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    Gannon was one of the first people to reach out to me with a PM after I joined this forum. Always such a friendly and cordial person, a stand up guy. This is quite an unexpected shock. So sorry for his family and friends.

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    PlymouthRes just called me about Gannon. This is devastating news.

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    Gannon will now and forever be a distinct part of this forum and despite what some may have thought of him, is the kindest, deepest individual I have ever had the pleasure to have met. When the call came to start the Garden, he and Django were the first to volunteer. Today that small beginning has blossomed into the Georgia Street Community Collective. His work there has affected many lives.
    He was a great "debater", often engaging in passionate discourses on many enlightening topics, topics that, until I met him, I didn't put much thought to. But for me, he evoked thought.

    So tonight I wish my friend speedy travels to that place that you were always searching for and may your path be straight and true. I wish I had more time to have spent with you, but I somehow think I will once again see you.

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    Condolences to John and his family. He will be missed in this world.

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    I am genuinely confused on how a guy that took excellent care of his health could have been felled by asthma. I know anyone can have asthma but Gannon ran all over ... always in those stupid toe gloves.


    Cub sez Gannon's Doctor wouldn't refill his prescription for asthma medication which I have no idea if that means a puffer or a shot or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnome View Post
    Cub sez Gannon's Doctor wouldn't refill his prescription for asthma medication which I have no idea if that means a puffer or a shot or anything.
    Your kindly old Professor is also an asthma patient, and though I don't know the specifics of Gannon's treatment, I might be able to shed some light. Long-term asthma control medicines sometimes turn out to have long-term toxicity or side effects. There is a medicine that was once advertised heavily for asthma, but is now only advertised (and approved) for COPD - if you have COPD you are probably already going to die from that, and you won't be taking the medication long enough for it to get in front and kill you first.

    Long term control medications are always in a risk-reward balance. The medicine I take now, and have been taking for eight or nine years, has an unpleasant side effect, and my doctor, who is not a pusher, basically said live with that or live with labored breathing. Other doctors might prescribe medication Y to control the side effect of medication X, then you might have to get medication Z to control the side effect of medication Y, and on and on ad nauseam.

    So in the case of this particular doctor, he or she may have felt that the long term detriment of the medicine was a bigger risk than switching to another medicine. I have never found a doctor in that field who would let an asthma patient go without any medicine at all. But of course, I don't know every doctor.

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    So sad to hear this..... I met Gannon at one of the DY picnics. He was such a gentleman upon our first meeting. Fantastic man, always exploring, full of life and compelling ideas. He will be missed greatly.
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    Praying calm and comfort for Gannon and those who hold him dear.

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    I first connected with John via DY, then met him at a FSC, and later Facebook.
    My thoughts are with his families (blood family and DY family).
    Great to see that a few old timers are still here (shout out to Ray 1936 and Islandman, and of course, Lowell, and any others that I may have overlooked.
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    So sorry to hear, I never met him, but his posts were witty & I found myself actually laughing out loud literally on many occasions! It's amazing how so many of us interact here on DetroitYes and wouldn't know each other if we passed one another on the street? Everytime I hear about the picnic, I say I'm going but never do? This year if there's a picnic, I'll be there!!!

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    Sad news indeed. Gannon leaving the earthly plane so early.
    A reminder to us all just how fragile our hold on to our earthly existence is.
    Rest in peace friend.
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    I am at Beaumont now sitting in a waiting room. Feeling powerless. I spoke with Gannon's Girl, Christine. The family is gathering and they are preparing for their farewells.

    There are no words for this that seem appropriate.

    Gannon will donate his organs to others. It is the prayer that his heart will soon beat again inside one very lucky person.

    Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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    So sorry to hear this today.... I really enjoy reading Gannon's posts. He will be missed on this site.

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    Heartbroken! Gannon was such a special guy! We had some great times and great conversations through the years. He was a good friend!! And he will be sorely missed. Dave and I send our love and prayers to Christine and to his family.

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    Damn Gannon was that dude too...


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    Sorry to hear this enjoyed Gannon on DetYes... Such a shame!!!... Whaler

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    Very sad news indeed. My sympathy to his loved ones and to all who enjoyed his company on this forum.

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    I never had the good fortune to meet Gannon in person but I've always found his perspectives interesting. He will be missed. My condolences to his loved ones.

    In particular I enjoyed his posts about the hum. I sure hope he took the time to organize his thoughts into a paper or something.

    All of us have great stories to tell. I encourage everyone to document them before memories fade or its too late. It's a great way for us to live on after our passing.
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    Very sad to hear this. My thoughts are with him and the family as well. Wasn't it Gannon that was involved in the deli restaurant on Lower Woodward next to Grand Trunk at some point? Or am I thinking of the wrong person? Either way, I always loved his posts. He was always full of knowledge, especially for the young guy that I was when I first started reading here 15 years ago.

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    Sorry to hear that,condolences to his family,friends and girlfriend.

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    I too met John Gannon at several of the DYES picnics, a gentle soul... How very very sad....

    Maybe his spirit will sit besides Itsjeff on his park bench on Belle Isle... overlooking the river and lake... pondering the conspiracies of the universe....

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    This is terrible news. I hung out with John and Christine a few times and always had a blast.
    Hey Res, remember that great afternoon driving around Detroit!!

    Stromberg2, remembering great times

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    Am very sorry to hear this. Gannon put his sincere feelings into every
    one of his posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnome View Post
    ... always in those stupid toe gloves.
    HA! Oh, I needed that laugh...its been a minute since I have been on here (and posted), sad its because of Gannon passing...but that put a smile on my face because its so true! I think Gannon would have laughed as well

    RIP, man, and say hi to ItsJeff...

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    Oddly enough, I hadn't talked to Gannon in forever. Not until 2 months ago, with the passing of another forumer, Monahan568. Our long conversation turned to all the forumers we know whom have passed. Never would have guessed he would be next.

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