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    Default A Get Well and Thank You Card for Dan Gilbert

    On the thread announcing Dan Gilbert's stroke the desire was expressed to send Dan a DetroitYES get well card with our thank you’s for all he has done for Detroit’s recovery and take up an appreciation collection for the Gilbert Family Foundation [Update June 19: donations will be sent to NF Forward. See post #39 below for explanation.] To that end this thread is established.

    To participate in this gesture:
    1. Sign the card by posting a one or two sentence thank you below citing something thing you appreciate that he has done for Detroit.

    2. If you additionally wish to make a donation [not required] please use this -> "Get Well and Thank You Dan Gilbert" PayPal donation portal to make a donation of any amount by Credit Card or PayPal.

    A get well card will be selected [any nominations?] and signed “From the members of the DetroitYES Forums”. A print-out with all our thank you’s from below and a check for the total donations, made out to the Gilbert Family Foundation [Update June 19: donations will be sent to NF Forward. See post #39 below for explanation.], will be enclosed. Only forum usernames will be used, individual donors and donation amounts will not be listed.

    Please use this thread only for thank you’s or discussion about this gesture. To discuss his condition and implications, kindly use the ongoing thread Dan Gilbert Hospitalized With Stroke-Like Symptoms.

    Pictures of the card, letter and check will be posted here. An accounting of the donations will be sent to all donors.

    Thanks to 401don and Honky Tonk for the prompting this.

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    Thank you Dan, for trying to save a city. I wish I could donate to the cause, but am on a very limited income.


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    Thanks Dan for investing in Detroit at a time when the "smart money" ran the other way. Praying for your speedy recovery and blessings in all aspects of your life...

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    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for all of your investment in Detroit. We met once before, you were very personable and kind. I hope you have a speedy recovery, get well soon!

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    Thank you for saving and restoring the magnificent Stott Building, Book Tower and so many other architectural gems of Detroit. Due to your vision, drive, energy and example every formerly abandoned, and perhaps doomed, significant building in downtown Detroit has been, is being, or has plans to be restored. Get will soon!

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    Thank you for your vision and unending commitment to the city. Best wishes for a healthy future to you, your son Nick and your family.

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    Thank you Dan for everything you have done for the city of Detroit. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

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    Thank you for bringing good paying jobs, positive media attention, and many renovations and construction project that have transformed downtown. Sincerely wishing you and your family the best during this challenging time. Get well soon!

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    Thank you for all the good you've done the city and not only singlehandedly renovating all the beautiful buildings downtown, but giving the architecture of them the respect they deserve. I used to work for your company and it was hands down the best I've ever worked for and it gave me the financial freedom to pursue what I've always wanted to do. Get well soon

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    Dear Mr. Gilbert...

    In 1963 as New York's glorious Penn Station was being pounded to rubble... the New York Times had this to say... "We will probably be remembered more for what we have destroyed than what we have saved". That may be true for that other billionaire, but not in your case....

    Get well soon and keep up your good work....

    Last edited by Gistok; June-07-19 at 08:44 PM.

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    Dear Dan, I hope you have a speedy recovery and thank you so much for all you have done.


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    Thanks for your passion, concern and dedication in the rebuilding of Detroit.

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    Dear Dan Gilbert.

    Whenever it comes to The City of Detroit it is Your Heart that is in the right place! Have a speedy recovery and wishing good health to you and your family.


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    Please get well soon Dan Gilbert. You brought Detroit back to it's second renaissance.

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    When all turned and walked away, you stepped up to the plate. Thank You for believing in us. Wishing you a healthy, speedy recovery, Dan.
    Last edited by Honky Tonk; June-09-19 at 05:26 PM.

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    Dear Mr. Gilbert,

    Thanks so much for bringing life back to our beloved Detroit.
    Sending good thoughts and blessings to you and your family.
    Get well soon.

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    Mr. Gilbert
    Thank you for thinking of the future of Detroit and their citizens.

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    Thank you Mr. Gilbert. I appreciate everything you have done to Detroit and the confidence you inspire. So much so, I actually become a consumer of yours in more than one way . Hope for a speedy recovery.

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    Thank you, Mr. Gilbert, for your excellent work in bringing new life to Detroit and for saving her landmark buildings. Warm wishes for a speedy and sustainable recovery, with many prayers for healing and peace.


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    Mr. Gilbert,

    It was once said of a great man that no end would come from the good he had done; I believe this sentiment applies to you, too. Three cheers for a speedy recovery!


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    Dear Mr. Gilbert,

    Thank you so much for resurrecting so many of Detroit's architectural jewels and investing in great new construction as well. The city owes you a huge debt of gratitude. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.


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    Mr. Gilbert, Get some much needed rest and hope for a speedy recovery. I remember going to the Book Tower back when bookies and only a few other tenants were there thinking it would take a billionaire to invest and restore these buildings, you and your team made the vision come to light. Thanks for all you've done for Detroit!

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    Get well soon Mr. Gilbert! We wish you and your family all the best in your recovery.

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    Thank you for so your efforts in revitalizing a city everybody else long wrote off for dead. I applaud your determination and vision and wish you a speedy recovery!

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    Absolutely wishing you a speedy and sound recovery Dan Gilbert!

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