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Thread: Rip, mi gop

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibs View Post
    Now, now, the folks in the GOP are kind, caring and honest Christians. Why their "Screw you I got mine! Party politics come first regardless of the will of the people!" are reflective of their true DNA.
    Behind the scenes (and not-so-behind-scenes too), the most I’ve ever seen the “screw you, I’ve got mine” attitude was from so-called elite Detroit Democrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    ^ 13 billion in welfare payments alone to Midwestern farmers, but that's not vote buying???

    Did it buy your vote? I hope so because the trickle down is the cost of putting food on your table.You benefited from it.

    Either that or allow 2 companies to control our entire food supply.

    That was not welfare to the farmers,that was money given to the farmers for payment of providing your welfare.
    No, genius, it was payment to soybean farmers and others to make up for lost international sales (to China) as a result of retaliatory tariffs China placed on U.S. agricultural imports due to Trump's trade war.

    Neither you nor I benefit from that $13 billion in welfare to the farmers, only THEY benefit from it because it compensates them for losses from FOREIGN (not domestic) sales. Your ignorance of the basic economics involved with this issue is almost impressive.

    What you're erroneously referring to are traditional farm subsidies, which you've confused with the $13 billion in welfare payments given as tariff relief, which is an entirely separate issue. If you don't know what the hell you're talking about, maybe just keep your mouth shut.

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    ^ okay Mr economics professor,Bham,tariff relief or not,did the farmers stick that 13 billion in the bank or did it flow directly back into the economy?

    In your eyes the welfare would not have been necessary if amercians actually supported thier fellow Americans.

    What Trump should have done was ban all Chinese imports,change the name from dollar store to a $5000 dollar store and spent the 13 billion reopening factories so Americans can make a livable wage.

    My guess is that had he done that you would also be upset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj3647 View Post
    No, genius, it was payment to soybean farmers and others to make up for lost international sales (to China) as a result of retaliatory tariffs China placed on U.S. agricultural imports due to Trump's trade war.
    (Just in case anyone misinterpreted the sentence you wrote)

    It should be mentioned that RESPONDING to CHINA's trade war is the president's JOB.

    China has had horrific tariffs on our products going there for many decades. They break it down into a list of fees and duties,.. so the raw tariff doesn't seem so huge.

    But for example (and I witness this first hand,.. as I visit China a bit and have property there).

    Anyway,..I was there in 2008 and a friend bought a Mercedes ML350. They're built in Alabama.

    Here they would have sold for about $44,000. In China they're $120,000 after tariffs, duties and fees.

    Some will try to decieve you and just quote one of those numbers, so as to make it seem like China only charges 25% or something,.. but in reality it's more like 185%,.. ON TOP OF the cost of the car.

    Want to buy a 2010 VW CC as my sister in law did? If you get one assembled in China, it will cost you $22,000,.. just like they were here at the time. But buy a German assembled one, and it's more like $60,000.

    So how long should the various presidents stab American workers in the back to help China? How many millions of manufacturing jobs should we give away? (And keep in mind that manufacturing and energy extraction is the source of ALL wealth).

    The proper solution is, we react with retaliatory tariffs. That escalates back and forth until finally both parties come to their senses and sit down at the table and work it out. Then we end up with a couple percent tariff this way on X product,.. and couple percent tariff that way on Y and Z products, and everyone''s happy for a decade or two.

    If the president does nothing,.. he's abdicated his job.

    Don't let the America and president hating pinkos on CNN fool you, China started this trade war.

    The previous 3-4 presidents just cared more about massive corporations and how much profit they could make by shipping manufacturing overseas than they did about American workers.

    And we're seeing the results of having a populist instead of a corporate lackey in the WH now. Manufacturing is moving back to the US, unemployment is at an all time low, and for the first time in decades,.. wages are finally starting to inch ever so slightly upwards.
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