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    Default Paging the Forum: Need help finding Michigan Central train station days employee

    I am assisting an international journalist and friend who is working up a report on the rejuvenation of Michigan Central and is seeking to interview someone who was involved with the station in its railway days.

    In his words:
    "We need to find somebody who was involved in the station or the railroad. Might it be possible to find somebody who worked there or who used it on a regular basis ? I suppose they would be getting a bit old now."

    If you can help or have advice on where to try to find such a person, please respond here or, if privacy is preferred, send me a note via the forum's Contact & Support link found at the bottom of any page.

    Thanks, Lowell

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    You might want to try Peter Dudley's Detroit Area Railroad History Facebook page. Peter seems to be NYC centric, and a posting on his page might help you in your quest.

    I, on the other hand, am a Grand Trunk Western fan......

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    Well, I'd like to share my experience with the old depot if I may, limited as it is.

    Of course, during the "War Years", as a child, I was there many times going to visit my grandparents and aunts and uncles in New York State, but that's non material except for being in the huge vaunted waiting rooms at MCD and then going in the "underground" to the appropriate track number to get on the right train.

    Anyway, in 1959, following a stint in the Detroit Police Academy, I was assigned to the Second (Vernor) Precinct, whose territory included the MCD and all their tracks east and west. The Second Precinct had a list of foot patrol beats at that time. Beat Number One was.....the Michigan Central Depot. It had a call box in the lobby, and a secured police telephone in the police booth. If you entered the lobby from the front, turn left, go to the wall, and there was a cubby hole with a door there that was the police booth. Spent some time in there on the midnight shift when nothing was going on; which was usual in the early sixties.

    Our job was to be available for any problems of mutual concern (MCD, the railways, and DPD). Actually, problems were few and of minor nature. A lost child was a biggie back then, and, to my recollection, was always found and returned.

    We used to walk around the trains on the various tracks, labled from 1 to 12 as I recall, although there never was a train on track one. Wonder why????

    Anyway, around 1962 or so, I drew that beat on the midnight shift. Wasn't a thing going on then. But while wandering around the property with my night stick, came across a construction crew working on the tracks. They were cutting some rails to fit in a new switch, when one of the guys said "Hey, officer, want an anvil for your work bench?" I said "Sure!", and he gave me this hunk of rail that I still have on my work bench, only in my retirement home of Henderson, Nevada, rather than the Detroit area. Enjoy!!!

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    ^^^Great memory Ray, thanks for sharing it. I was in the MCD twice in my life. Once as a child taking a train to Hot Springs, Ark., the next time, in the 70's taking a train to Upstate N.Y. The building was awesome and beautiful.

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    Cool artifact Ray! I say you name it Acme!

    Warner Brother Cartoons always had a handy Acme Anvil about and so do you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacha341 View Post
    Cool artifact Ray! I say you name it Acme!

    Warner Brother Cartoons always had a handy Acme Anvil about and so do you!

    Okay......."Acme" it is. I'll be sure to show it to any roadrunners who pass by, which is occasionally! And, Lowell, your guy emailed me today. He'll call next month after returning from a trip. Should be interesting.

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    Cool story and neat souvenir! Thanks for sharing Ray!

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Shot View Post
    Cool story and neat souvenir! Thanks for sharing Ray!
    My pleasure. When you're in your eighties, you tend to ramble, but it's nice when somebody likes your rambling. Wife doesn't.

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    I could listen to you all day Ray!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by stromberg2 View Post
    I could listen to you all day Ray!!

    80 years worth of been there done that and needs to be shared

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    Yes, YES to that!

    Nice to hear from your Strommy!

    Quote Originally Posted by stromberg2 View Post
    I could listen to you all day Ray!!

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    Thanks to all for the kind comments. Y'all made me smile!

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