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    Investigators confirm that PG&E power lines started the deadly Camp Fire
    ... The Camp Fire started the morning of November 8th. Cal Fire identified two ignition points, both of which were sparked by PG&E power lines....

    “Cal Fire announced today that it has determined that PG&E electrical transmission lines near Pulga were a cause of the Camp Fire. PG&E accepts this determination,” said PG&E in a statement....

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    San Francisco took a larger step in electing a socialist party member to head up thier judicial system.

    Boudin has a long history of left-wing activism, including having worked for the late Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez,

    Boudin's political leanings are fairly unsurprising. San Francisco's newest DA and self-proclaimed socialist is the son of former members of the violent revolutionary far-left group Weather Underground, an organization that rose to infamy in the 1970s and carried out as many as two dozen bombings of government properties. Both of Boudin's parents were imprisoned for murders related to a robbery they conducted as Weathermen, and Boudin's father David Gilbert is still serving time.

    In his parents' stead, two other militant Weathermen, known as leaders within the organization, raised Boudin. Indeed, in an interview with Jacobin (yes, that Jacobin), Boudin spoke positively of how his four parents' "activism" has inspired his own work, despite the "mistakes" they all made—a supposedly "charming" detail that is fundamentally grotesque.

    In a lengthy interview with the socialist publication in May, San Francisco's new top cop described Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, who the FBI once added to its "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list, as his "adoptive parents."

    It brings a whole new level to the term of sanctuary city.

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    ^^^ Hey if they can stand it, I can understand it (the politics of Cali that is).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcole View Post
    Shouldn't he be running for a state office if his concern is about his state's condition?
    You would think so,but on the other hand there is pelosi who is the 3 most powerful person in government after spending 30+ years as a representative of the people,while the the people she claims to actually represent sleep in the streets.

    I read somewhere that there was 500,000 people in the mental institutions when they shut them down and now it is down to less then 25,000.

    This whole income inequality farce is a propaganda tool,if I have two pieces of pizza does that make you starve?

    If one really digs the argument of billionaire corporations are the evil dredge on society is also a propaganda farce.

    Amazon,Bill and Melinda Gates,Rockefeller’s etc. May take advantage of tax loops but they also pump billions back into the economy through charitable organizations,Amazon has dumped close to a billion into affordable and homeless housing in Seattle alone.

    Even in these threads you see the argument of California is the economy of a lot of countries,sure they have riches but that is viewing the dollars over the people.

    It is not the crazy’s or the mentally ill or the homeless or anybody else outside of short term political goals in order to win the next election.

    Vote for me I will create a tax that will cure homeless,while driving the taxpayers out of the state.

    Then people support them because they think they have the answers then flee the state because the decisions that they made were wrong,then move elsewhere and keep the same mentality that ruined the place they left.

    Like locusts.

    Nobody really cares,but they do and that is why so many find it hard to understand Trump supporters.

    Because he actually does what he says he is going to do,without trying to make everybody happy and sets goals.

    It does not matter,Democrats or Republicans we need to be holding them all to the fire.

    The new ones like Cortez and even this guy if he were to run and win they can spout all the rhetoric they like but because they are new to the game they meen nothing until they get at least 10 years under thier belt in the game.

    It is just like the corporate world,a new hire comes on all full of energy and the older ones tell them to shut up until they learn how to play the game.

    What is it going to take for the Democratic Party to wake up and stop claiming to be the party of the people,they cannot see how most of thier major cities are run and for whom?

    I like Detroit’s mayor as a Democrat,he is not doing things in order to retain power,he is doing things that prepare the city for today and for tomorrow,that is his job.

    There are some well run democratic cities,how come they can do it while cities like Baltimore,San Fran,Los Angeles and even now Portland and Seattle are being driven into the ground?

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