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I absolutely see the disparities caused by corporations and the wealthy people owning them being able to profitably field out labor to cheaper foreign labor at home and abroad.Why negotiate with UAW workers when one can have S. Koreans do the same work at one third the price (Obama trade agreement)? Why hire unionized American meat packers or roofers when Somalis and Central Americans can replace them without benefits? Yes, the standard of living of the average American has been in decline since 1978. In fact, during the Obama administration, the 3%'s share of national wealth increased at a faster rate than it did under Bush. Chamber of Commerce Republicans are guilty as Democrats.

I think Trump has a lot of character flaws but their net effect does not cause as much damage as Bush and Obama did or Hillary might have. Freaking Hillary was talking about shooting Russian planes out of the sky. over Syria. You apparently missed my point that the probably unintentional damage caused by Obama's meddling with student loans cost students hundreds of time more than Trump's university. We look at things differently. I am more concerned with who hurt students worse. Your concern seems to be whether Trumps's character meets your standards.

Under Bush and Obama we waged some unconstitutional undeclared wars that left hundreds of thousands of dead Arabs and millions of refugees. Trump has only been in three years but he hasn't overthrown or tried to overthrow any new Libyas, Syrias, or Iraqs. To me, that makes Trump's character better than Bush or Obama's. We must ave spent or spend more than $25m/day in each of those places yet you remain stuck on the $25m on time Trump university fiasco.

Elizabeth Warren character is hardly all about hard work. She played the identity policy game for years to promote her Waspy self in university circles. Her estimated net worth from teaching and being a government servant is between $8.75m (CNN) and $12M (Forbes) - not enough to qualify herself for her proposed wealth tax.
I understood what you were trying to equate, but please explain how an Obama policy caused exploding student debt and what is nationalizing student debt?

You seem to forget, we're still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Trump visited troops the other day. He is continuing the wars. But the one place, where Russia can play advantage and the westernized Kurds can get slaughtered - Syria, yeah he left there without winning anything from Turkey/Erdogen.

Trump's scam University is about him being a fraudulent person, someone who can not be trusted to do anything but feed their own ego and pockets. That is what you see from him. He is a habitual liar. His lies have been documented and are beyond the normal level of deceit from Presidents.
You don't put that type of person in the Oval Office or you get results like being Russia's lapdog. I mean Trump is breaking up NATO and the Western alliance himself - this is Vladimir Putin's prime objective and he's doing it for him. That is a serious result.
Or giving multi-millionaires another tax cut when they don't need it, that is a serious result. So what do you do, if companies can outsource good jobs? I know what you don't do. You don't give the millionaire executives in those companies more tax cuts that they don't need.