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I'm a little confused about the orientation of the atrium. It's going to have natural light so this must be wedged in the middle of the midrise portion. but then the elevators are right on the narrow side which means they could only be possible in that position if they're for the tower, yes? The book tower elevators directly face the south wall?

Oh and yeah this looks amazing pure Detroit grandiosity!
If you look really closely in the satellite view of Google maps, you can see where it is.

Basically, the midrise building (not the tower) is built in the shape of a capital letter “H” if looking at down from the sky. The atrium is located in the upper gap of the “H”. The elevators are in the horizontal part of the “H”. Thus, the elevators are for the midrise, and the atrium runs north-south with the elevators shown on the south side of the atrium.