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    Patient Zero is in God's hands now. In judgement he will answer to him. "Why did you lie just to escape my authority?"

    "Why didn't you perform my works?"

    First Ebola patient to die the United States. The CDC will have to think twice for travel restrictions from Ebola infected nations. They will know that this nation will not be used a hospital for Ebola infected foreigners. ( Even those who are Americans working at Ebola infected African Nations).

    The ways to stop the Ebola pandemic:

    1. Leave its habitat alone!

    2. Don't eat any monkey meats or any Ebola infected animals.

    3. Prepare for stage three international quarantine zones. With coalition troop patrols. No one goes in or out of those zones without medically treated with a blood test and quarantined unless they will be killed!

    4. Anyone who is going to Ebola infected nations may not return to their homeland until they have been being medically blood tested or being quarantined after 21 days.

    5. I urge every last international airports and border patrols to medically screen every last passenger who is coming back from Ebola infected nations. U.S. airports are planning screening centers to prevent passengers with possible Ebola-like symptoms from invading America.

    If mankind can fight Ebola and hopefully find a cure. They will learn their lesson.

    In 1919 to 1921 the Influenza Pandemic claim up to 21 million people worldwide. A miracle from God stop the virus from wiping the human race. Now its going to take a miracle from God to stop Ebola.

    May God have mercy on our souls.
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    A Dallas, TX. police officer who went into a apartment where Eric Duncan (Patient Zero) and his family lived has experienced "Ebola-like" symptoms. He was taken to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital (That is where Patient Zero was treated). In 21 days, he might get Ebola and be doomed to die! The CDC will questioning his family and other people who touched him. If they have "Ebola like" symptoms they will be quarantined, be treated to the hospital and be doomed to die!

    May God have mercy of them.

    The Ebola pandemic will Texas first then, the rest of the U.S. mainland in couple years. The U.S. Gov't and CDC will issue super quarantine camps to those having Ebola and Ebola-like symptoms. If this pandemic gets out of hand, possible martial law quarantine will take effect. No one will goes in or out. Any attempts to escape its armed forces will shoot to kill! International flights and ship travel will be restricted!

    The Ebola pandemic will be reduced when everyone is quarantined, a cure or vaccine is found, Ebola patients are gone and its habitat left alone.

    The United States is now become an Ebola infected nation!

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    The shit will hit the fan when Ebola reaches Central America (if it isn't there already). We will see how the open borders to illegals policy works then!

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    ^^^ It's gonna interesting. West Africa nations bordering Liberia do less yammering behind podiums to an obeisance media tiddily-winking on about the 'safety', or how 'serious' Ebola is as lip service.

    Instead, they've closed their borders. Period.

    They're just a tad less politically-correct. They've seen the sorrow, blood and death up close and personal, not just via threads, tweets -- posts and pixels.
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    CDC Director on Ebola: 'The Only Thing Like This Has Been AIDS'

    "In the 30 years I've been working in public health, the only thing like this has been AIDS," CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said at a World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meeting in Washington, D.C., where many countries pledged funds and services to try to stem the virus ravaging West Africa. "And we have to work now so that this is not the world's next AIDS."
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    You can die from Ebola faster than you can die from AIDS! You all have been warned CDC, folks. Doctors in Africa in Ebola infected Zaire ( Now Democratic Republic of Congo) have warned the world since 1976. Doctors even warned the United Nations since 1976 that Ebola will be Plague X or the doomsday virus! Most nations didn't listen. They're being playing do nothing politics rather than preparing for the worst or containing the virus. Now Ebola has returned ready to infect anyone who touches and its host or any products that the host touches. Ebola has made it here in The U.S. After 28 days 100 to 1,000 people may get "Ebola-like" symptoms prompting fear and panic to all Americans.

    The world was worrying about their economy rather than their last days on Earth! By 2015 about 1.5 million people will get Ebola. About 250,000 people in the U.S. will have Ebola and be doomed to die! Z-mapp, other snake oil anti-viral drugs and donated blood plasma from a host with antibodies will be years away from mass production scale. By that time Ebola will be infecting 10 U.S. States.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

    Only he could cure us from Ebola. So far He has chosen a few people that will resist Ebola virus. Man must discover its secrets before its too late.
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    Total duration 53 minutes: NOVA Surviving Ebola
    As the epidemic threatens to spiral out of control, scientists race to find a cure. Aired October 8, 2014 on PBS
    Luckily, in a protective suit, no one can see if you're crying.

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    A Dallas health care doctor has contracted Ebola. Second person to be infected in the U.S. The health care doctor got the virus from (Patient Zero) and didn't follow decontamination procedures. Now that worker is in containment room for treatment. The worker will be doomed to die!

    May God have mercy on its soul!

    Keep praying for miracle. If you have Ebola and any life threatening infectious diseases, repent now!

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    Total duration 27 minutes: PBS Frontline 2014 - Ebola Outbreak ( Documentaries Full Length )
    Even in the Doctors Without Borders hospital, Ebola is killing 70% of those it infects. Because so few of the people who go to the hospital ever return, victims are hiding in their homes and infecting their families....

    There's no sign of the infected man and the villagers won't cooperate.... The villagers are afraid of going to the hospital and they don't realize the infected man can spread the virus.... [The health workers] have to give up and move on.... They later hear that the infected man has fled his village into neighboring Guinea, taking the virus with him....

    [In Sierra Leon,] rumors about the virus have brought people into the streets. A story is going around that Ebola is a hoax, a trick devised by doctors to steal blood. The rioters are trying to break down the hospital's gates and rescue the patients inside.

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    I agree that to solve the problem, the disease must be controlled in west Africa. The point that ceasing all trade and visitors is nearly impossible in today's connected world is valid. That said, if we are talking about only 150 or so people a day, wouldn't the economy of scale suggest a temporary travel ban might be more effective than a blanket "search" of all travelers, a search that merely detects a fever?

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    Since Ebola was discovered in Zaire ( now Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1976. Why the WHO ( if it was back than) didn't warn the world about doomsday virus? If the virus was reported to the world, could there been some fast pace tactics to find a vaccine, serum or a cure? If Ebola somehow was release in the world and cause a major pandemic in 1976 by the late 1980s over 3 billion people will die. People will living in fear and panic. Our global economy will be instant shambles, people will run and hide in their own survival colonies. By the 2000s if a cure or a vaccine was found, distributing the cure will long and difficult process. And so will the clean up.

    Our human civilization will be in dark ages by 2015

    The Great Ebola Virus Global Pandemic of 1976 to 2000 will be make the history books.

    Luckily the doctors who took care of the Ebola infected patients in 1976 contian the virus in a local Congo African Village, burn all infected materials, study the virus and later warn the world. Once the world knows about Ebola it won't be televised by all national and international media until the time was right.
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    A second health care worker in Dallas TX. hospital ( who was treating patient zero) has contracted Ebola. After 21 days he developed flu like symptoms. If this health care worker has touched anyone or anything with Ebola from is home, family and out and about, that person and object will get Ebola and the living creature will be doomed to die unless they treatment fast! The chances for person at get Ebola in Texas has increased to 2,500 possible cases. It means in anyone in Texas could touch an Ebola infected person or object and felt fine, but 21 days they get Ebola and be doomed to die unless they get treatment fast.

    Let us see what have about 3 cases of Ebola in the United States:

    1. Eric Duncan ( patient zero) checked in the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. He is doomed to die from Ebola! No one could treated him.

    2. About seventy-six health care workers were treating Duncan in iso-unit.

    3. Those 76 health care workers didn't follow bio-hazard protocols now 2 of the 76 health care workers will have Ebola. Soon all 76 health care workers will have Ebola but be fine as hosts carriers. Those 76 health care workers during 21 days will touch anyone or anything within the State of Texas.

    4. Later if 76 health care workers in Dallas TX. has touched anyone or anything, that person or animal who touch any Ebola (asymptomatic) infected person will leave Texas to another state or foreign nation.

    5. Now the domino effect will be begin after 2015. from those 76 Dallas TX. health care workers effecting 76,000 people will get Ebola just by touching anyone or anything. The Ebola cases will multiply to 760,000 to 7,600,000 to 76,000,000 to 760,000,000. Now we get a instant global Ebola pandemic in our hands.


    It's like watching Z-Nation, and the Last Ship all in one.

    May God have mercy our souls.
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    MD. Tom Frieden, Current Director of Centers of Disease Control of Prevention. I thought you say we will stop Ebola here! You thought wrong. Ebola will grow and infect America just by blinking your eyes. Act fast, mankind don't have much time left.

    Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down.

    Quarantine the people in Dallas, TX. or the whole State of Texas will not work. Ebola is already in 48 states within 5 weeks. Just waiting for outbreak to occur.
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    I just learned of the background of "ring around the rosie" because it was worked into my tv program. So, unless I am the last one to know, this is what Danny was referring to; lyrics referring to the black death.

    Ring around the rosie is a reference to the black sores that would appear on your body as part of the plague. Your "rosie" is around the center of the back of your hand.

    A pocket full of posies is a reference to people would carrying posies (flowers) around to not smell the sickening scent of dead bodies everywhere.

    Ashes Ashes signifies the ashes from all the bodies being burned on pyres. Bodies couldn't be buried or else the infection would spread.

    We all fall down signifies death or people falling down to hell because of their harsh and cruel ways.

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    Without proper protocols doctors and nurses may not treat anyone effected with Ebola.

    This will cause Ebola to spread quicker to other areas.

    United States is now on the list of Ebola infected nations.

    No thanks to do nothing politics!

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    Just before that female health care worker was checked in to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital just a couple days ago. She boarded a flight to Cleveland, Ohio for prepare for her friend or relatives' wedding. There were 132 people on that commercial flight. The health care worker came in hand touch contact with several people. Including her friends and relatives she visited while in Cleveland, OH. The CDC will monitor 132 people who might come in contact with the female Dallas health care worker. One passenger who came in hand contact with the Dallas health care worker was order be CDC to go into self quarantine for 21 days. If any of those people or the friends and family came in contact with Dallas health care worker will have to be self quarantined for 21 days to prevent further hand contact Ebola infestation. In 21 days if they got the virus, they will be doomed to die unless they get treated fast.

    If any health care worker sign some life or death contract to treat an infectious disease person. They can not leave their area until they have to decontaminate themselves and be medically clear.

    Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was not prepared to handle Ebola infected patients. The CDC didn't react quickly to follow bio-hazards protocols. Ebola has once again escape containment from Dallas, TX. and now its some where in Ohio.

    Now most states near Ohio are it risk to catch Ebola and be doomed to die:

    Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.

    The Ebola might pass the Great Lakes by boat and ferry and shipping travel and hit cities and island communities on the water. Detroit, MI. could be the first one to get it. Even to up Canada from Windsor, to Toronto, ONT.

    May go have mercy on our souls.

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    Why was the latest victim allowed to leave Dallas? Everyone that treated the man in Dallas should have a travel ban.

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    Donate to a worthy cause. Group working with Ebola patients in Africa:

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    She did have a travel ban, could travel but not by commercial airline. She broke the ban to go home to plan her wedding.

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    Now that female heath care worker wedding plans may be off permanently. If she survives Ebola. She could be charged with breach of security and if one person dies from Ebola somewhere in the Great Lakes region. That worker could be charged with national genocide. It carries a death penalty in State of Texas.
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    MEGA THREAD TIME it looks like soon:

    Amber Vinson, Dallas Ebola Patient, Says CDC Gave Her Green Light To Fly

    From article:

    A Dallas nurse who took a commercial flight from Cleveland hours before reporting symptoms of Ebola says that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention told her it was okay to fly.

    Amber Vinson helped treat Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died in Dallas of the Ebola virus earlier this month. On Wednesday, the CDC announced that she had contracted the virus as well. The CDC also revealed that she had taken a flight to Dallas on Monday, though it said that it was extremely unlikely that any other passengers were exposed.

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    Dumb move by the CDC but the nurse should have known better herself not to travel until she was sure she was out of danger.
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    Enterovirus has been introduced by ILLEGALS from Central America and is killing our children and now Obola has been allowed in by the most ineffective incompetent administration one could possibly imagine, represented by Frieden who is Ebama's choice.

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    CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden made another mistake and lied in national news phone interview about the Dallas female health care worker contracted Ebola while a commercial flight to Cleveland, OH. He quoted that she was not suppose to be on the plane while she on protocol to care for Ebola (Patient Zero) Eric Duncan. She called CDC for permission and they did. Now the Ebola risk in the U.S. has now spread to Great Lakes region. Even near Detroit's doorstep.

    Now we have to watch ourselves when traveling out and about not to touch any unclean thing. In the meantime two Cleveland Public School Districts were close due to possible Ebola contamination brought by few staff members who were in the commercial flight with the Ebola infected Dallas health care worker. The schools will have be decontaminated fast.

    Most American hospitals are still not ready to handle Ebola or and other bio-hazardous pathogens. They should prepare for this outbreak years ago. But do nothing politics kept us away and everything is going to be ok. No its not! And don't tell me that. There always going to be bad things happen in our lives and we have to deal with it cope and hope.

    CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, I say to you it will be your job if you oversee this Ebola outbreak. Let us prevent national panic and prepare for the worst. Americans will not give to fear. Ebola will not win!

    Say this to me folks.

    Ebola will not win! May God have mercy to us all.

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    I get your broader point, but maybe remove the Obola and Ebama monikers and you'll be taken more seriously (smile). Otherwise you're just deemed another right-wing kook spouting off 'conservative talking points'!----Hah!

    Quote Originally Posted by coracle View Post
    Enterovirus has been introduced by ILLEGALS from Central America and is killing our children and now Obola has been allowed in by the most ineffective incompetent administration one could possibly imagine, represented by Frieden who is Ebama's choice.
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