Restoration at Woodward and Baltimore in Detroit


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    They could alleviate a lot of the traffic there for very little money. Re -sign I-75 out of Toledo up US 23 for through traffic North/South. Make what is now I-75 into the metro area a 3 digit spur/business route.
    Part of 223/127 is supposed to become I-73. So there would be no need to change 75's route or designation. Most people will just take that when its finished anyways.


    From 1999 MI is saying no to 73, but since its a federal highway approved by congress, it will happen regardless. Just time. In the mean time MDOT reinvested into upgrades and safety improvements.

    "Ohio and Michigan both abandoned further environmental studies on their portions of I-73 in 99'. It is important to note that most of the I-73 corridor in both of these states follows existing freeways or highways scheduled to be upgraded to freeways under plans that predate I-73."

    Now what we really need to see is 275 finished to 75, but with the addition of Martin Parkway, its most likely never happening now.

    Another highway I'd like to see finished is Davison. Just connect the damn thing to 96. From there idk, I just know it will take a lot of unneeded traffic out of downtown for people trying to get to the east side.


    As recent as 2010:
    "Alan Clemmons announced that Interstate 75 had been adopted into the association. Clemmons said since I-75 lies within the I-73/74 corridor, and given its excitement in Michigan and Ohio, its inclusion into the I-73/74 Association is a "perfect fit" and helps reenergize allies in those states."

    And as recent as 2017:
    US Army Corps of Engineer issues permit to begin Construction of I-73

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    Reminder: Segment 3 of the I-75 modernization project inOakland County begins Sunday, Aug. 11
    Fast facts:
    - Segment 3 involves rebuilding more than 5 miles of I-75 between 8 Mile and 13 Mile roads.
    - In 2019, prep work will require continuous lane and ramp closures with two lanes open in each direction during peak travel times.
    - Prep work is expected to wrap up in November, allowing all lanes and ramps to remain open during the winter months.
    August 7, 2019 -- Weather permitting, work on segment 3 of the I-75 modernization project in Oakland County will begin on Sunday, Aug. 11. Initially, the construction impacts will begin on the southbound lanes from 11 Mile to 8 Mile roads as crews begin preparations for a multi-year project to rebuild more than 5 miles of pavement, replace 22 bridges, construct retaining walls, and install new drainage infrastructure.

    Starting at 3 p.m. Aug. 11, the right lane of southbound I-75 will be closed from 13 Mile to 8 Mile roads in order for crews to widen the shoulder for an eventual traffic shift. In addition to the single-lane closure, crews will close the following ramps:
    - Westbound I-696 ramp to southbound I-75,
    - Southbound I-75 exit to 8 Mile Road,
    - Southbound I-75 exit to 9 Mile Road,
    - 9 Mile Road entrance ramp to southbound I-75.

    Other 2019 work includes the construction of temporary median crossovers, the removal of the Dallas Road overpass above I-75, and work on the northbound service drive.

    In 2020, all I-75 traffic will be on the southbound side of the freeway between 11 Mile and 8 Mile roads with two lanes open in each direction separated by a temporary concrete barrier. This will allow for the rebuilding of the northbound lanes from 8 Mile Road to I-696, along with all northbound ramps, retaining walls and portions of the northbound service drive.

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    This is going to cause havoc.

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