordered my food and lo and behold, who walks in - the Pink Elephant owner and his wife. He didn't recognize me, though I'd been in his joint many times over the years and had bought some old, old Tiger Stadium seats (green ones) from him after one of the stadium remodelings. My companion and I finished our food while listening to his conversation with his wife. They were sitting right behind my friend. All they talked about the whole time they were eating was how bad it was doing business with the City of Detroit, never once mentioning the neighborhood, the customers, etc. Just the City. I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of that situation. He'd been in business in Detroit, maybe more years than I'd been alive at that point.

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    Do you have any memories or information regarding The Marblefront? My husband's grandfather owned it, Joseph Kempa. He also owned a hardware store on W. Chicago. I believe his hardware store was called Jos. Kempa Hardware. I would love to share any information and/ or any pictures anyone might have with his family. He also had a great uncle, Walter Kempa who was a wholesale grocer who also owned a bar at one time on Junction street.
    Thank you,
    Cathy Kempa

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathy2trips View Post
    Does anyone know what hospital that was?
    I realize this thread is quite old, but I think we should try to document Delray as best we can before it is erased from physical existence, even if the documentation is anecdotal.

    My mom was born in what was the Solvay Industrial Hospital. She says it was at Jefferson where Harrington ended and that it was a brick building that looked like a large house that had been added to several times.

    Belated thanks to all who contributed to this thread and the hundreds of others like it. Even the most minute details of Delray mean the world to those who remember what Delray and Detroit was. Hopefully, a new Detroit will someday displace the need to reminisce about days gone by Thanks, Mr. Boileau, for providing us with this priceless forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1KielsonDrive View Post
    The last time I saw the old guy and his wife who owned the Pink Elephant,
    Where was the Pink Elephant? We just heard from a family member that her father owned it in the 1940's. Would love to know more about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Frey View Post
    Where was the Pink Elephant? We just heard from a family member that her father owned it in the 1940's. Would love to know more about it.
    I already told you in the other post:

    It was on Fort St., just West of Dearborn St. (around the corner) on the South side. The building is still there, but the metal Pink Elephant sign, outlined in pink neon, is gone.

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