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I followed your link, and that lead to a paper from which they based the article. The first footnote I followed in the paper referred back to a previous version of this report, which is no longer available, so they give the current version. So, the paper is citing itself as the authority for the base number of immigrant children. In research, that's called making crap up.

In my opinion, given that we just gave up $1.3 trillion in tax revenue for rich people, I figure we can rethink that and have more money to not treat anyone poorly.
The source is a company that compiles financial data into charts and graphs.

You posted that they were making crap up.

It is simple for you to double check,both the federal government and states have the financials for public viewing.

You can prove your accusation by collecting your own budget information from the 35,000 cities then 50 states then read the federal government budget and display your results in rebuttal.

its that simple.

Its kinda hard to pull numbers out of the air in order to make crap up as you put it,when they can easily be verified.

It is that mindset of your post which is why we are where we are at.

Non rich have been collecting IEC for how many years? You do not have to put any in and still collect $6000,how many trillions has that been?

Directing your hate towards the rich is placing blame on everybody else but yourself for your circumstances.