I come across so many upbeat and feel good Detroit images that I thought I would start a thread on just that. Please feel free to add yours pictures and/or your comments. I'll lead off with photos from around Labor Day 2019.

Diners at the San Morino outside the new Shinola Hotel on a once long-dead strip of Woodward Avenue.
[Click the pictures if you wish to see them larger]

Inn on Ferry Street Addition and Restoration progresses.

Diners at Prime+Proper on a once dead corner of Capitol Park.

The gorgeously restored Stott soars above Capitol Park and beams in the late summer sun.

A full house at the the Detroit Institute of Arts Rivera Courts enjoy a free Friday night concert.

The formerly abandoned Free Press Building nears restoration completion.

City Club Apartments fill the footprint of the demolished Statler Hotel on Grand Circus Park. [Oh, and int the far background to the right the Book Tower nears restoration completion.]

And one for my passion--handball. The restored handball courts of Palmer Park glisten [and offer lessons if you're interested] thanks to volunteer efforts and donations of Detroit's handball community.

Your turn.