It looks like the Tigers are going to repeat last yr's dismal performance. This year the bullpen is sound and the rotation is lousy. The lineup continues to flounder. The closer, not that he's needed much, has an 87 mile per hour fastball and is Nathan 2.0.

I'm starting to miss the days when you had a rebuilding team with no expectations. You watch youngsters make mistakes but at least they play hard and any day you win is a pleasant surprise. Instead we have a bunch of past their prime overpaid slow players who underperform. They run the bases like they never played little league. They joke in the dugout when they're down 5 runs.

I used to feel sorry for Ilitch not winning a World Series but I'm starting to think he may be the problem. Deciding to way overpay for a guy like Upton at the last moment, just like he did with Fielder, does nothing to develop the team the way a GM would if he knew his payroll going into the offseason. I'm ready for a rebuild but even if Ilitch agreed nobody would take these contracts.