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    Default Mighty Detroit Apparel

    Hello Detroit!

    After graduating from the University of Michigan, I moved from Detroit to NYC and launched Mighty Detroit. An apparel brand that represents our undying pride for the Motor City.

    Mighty Detroit strives to shows the world that you are proud to be from the Motor City! Each shirt positively represents Motown and is inspired by the vintage Detroit apparel we all grew up wearing. Most importantly a portion of the profits from each shirt sold are donated to the charity, The Greening of Detroit.

    Please check out my website at

    There is also a facebook group

    Thanks so much for your support!
    Mighty Detroit

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    I like the concept. Is there some reason you are using monochromatic models?'

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    Great idea....but need a better photographer. It needs some zip and that is lacking. One photo is even fuzzy.....There are a lot of good amatures around......Good luck with your venture!!!

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    Just bought one! Amazing designs, Mighty D! I love the washed out "vintage" look and your spin on my favorite Tigers logo and Bad Boys shirt. I appreciate your efforts in making the shirts pro-Detroit. Great way to represent the city.

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    Most importatntly, the shirts look fantastic, very cool designs. I have to agree though, the photographer for the website is a bit.... lacking. The poses were very cheesy. Either way, love the shirts!

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    Cool t-shirts. You might want to edit the website though:

    You will never forget the history of Michigan and Trumble.
    It's Trumbull.

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    Default Thanks for the input

    Hi everybody,

    Thanks so much for all of the great advice and kind words. I used some friends for the photo shoot and my friend's camera. I launched this business on a shoestring budget, just trying to spread some Detroit pride. Hopefully in the future the brand will grow, in which case I will have extra money to spend on actual models (no offense to my friends) and an actual photographer. For now, my budget is focused on designing and printing quality shirts that evoke a sense of pride and community.

    Thanks again for the input. If anyone has suggestions or ideas that you want to see on future shirts, please feel free to contact me.

    Mighty Detroit
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    baseball hats with the brim on the side; I've been looking for one of them for years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazhekwe View Post
    I like the concept. Is there some reason you are using monochromatic models?'
    LOL. That is an awful lot of white people for a product referencing Detroit. Still, its a small quibble. I really like the shirt designs, and would love to get a couple before what I fear will be legal objections from the Pistons and the Tigers land on you. But, alas, not available in a size generous enough to cover my big old carcass. Best of luck with the business though, and you do seem to have an eye for really cool designs.

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    LodgeDodger Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by gnome View Post
    baseball hats with the brim on the side; I've been looking for one of them for years...
    Smarty Pants...

    Perhaps he can come up with a Vernor's-style shirt...

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    I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my shirts today and they look great - very excited to wear them! Thanks again Mighty Detroit, can't want to see what you have in the pipe!

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    Was it necessary to move to NY to sell t-shirts showing Detoit love?

    Couldn't you do that in Detroit?

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