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    ^ nice try,you already know that you will not find his name directly linked to anybody outside of the organizations that he funds.

    So why even go down the road of saying you did not find his name?

    Do you realize Hungary actually passed a anti Soros law to prevent him from meddling in thier politics?

    But of course you did and it would be expected of you to show your support for him because it fits your agenda.

    When are all of the socialist wannabes going to wake up to the fact that all of your political dream appointees are in bed with corporations just like everybody else.

    17 million of her 22 million raised came from corporate sponsors,you really think she cares about you? You do not provide her with power and money,your just a means to an end.
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    bust: as per your “apologist” Post 2009 for the muslim, and your made up excuse to smear Donald Trump - did you get your free Toilet Roll product yet detailing THERE WAS NO COLLUSION? (enjoy the moment!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by coracle View Post
    bust: as per your “apologist” Post 2009 for the muslim, and your made up excuse to smear Donald Trump - did you get your free Toilet Roll product yet detailing THERE WAS NO COLLUSION? (enjoy the moment!).

    Ahhh! You're finally making a cogent sentence, putting together a roll of toilet paper and Chump in the same. The good news is there is an indication that some form of energy travels between your two neurons. You need to work a little harder and paste Chump's face on said toilet roll.

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    ^ at least he knows if he is a feminist or not.

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    omar’s latest bitch is that white nationalists are the cause of the emergency on our southern border. Well she’s got that right. “Everybody” wants to live off the countries they developed (N. America, Europe, Australia), including herself. It certainlly ain’t because we got muslims.
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    As well as making more disparaging comments about white nationalists (Steven Miller) who developed the very countries her ilk scurry to from their shitholes, she now claims President Trump has erected an invisible wall to keep muslims out.

    If he has done, he shows statesmanship. He probably thinks we don’t need omars to tell us how to Make America Great Again.
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    Since Democrats gave her cover for her anti-Semitic remarks, Rep. Omar is now being criticized for characterizing 9/11 as when "some people did something" in her speech to CAIR. True enough but imagining writing off other atrocities as when some people did something. CAIR and Rep. Omar have both since tried to spin her casual take on the 3,000 9/11 deaths as being part of a larger point she was making about Muslim Americans being treated as second rate Americans after 9/11. The 3,000 9/11 deaths, however, are 20% greater than the 2,500 death at Pearl Harbor.

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    When I say things to my “friends” to rile them up (a la omar and tlaid do) I usually get the advice “Why don’t you shut the f**k up. We know you’re an a**hole but why open your mouth and prove it?”; but I’m only a Christian (sort of).
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