I've thrown a few toss-away comments on the Detroit site of DetroitYes about the toothless Tigers moving to the Las Vegas area in the past. I still think that is a long shot possibility, especially with the declining patronage at Tiger Sta......er, Comerica Park, or whatever they may call it next year.

But my home here in Henderson, NV, (Where? Henderson, Nevada, the second largest city in Nevada, next to Las Vegas, which is a next-door neighbor), is actively seeking the Arizona Diamondbacks to move from AZ to NV. Don't laugh, it is a possibility. After all, the Las Vegas area is home to the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL, and next year to the (formerly) Oakland Raiders of the NFL. It's only a matter of time before an MLB team also gets into the attractive financial situation in southern Nevada and makes a move.

Mark my words. The next MLB move will be a franchise in the Las Vegas area; hopefully (for me) to the rich suburb of Henderson, NV.

NBA? Well, who really cares?