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    Default Hurricane Dorian Storm Info....

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    This belongs here.

    Live webcam of Dania Beach Pier and Beach Cam north of Miami.

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    I would rather deal with a hurricane then a tornado.

    The front right or east side of a hurricane produces the tornados and straight line winds,which pushes the water on the left side or hurricane surge as they call it,right now they are talking 6’ so that would be a 6’ tall wall of water coming at you.

    They can track kinda what direction it is heading in but it is up to Mother Nature to determine what exactly the path it will take,if you look at the size of it,it is larger the the state of Florida.

    In 2004 one took the same path as this one is,then it boomerang out to sea built strength off of the warm waters then came back in slamming the state head on.

    It is Erie driving or walking around town when these are coming in,no people or cars just block after block of abandoned buildings.

    It looks like most of the coast will get wind and water depending how close it comes to the coast,180 mph winds like they were having would just level everything,it needs the warm water of the ocean to survive,when it hits land it takes the food away.

    Interesting enough it was Albert Kahn in Detroit and his rebar enforced concrete factories that showed the rest of the world how to survive these storms,that same practice is the building standard in many of the islands prone to hurricanes.
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    Damn. Alabama is really going to take a beating...

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    ^^^ Apparently Pennsylvania is also.

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    It is Erie driving or walking around town

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    The original model had it crossing Florida and going into the gulf at that time it would have hit Alabama.

    The joke in Florida is to set a plate down and throw a pot of cooked spaghetti noodles on top and that is where it is going to hit.

    Nobody knows and nobody can determine when and where it will hit.

    Outside of the sea turtles,they will gather up thier young ones and bury them deep in the sand,they have not been wrong yet unlike the spaghetti models that change by the hour.

    But as usual let’s take everything out of context and twist it around in order to suit an agenda.

    Last Thursday they had it coming across the state and hitting Tampa as a cat 4 on Sunday night Monday morning,gas stations and stores were already empty of gas and food supplies.

    People that live in 3 cans of soda a day all of the sudden need 60 cases of water that they are willing to fight for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post

    People that live in 3 cans of soda a day all of the sudden need 60 cases of water that they are willing to fight for.
    Must have some tiny people in FLA.

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    We do,they used to work for the circus before the whiners shut it down.

    Then there are the ones that used to run the dwarf tossing circuit who are now also jobless because somebody else was offended.

    There was actually a tiny town in Orlando back in the day where they lived,tiny houses and stores selling tiny things.

    It was so tiny you would have missed it if you blinked while driving through.

    Mostly people that move down here and discover that Florida has hurricanes,probably the same people that when up there they waited for a blizzard and ran necked to the store to buy winter clothes.
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