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    We can only hope for ourselves and think about safety in advance, doing dangerous hobbies or work. Here is a story from real life about underwater fishing. My friend bought a fishing rod a month ago and went ice fishing alone for the first time. He fell asleep and fell to the side of the hole, and eventually the ice cracked and he went under the ice in all the equipment. He survived only because he tied himself to the shore in advance and managed to get out, though with difficulty, got pneumonia, but survived. He doesn't go fishing like that anymore.

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    A couple of points...

    The owner of the Grand Trunk Building may not want to spend the necessary funds to secure a place that brings him no profit. That place has been empty for years. Why would you even want to own it? What for?

    (BTW, if the owner is the same person who owns the Packard Plant, that's Fernando Palazuela, of Peru.)

    Anyway, to get to my main point: Grand Trunk was a cold storage facility. It had no windows, presumably to keep things colder due to a total lack of outside sunlight. I've been in that building. You need a torch - and you had better hope the torch/battery doesn't die if you're alone. It is literally pitch black inside and very easy to become lost. It was the darkest Detroit abandoned plant I have ever experienced. It has a strange appeal, but the place creeps me out.

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    The Grand Trunk Western Historical Society "The Semaphore" issue #75 Fall 2019 is devoted to this building. The article features around 18 pages, including many pages from the original brochure publicizing the opening of the facility. Also, maps, aerial photos, and pics of later rail ops in the area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meddle View Post
    ^^ I don't think the building in question is that big.
    It's a fairly big building. It's a warehouse And I don't know how many people here have been by there but I see it regularly and I'm sure those who also do know that is a den for homeless and drug addicts and such, per a former forum member who unfortunately passed. But I drive by there from time to time as a shortcut to my house and there is always people traffic there. I'm not judging the deceased, it's horrible. But it's not far from Chene and 94. There is a lot more to this story, per usual.

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    Yes, bartocktoo, I don't believe that grown adults play 'hide and seek'. Especially in the dead-of-night in a building that is pitch black even when the outside world is in full-sunlight.

    There should be better things to do in life than hang-out in the Grand Trunk bldg. I suppose.

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